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Welcome to Wollaston School

Wollaston School has as its central focus the achievement of our students. We do not define achievement in a narrow way but recognise that it will take many forms depending on the individual talent and potential of each young person.  We want all our students to fulfil their academic, sporting, artistic, musical and social potential but we accept that there will be many different starting points.  We measure our success by establishing the level of attainment a child has reached on entry to the school (benchmark) and then measure improvement against this benchmark.  Our aim is to enable children to make exceptional progress whatever their prior attainment. We believe we achieve this by being optimistic about young people and constantly setting high expectations.

About us


Post-16 students who received their results in August 2008 contributed to the most successful set of A level results in the school’s history.  The school was placed third out of 35 Northamptonshire schools with sixth forms.  In the recent Ofsted report (October 2006) inspectors were full of praise for the school’s sixth form stating ‘the effectiveness and efficiency of the sixth form are good ...and... the good quality of teaching and learning enables the students to make good progress’.  That is just one of the reasons why there has never been a better time to join the Sixth Form at Wollaston School.




The Sixth Form Centre is a superb independent learning facility that enables all sixth form students to make effective use of their study time.  The design and style of this facility enables Wollaston students to experience a University environment whilst still at school.  Designed to meet the independent learning needs of sixth form students, the centre enables the use of leading edge technology and resources to support studies.  In addition, a high class catering service provides refreshments at different times of the day. 




Students in the Sixth Form add an extra dimension not only in academic terms but also in the wider contribution they make.  In the last academic year students have raised large sums of money for local charities, provided vital support to pupils with learning difficulties, led many of the school’s wide range of extra-curricular clubs and added a maturity and sparkwhich helps to inspire younger pupils.  At present sixth formers act as Senior Prefects and assist with lower school PSHCE delivery.


Wollaston enters the Young Enterprise business competition and numerous sports tournaments. We also assist students who have special talents by tailoring their timetable so that they have time for rehearsals and practice. 


We believe in listening to our students and acting, where we can, to meet identified needs.  The Sixth Form council and   other committees all play a major role in Sixth Form life.  The Sixth Form staff and I always take their views extremely seriously.


A sophisticated ‘mentoring’ system offers quality personal support and counselling in order that the students may perform at their very best.  Each student meets with their mentor three of four times per year to discuss targets, progress and any welfare issues.  Through this means, we hope to raise the achievement and career aspirations of all our students.


This prospectus sets out to provide information about Sixth Form life at Wollaston School.  In addition, there is also a DVD about life at Wollaston School which can be obtained from the school.   If you have questions or would like a tour or an interview then please contact us at any time at the school.


Michael Browne


Facilities available

·        Sixth Form Centre
·        Study and social facilities
·        Pleasant, exclusive environment
·        Excellent Performing Arts and Business centre
·        Free textbooks. The average student will need approximately £100 worth of text books
·        Access to over 240 networked computers, the Internet and free computer printing

Additional support

·        High level of tutorial support, advice and help through Mentors
·        Regular reviews of progress
·        Good staff-student relationships
·        Strong partnerships between parents, students and the school
·        Specialist advice on University applications
·        Experienced, well qualified, knowledgeable staff
·        Information workshops for parents and students
·        Liaison with universities and colleges

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Wollaston School directly.

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