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Welcome to Feversham College

We are very proud of our Islamic Girls School which provides an outstanding quality of education within a positive learning environment.

The Islamic ethos is at the heart of everything the school does and underpins students' moral purpose and hard work.

Our students make an outstanding contribution to the school, not only in their academic studies but all round. They receive excellent care, guidance and support.

Our students speak very highly of the school and are actively involved in student leadership, fund raising, and peer mentoring.

Teaching and learning are 'outstanding' (Ofsted) at Feversham. Staff and students work extremely well together to achieve the best possible results.

We have a growing and thriving Sixth Form and retention is very high. Our Sixth Form students contribute significantly to the effective and efficient running of the college.

At Feversham we are fully committed to ensuring each student achieves their potential in every aspect of their education.

The success of the school is down to the hard work and relationship between students, parents, staff, College Directors and stakeholders.

As a Specialist Science College we are able to be innovative and creative in the way we use and teach science not only for our students but for our partner schools.

Headteacher - Miss Clare Skelding

About us

What are the aims of post-16 education at Feversham College?

Feversham College is a caring, dynamic, very supportive and successful school for Muslim girls. We are proud of our high educational standards, and of our commitment to developing the Islamic personalities of our students. We aim for excellence in all our students and this is reflected in all aspects of the school life. Our strong Islamic ethos is reflected throughout the college and enhances our commitment to strong teaching and learning.

In the 6th form our students receive high standards of teaching and learning, enriched with strong Islamic values, which emanate from the Qur'an and Sunnah.  We offer our students the opportunity to gain sound Islamic knowledge incorporating all aspects of a broad and balanced curriculum.  This helps our students to flourish as young Muslims with a secure sense of identity and confidence, and which will helps them develop as responsible members’ society.

In order to ensure success in the 6th form, we have very clear entry requirements student must:

  • meet the subject entry qualifications
  • have very good attendance - at least 95%
  • have a good record from Key Stage 4
  • have good references

Islamic Behaviour

At Feversham College we expect all our students to model high standards of Islamic behaviour, with an emphasis on good akhlaq (manners). Students are expected to be respectful, polite, kind and honest at all times.  We strive to create an environment in which our students are conscious of Allah (have taqwa) in everything they do and to instil in them a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

Our high expectations of Islamic behaviour help us to create a purposeful working atmosphere motivating students to achieve their best.  We expect students to come to attend college daily, to be punctual to all lessons, to wear correct uniform and to be ready for work.  


What is life in the 6th form like?

Taking Responsibility

At Feversham College we are anxious to promote the qualities of leadership and initiative.  We encourage 6th form students to undertake positions of responsibility and act as leaders and role models in school.  This includes a range of initiatives to help students make a valuable contribution to college life, such as:

  • Student House Leaders
  • Student Vice House Leaders
  • Student House Ambassadors
  • Peer Mentors
  • Member of Feversham College Islamic Society

These activities encourage in our students to develop a sense of purpose and responsibility and helps prepare them for good citizenship. It also enables them to act as good ambassadors of Islam in the school.


We have a formal uniform and expect students to comply with the following dress code:

  • Full length loose fitting, plain black, jilbab
  • Hijab/shawl in a material and colour of your choice
  • Black plain cardigan either buttoned or zipped, without a hood
  • Small heeled or flat black shoes


Attendance is the key to success in post-16 education. Excellent attendance is required to ensure students receive the full benefit from their studies and it is regularly monitored by tutors. It is an integral part of the reporting system, therefore students should avoid unnecessary absences.  Feversham College discourages holidays during term time.

Keeping in Touch

Parents are encouraged to contact the college if they have any queries or concerns and the college regularly informs parents of their daughters’ progress through the reporting system. This consists of interim reports, followed by a detailed report and parents’ consultation evening each year. There is also a three-way review with tutors, students and parents to address any issues and to provide updated on progress.

Facilities available

6th form Provision

We are offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, with choice and flexibility, thereby ensuring all students are effectively prepared for employment, further learning and adult life.  A package of curriculum pathways offers progression and encourages students to remain in post-16 education. 

Students have the use of the 6th form study room which is equipped with computers, study areas and printing facilities. They have a separate Common Room for use as a social space before school, at lunch and break time.

Students also have access to other ICT rooms around the college. There is an excellent, well-stocked library with audio and visual resources, a range of reference materials, magazines, newspapers and additional computers with printing facilities.

Additional support

How are our students looked after?

Student Support Services work closely with personal tutors, subject teachers and parents to provide students with the best care, support and guidance needed to develop their confidence and self-esteem. We support our students to achieve their aspirations by setting high expectations of behaviour, academic success and development of Islamic knowledge.  At the heart of student care is the Islamic ethos of the college, which underpins all of the pastoral activities.

All students are assigned a Community Leader, House Leader and Personal Tutor who are responsible for pastoral support. The subject teachers and the 14-19 Achievement Manager oversee academic guidance and monitor progress. This ensures that each student receives a great deal of individual advice and guidance in every aspect of their college life. Tutors will also counsel students on the options of Higher Education and other career paths.

At Feversham home and school links are an integral part of the education process. We involve parents closely in the education process, so they can play an active role in encouraging their daughters to achieve their best. We encourage parents to work closely with the college to overcome any problems students may experience.  

Parents and students sign a learning agreement when accepting a place at Feversham indicating they fully embrace the Islamic declaration of faith and support the college’s values and ethos.


Students follow an Induction Programme to help them make a smooth transition from GCSE into their post-16 studies. They will take part in learning situations which are designed to test their initiative and resourcefulness.  The Induction Programme includes learning to learn, time management, planning, communication skills and revision skills.  These skills are designed to improve performance and maximise achievement in their studies.

Learner success

How do we help our students to achieve?

At Feversham College staff give high levels of individual attention to all students ensuring support is available to help students achieve their aspirational grades. Students are continually assessed and their progress in monitored by subject teachers, form tutors and the Achievement Manager through formal reporting systems and informal interviews. Regular reviews with form tutors help student to focus on areas of strength and develop in areas of concern. This is achieved by setting challenging and realistic targets which are monitored at key intervals.

Rewarding Achievement

Success is rewarded through our achievement system, and students are rewarded for Islamic conduct, responsibilities carried out, progress made, achievement attained, and contribution to college.  These are celebrated in Community assemblies and during the Presentation Evening at St George's Hall, on completion of their studies.


The college works closely with the careers service to raise awareness about career paths after post-16 studies. Students have regular opportunities for individual interviews with a Connexions Personal Adviser.

Students are encouraged to research their Higher Education options by following a preparation programme, taking part in Higher Education fairs and referring to prospectuses and reference books in the Careers Library. These activities prepare students for life after Feversham.

Work Experience

All Year 12 students take part in our mandatory Work Experience Programme which helps them develop independence, motivation, and provides them with the skills needed for their future life.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Feversham College directly.

Last updated date: 20 October 2016
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