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Welcome to Abbeyfield School

Welcome to Abbeyfield School, an academy within the Creative Education Trust (CET).

We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to our students and school; we are hugely proud of the people that they are and the success that they achieve.

Abbeyfield School puts achievement at the heart of everything it does. We believe that we have a responsibility to take children into our community and work alongside them and their families to ensure that they are fully prepared to make choices about their future pathways through life.

For many,this will be through the best universities, for some it will be through vocational training and for others, it will be through entry level jobs. Wherever their choices take them, they need to be prepared.

For this journey they will need the best qualifications; look at the improving standards in this school. They will need confidence in themselves and their right to a voice; talk to our students and watch how they conduct themselves. They will need to think creatively and innovatively; look at our Design Programme and extra curriculum provision.

This is a place where our students feel happy; it is a nurturing place to learn. We care for our young people at the times when they feel vulnerable and we celebrate with them when they succeed. Above all, we are ambitious for them and believe that every classroom counts and that every lesson takes them one step nearer to achieving their personal goals and individual successes.

As a part of CET, we open a door to the wider world of creativity and employment. Through our Design Programme, we provide insights into the world of design and innovation and offer opportunities beyond the natural constraints of the school and its local community. We offer exciting innovations in curriculum, teaching and learning which are driving educational improvement and developing students with modern employable skills.

Because we are a CET Academy, we are constantly challenged to do better by our students and are supported in our ambitions by highly successful professionals who really understand what it takes to succeed in the world of education, design and commerce.

Abbeyfield School is the place for people to realise their ambitions whatever role they play in our Learning Community. We welcome you to our school and look forward to exploring the future with you.

About us

Abbeyfield School is an 11 - 18 school, predominantly serving the South East of Northampton, although students are welcome to apply for a place from across the town. The school enjoys excellent new buildings that meet the needs of learning in the 21st Century. It boasts a state of the art theatre that befits its status as the only Specialist Performing Arts College in Northampton. In the last few years we have been at the forefront of curriculum innovation and now offer our students an extensive and relevant curriculum choice. The new building reflects this choice with specialist provision for Construction; Hair and Beauty; Hospitality and Catering as well as the traditional academic subjects.

Our mission is to develop the full academic, personal and social potential of each individual student. The School has a growing reputation for success and has become increasingly popular in the local community. We have high expectations of our students and are an inclusive community and welcome all students from all backgrounds. At the heart of our ethos is the aim to instil in students self esteem, self respect and confidence.

Our Values are Ambition, Achievement, Equality, Respect and Care . These values have been adopted to support the success and development of our students and form the basis of the Abbeyfield Code.

We are ambitious to succeed as individuals and as a community. We prioritise the achievement of all our students and respects each others' right to learn.

We ensure that everyone is treated equally and with care irrespective of our differences and difficulties.

Facilities available

  • Excellent supervised Sixth Form Study Room.
  • Personal Learning Mentor
  • Personal tutor
  • Common Room.
  • Computer suite for Sixth Form Students only.
  • Extensive social and sporting opportunities
  • Facebook community to support learning out of school hours
  • Wifi to support use of students' own computers

Additional support

Students are fully supported throughout the course of their Sixth Form experience. Every student is a member of a Form Group which offers daily support from peers and their Form Tutors. Form Tutors discuss day to day issues with students but also have a very important role in monitoring and tracking student progress. Academic mentors will meet throughout the course of the academic year with students to discuss progress and targets, as well as any issues that arise. To support in future career decisions, Abbeyfield works closely with a range of universities, Connexions and work based learning providers. In addition to this, the Sixth Form has its own Pastoral Manager to support students as well as a Learning Mentor in the Study Room.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Abbeyfield School directly.

Last updated date: 21 March 2016
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