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Religious Studies, Philosophy and Psychology A Level at Cowley International College

Course description

Our course allows you to get your teeth into a whole range of
controversial topics. Here are just a few of the quandaries you
will need to debate: Is religion dead? Is God male or female?
Does God suffer? Was Jesus a revolutionary rebel of his time
or the Son of God? Did the stories of Jesus’ birth and resurrection
really happen or are they myths made up to inspire faith?
Clearly then you can see how and why our lessons are active,
fun, engaging and sometimes even a little crazy!
In philosophy you learn how to ‘think’ and organise a watertight
argument and how to challenge the views of others.

Course content

Religious Studies at A-level is very different from what you
may have studied at KS3, and even at GCSE. Yes, we do refer
to religious beliefs, but the A-level encompasses a wide range
of disciplines: ethics, sociology and psychology of religion and

The ethics units focus on putting ourselves in other
peoples’ shoes and to face uncomfortable questions about
right and wrong: When is it ‘right’ to kill? Do our rights come
above those of animals? Is prejudice in-built or constructed?

The sociology analyses whether religion is man’s creation or

Philosophy teaches us to argue, critically unpicking the structure
of a watertight argument versus a weak one (hence our
relevance to careers in law). Psychological issues ask us to
consider whether or not religion is dying a death in modern
society as we evolve to be less spiritual and more scientific. In
philosophy, we consider the complex issue of whether or not
a loving God can exist when evil occurs in the world as well as
analysing the arguments for and against God’s existence and
discussing whether religion does more harm than good, e.g.
does it actually promote terrorism? So you can see why our
study involves critical thinking skills, analysis and debate.

Entry requirements

It’s desirable, but not essential that you have a GCSE in
Religious Studies and if so that you achieved a grade B at least,
you do need a grade B in English too otherwise the essay
writing will be difficult for you. You definitely need to enjoy
discussions and an inquisitive mind is a must. Despite what
some people think, you definitely do not have to be religious
yourself, atheists, humanists and agnostics are all welcome,
believe it or not the vast majority of our students are not

Future opportunities

Religious Studies and Philosophy challenges you to think
outside the box, see things from other people’s point of view.
If you plan to be a Lawyer, Psychologist, Journalist, Teacher,
Politician, Medic, Social Worker…anything to do with people
and current affairs, then this could be the course for you.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Cowley International College directly.

Last updated date: 03 February 2017

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