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Course description

The mathematical studies course focuses on important interconnected mathematical topics. The syllabus focuses on: placing more emphasis on student understanding of fundamental concepts than on symbolic manipulation and complex manipulative skills; giving greater emphasis to developing students’ mathematical reasoning rather than performing routine operations; solving mathematical problems embedded in a wide range of contexts; using the calculator effectively. There is an emphasis on applications of mathematics and statistical techniques. It is designed to offer students with varied mathematical backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to learn important concepts and techniques and to gain an understanding of a wide variety of mathematical topics, preparing them to solve problems in a variety of settings, develop more sophisticated mathematical reasoning and enhance their critical thinking.

The aim of this course is to enable students to:

    • enjoy and develop an appreciation of the elegance and power of mathematics
    • develop an understanding of the principles and nature of mathematics
    • communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of contexts
    • develop logical, critical and creative thinking, and patience and persistence in problem- solving
    • employ and refine their powers of abstraction and generalization
    • apply and transfer skills to alternative situations, to other areas of knowledge and to future developments
    • appreciate how developments in technology and mathematics have influenced each other
    • appreciate the moral, social and ethical implications arising from the work of mathematicians and the applications of mathematics

Course content

Focuses on important interconnected mathematical topics with an emphasis on on application of mathematics and statistical techniques. 

Designed to learn concepts and the mathematical tools around solving problems.

Entry requirements

Minimum of 5 GCSEs at Level 4 or above (A*-C equivalent), including English Lit or Lang at grade 4 and Maths at Level 4. Subject specific results will also be considered when choosing this course.


One internal project.

Two external exams.

Future opportunities

This exciting qualification gives students an excellent opportunity to move into a number of different pathways.

The course can lead to University places with recognised UCAS points attached to each element of the programme. It could also lead to higher level apprenticeships and directly into a job role such as Accountancy.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Lenham School directly.

Last updated date: 11 November 2018
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