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Welcome to Samuel Lister Academy

The Samuel Lister Academy’s vision is to deliver outstanding learning and educational achievement enabling successful progression and enhanced life opportunities for young people of the local and adjacent communities, so that they can fulfil their potential as individuals, as citizens, as employees and as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Samuel Lister Academy is an engaging, challenging and nurturing learning community where highly motivated and fulfilled students, staff, parents and partners work together to achieve high aspirations and realise the potential of all the Academy’s students.
This ambitious and high achieving learning community is enterprising and outward facing in all it does, building strong and productive links with employers, community groups, schools, colleges, universities and other stakeholders. The Academy aims to be the school of first choice for all young people in its local communities.
Delivering the Vision:
To deliver the vision the Academy is committed to:
  • The highest achievement of each individual
  • Team working, community and partnership
  • Establishing a dynamic and relevant curriculum framework and content
  • Ensuring learning is the focus for delivering this curriculum
  • Access for everyone
  • Providing educational and social structures that enable everyone to be included.
  • The professional development of all our staff
  • Ensuring the infrastructure and environment are sustainable

About us

The Academy has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a culture which values and supports each member of the learning community. Relationships between all members of the Academy are positive and supportive, showing high levels of mutual respect. There are strong links between the school and the families of students, recognising the opportunities to extend education into the community and for parents and carers to support the school in the education of their young people.

Students feel safe and secure in all parts of the school and experience the school as a caring and nurturing environment. The Academy seeks the views of all of its students and involves them in the running of the school. Students develop skills and attitudes which prepare them to play full roles as citizens.
In the classroom each student feels valued, knows that their contributions are welcome and that they are fully involved in their own learning. Learning is personalised for each student to challenge and stretch the student but also to realise the student’s potential for achievement and personal development. The learning environment is characterised by high teacher and student expectations.  Each student’s personal and learning needs are taken into account and customised support provided where need is identified.
The curriculum engages and challenges all students through active and enjoyable learning experiences. The specialisms of the Academy, Humanities and Science,  meet a wide range of students interests and aspirations and provide clear pathways into a broad spectrum of opportunities for further study and employment.
Consistent with mutual respect for all, the school promotes and maintains high standards of behaviour.
The Academy promotes the health and well-being of all its members, staff and students, by ensuring that the school provides a safe and secure environment but also by actively promoting the emotional, social and physical aspects of health and well-being.
Underpinning this vision is a set of core beliefs and values.
The Academy beliefs include:
  • All of our learners will be successful in achieving their very best outcomes
  • All of our learners should have access to the highest quality opportunities and teaching available
  • Success comes from active engagement with, and ownership of, their own learning
  • Learning must be appreciated as a lifelong process that will constantly open up new opportunities
  • All of our learners, and those who support them, will benefit from having their horizons and expectations extended
  • All children and young people need to have self confidence, a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, and eventually ‘work’ and life skills
  • Staff are our most important resource
  • The best results often come from a ‘culture’ of collaboration and partnership
The values that underpin the actions should include respect for ourselves, respect for and tolerance of others and respect for the environment. The Academy also values:
  •  Openness
  •  Honesty
  •  Creativity and inspiration
  •  A healthy, critical perspective on new ideas
  •  A ‘can do’ attitude and approach
  •  Hard work, perseverance and striving for excellence
  •  Empathy and being prepared to listen to what others have to say
  •  Helpfulness and a thoughtful attitude and approach to others
  •  Being responsive to feedback

Facilities available

Our Humanities specialism ensures that our students have many exciting opportunities to learn outside the classroom and to work with adults and other young people from the wider community. We work closely with Bradford College and local Universities to access a range of learning opportunities including masterclasses, taster days, summer schools etc.

Our vertical tutoring system provides opportunities for our older students to develop leadership and mentoring skills while our younger students benefit from the experience of working alongside more experienced members of the community. Within the vertical tutor group students have an opportunity to express their opinions, to access learning support from their peers, to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities and to play an active role in Academy decision making processes.



Additional support

For students who may need more curriculum based support, the Academy offers a range of bespoke learning opportunities which are delivered in a nurturing environment and which maximise opportunities for academic achievement.

The Academy uses an extensive range of data to monitor and track student progress in order that appropriate interventions can be put in place.

An experienced and committed team of teaching and support staff ensure that barriers to learning are removed and their success is evidenced by the 95% of students who achieved 5 A*-C in 2012.

Learner success

Our exam results this year provide an excellent foundation for the good results which are expected from the first exam cohort of the new Academy. 45% of our students achieved 5A*-C which demonstrates both the progress and the 'value' which is added to a student's achievement by the quality teaching and learning which is available. 

Over 70 students from year 11 have opted to continue their level 3 studies at the Academy, demonstrating their confidence in the Academy's capacity to maximise their potential. 

3 year 13 students have been able to take up their offers to study medicine at Leeds and Manchester while their peers are about to embark on a range of University courses including theoretical physics, accounting and finance, events management, business and marketing and many more.

We are looking forward to similar success for our current year 13, some of whom are working hard to maintain or improve their A and B grades at AS level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Samuel Lister Academy directly.

Last updated date: 22 September 2015
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