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A-Level Philosophy & Religion at Winstanley College

Course description

Year 1

Religion – Buddhism on sources of wisdom and authority, beliefs about an ultimate reality, life after death, key moral principles and Buddhist teaching on religious identity.

Philosophy of religion – Arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, and religious experience? How does religious language work? Are there such things as miracles? What are the concepts of Self and life after death? What is the nature and function of religion?

Year 2

Ethics – Issues of human and animal life and death and a study of three religious ethical theories – Natural Law, Situation Ethics and Virtue Theory, Introduction to meta ethics, Free will and moral responsibility, Conscience, the ethics of Bentham and Kant.

Religion- Buddhism on gender and sexuality, on science, on secularisation and religious pluralism.

The dialogue between philosophy, ethical studies and religion -How religion is influenced by, and influences, ethical studies and philosophy in relation to the issues studied.

Learning outside the classroom
Study hall is a weekly lunchtime where all staff are available for drop in or you can just come along to do some work in a study environment.
Tutorials are available on request with all staff throughout the year.  Some students have regular weekly/monthly slots while others only come once a term.
Extra lunchtime classes run throughout the year focussing on improving essay writing or revising a topic.
Every year we run an A2 study buddy system to get help and advice from students who have been there.
P&R society is a student led dept. society which runs a magazine, debates, film club, book clubs, charity events and much more.
The department Facebook site is subscribed by current and past students and is one of our best resources as we have over 700 members most of whom have done relevant degrees and occupations available for advice and interesting online debates!!
Every year the department goes on an international trip and two philosophy & religion conferences.
The department runs a culture club and a termly Henna event which is always oversubscribed.
We have a virtual learning environment for online, independent study.
We also work closely with the study support department to ensure all students get access to the best support.
Students from the department regularly enter and have won university essay competitions in the past.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Winstanley College directly.

Last updated date: 24 October 2018
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years