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Mathematics A level at Midhurst-Rother College

Course description

Why study Maths?
Maths provides the foundations for how all scientific work is approached. Much of what you have learned at GCSE seems disconnected with the world, but A level is where all the pieces begin to fit together and you begin to see the huge number of uses of topics like trigonometry, quadratics and so on.

Course content

The course is split into two broad areas of mathematics.
Includes the fundamental underpinning mathematical concepts 

  • algebra (lots of it!), vectors, coordinates, sequences, calculus, trigonometry. This is a natural extension to your work at GCSE and includes much of the level 7-9 work repeated or moved on one extra step

Includes core applications of mathematics to the wider scientific understanding

  •  probability/statistics (Venn diagrams and conditional probability, Normal and binomial distributions, Hypothesis testing, sampling, data presentation and interpretation),
  •   mechanics (Forces, Kinematics [how things move], friction, moments)

Entry requirements

Students need to have achieved at least a grade 7 (although an 8/9 is preferred) and should enjoy Maths (and in particular algebra)!

Future opportunities

A-level Maths provides a good background for any science, accountancy, engineering, architecture, medicine. It is also a very valuable A level to have on your CV or application form, even if it doesn’t have direct application to your particular course or job.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Midhurst-Rother College directly.

Last updated date: 11 October 2017

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