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Alevel German at King Edward VI Aston School

Course description

The A-Level course appeals to students with wide-ranging interests: if you like drama, we do role-play. If you like law and politics, we do current affairs. If you like 20th century literature, film or history, we study culture. If you like the sciences, we study health, the environment and new technology. If you like maths, we study logical (and illogical!) patterns in grammar and apply formulae in order to write complex sentences. Those that study German at A-Level in the UK are now becoming more of a rarity – why not join the elite and study a subject that makes you stand out not only because you have a qualification that relatively few others have, but because you’re not afraid of a challenge?

Course content

The A-Level timetable is structured as follows:

  • One lesson per week is dedicated to grammar and vocabulary. It is expected that each student learns a set list of topic-based vocabulary at home for the weekly vocabulary test. They must also be prepared to spend a significant amount of time practising grammatical exercises in their private study time.
  • Each student is timetabled to spend several periods per week in a one-to-one session with the foreign language assistant, a native speaker of German who is employed specifically to help improve students’ spoken German.
  • At A-Level, at least one lesson per week is dedicated to cultural study, where students explore a set text and a set film in detail, which they are expected to write about and discuss in the final examinations.

Future opportunities

Since the advent of the European Union, the international business community increasingly requires a thorough understanding of German to capitalize on multinational opportunities. 24% of the residents in the European Union speak German as their mother tongue, and 31% of European Union citizens say they can converse in German. Additionally, German is the second most commonly used language in which to write a work of scientific research – especially in engineering, chemistry and physics. This is why more than 40% of American scientists recommend that their students should learn German. In Hungary and Poland the figure is even higher, at over 70%.


Please visit for more great career-enhancing reasons to learn German.

Further information

There are two opportunities to visit Germany and experience the language and culture at first hand.

Firstly, there is an exchange with our partners, the Leonardo Da Vinci School in Brandenburg, Sixth form students are encouraged to participate in this exchange.

Secondly, there is a week long trip to Berlin in the summer which will encompass many language based activities as well as visiting historical monuments and understanding the city’s turbulent past. Spending time in Germany proves invaluable to all boys particularly in the speaking examinations and understanding of current affairs, and is a unique opportunity not to be missed.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Aston School directly.

Last updated date: 13 November 2015
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