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Welcome to Thomas Becket Catholic School

Dear Parent/Carer,

It is now two years since the completion of the new school building.With the vast improvement in the environment Thomas Becket Catholic School is now well on the way to embedding its principles and ethos throughout all areas of its work.

 The highest priority in our community is our young people and we all must strive to make sure that they have the best opportunities in their learning so that they may cope with a world that is becoming increasingly complicated.It is our job as educators to give the students the confidence and training they need to successfully meet the challenges that will face them in the coming years.

As a Catholic school we have an added dimension that constantly reminds us that we are not here just to produce students who achieve academically.We also must ensure that all aspects of their character are developed positively and that your children receive the necessary guidance that will allow them to develop spiritually, emotionally and socially.

About us

At Thomas Becket Catholic School, we recognise that the decision about what to study Post 16 is a difficult one, as students have many choices to consider.

We aim to give every prospective Post 16 student individual course guidance to help them make the right choices and give additional information about the variety of pathways to study at Thomas Becket Catholic School.

Facilities available

Thomas Becket Catholic School’s Sixth Form is thriving and Year 11 students are choosing to stay at School in order to work in a friendly, supportive and caring learning environment.

Our Sixth Form Study Centre allows students to have guided and monitored study periods and complements the superb Library Resource Centre, which is the base for Sixth Form Students to complete all of their research and learning needs.

Most lessons are taught in the Sixth Form Centre, so we are fortunate enough to provide our Post 16 students with three excellent areas in which to complete their studies 

Additional support

The Director of KS5 is committed to ensuring that students have well qualified and experienced staff to help ensure that they progress and achieve their individual goals.

Each student is in a vertical form group with Years 12 and 13 working together.They have a personal tutor who works closely with students in their form group in order to monitor progress.This ensures that each student is able to meet the challenge of new ways of learning and reach their full potential in the Sixth Form

Learner success

We have high expectations for both learning and achievement.We offer a wide range of level 2 and level 3 courses and aim to ensure that all our Sixth Formers achieve the qualifications and skills needed for university and life after school.

Courses of study are flexible and are designed to suit individual choices, abilities and career goals.

Students can follow an academic or vocational route or a combination of the two

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Thomas Becket Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 06 July 2016
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