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Welcome to Pensby High School

Pensby Schools’ Sixth Form offers excellent tuition in a wide range of subjects and courses. It has a long and successful history and was formed over twenty years ago through the collaboration of the high schools of Pensby Boys and Girls. The two schools share the same campus and provide for approximately two hundred students located in a newly refurbished Sixth Form centre.

Since September 2010 further collaboration now exists between the Pensby Schools and Hilbre High School, meaning that some courses can be shared and there is a wider range of courses available to students. All courses are open to boys and girls both from within the two schools and from other institutions.

The Sixth Form is led and managed by experienced members of staff including a Director of Sixth Form, a Head of Sixth Form, a Sixth Form Standards Manager and a group of dedicated personal tutors.

About us

We recognise that, in joining a sixth form, you are about to invest one, two or even three years of your life.  We value this investment enormously.  Our 6th form provides a level of support that guides you through the transition from GCSE to sixth form work and then keeps you on track whether you are planning to enter higher education, take up a career or enter an apprenticeship.

We are also a Specialist College in Business & Enterprise and Science and Sport. As such, we offer all students a wide range of sporting and sports related experiences that increase personal motivation and self-management skills.

While the number of students entering higher education from our Sixth Form has increased in recent years, so too has the diversity and range of courses on offer. You can choose to gain qualifications in any of the following areas:

  • GCSE grade improvement in English or Maths
  • Leadership courses
  • Vocational Courses (e.g. BTEC Level 3)
  • Advanced Level Courses (Level 3) GCE 

Clearly in order to pursue a course you must have certain minimum entrance qualifications. For Advanced Level studies you should have a minimum of five GCSE passes at A* to C grades and at least a grade B in your chosen subjects (preferable in most cases).

The time spent in the sixth form is one of great change in a young person’s life. As an emerging adult in a sixth form it is important that each student sees that he or she is a valued member of the organisation and can take pride in achieving a place here. Pensby Schools’ Sixth Form wants its younger pupils to look up to its sixth form as examples of what they themselves should aspire to be. Within a school environment, a sixth former is a role model.

Consequently, sixth form students are invited to contribute to the general management of the schools. This may take the form of looking after a new pupil following transfer from primary school – this is called peer mentoring. Management may involve carrying out prefect duties, public speaking, and charity work, joining the school council or being involved in the local community. Whatever you choose to do, you will find that the experience has proved worthwhile and something employers want to know about.

Our students are very sociable and enjoy a variety of activities including drama productions, discos and sports, art and travel events.

Facilities available

The Sixth Form centre comprises of a modern and fit for purpose, exclusively sixth form only zone of the school. Its sophisticated colour schemes and furniture were chosen by the students. It certainly has a 'wow' factor both for studying and socialising.

The block is comprised of a spacious common room with large sofas and access to a kitchen. Whilst upstairs there is a large quiet study area, well equipped with computers. This Sixth Form space rivals facilities on offer in other establishments. It gives the Sixth Form their 'own space' in which to develop their own more adult identity away from the hurly burly of the rest of the school. It is an area for them to study hard in and also to find space to socialise. Comments from students have included ‘It’s a great meeting space and has a real buzz at break times’, ‘I really like the study area as I can get a lot of work done in my study periods and have access to computers if I need them. It’s got a really academic feel’.


Additional support

Each subject is taught for 9 hours over a fortnight, frequently in subject-specific accommodation. Students are taught by well qualified and experienced teachers who use a variety of approaches to help achieve maximum results. There is an emphasis on building independent learning skills for it is these that distinguish able students who are valued in all walks of life.

Subject teachers work closely with pastoral sixth form staff to ensure the progress of each individual. Your progress is closely monitored and success celebrated. Soon after you join the Sixth Form, you are independently assessed as to the progress we can expect. Should you for whatever reason fall behind the expected rate of achievement, this will be bought promptly to your attention together with constructive advice on how to come back on track. This is important – remember you are investing at least a year of your life in this venture.

You will be allocated a regular tutorial session with your personal tutor to discuss your progress. Careers advice and guidance will be given to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Not surprisingly then, we place a lot of emphasis on your developing key skills.  These skills include:

*    the ability to communicate effectively using speech

*   the ability to communicate effectively in writing

*   knowledge of how to use numbers

*   how to work as a member of a team

*   how to be self-motivating and self-managing

*   how to solve problems

*   how to use information and communication technology

These key skills are some of the tools used in your chosen subjects.  To enhance them further, your will be:

*  give access to quiet study areas

*  provided with high quality IT facilities

*  involved in special events and extra curricular activities

*  given financial advice

*  prepared for higher education where appropriate

It`s your life, your future and together it is our responsibility to secure it.

Learner success

The Pensby Sixth Form is a successful example of a joint venture between two schools that offers students a very wide range of courses and qualifications.  We are able to offer Year 11 pupils progression pathways from their GCSE courses, enabling them to study a one or two year course at Level 2 or Level 3 standard.

Each year over half of our students enter Higher Education Institutions or complete courses with us that enable them to access employment or training. We have close links with a number of North West Universities.

Our Sixth Form is the place for you if you are hard working, sociable and want to succeed in life. We value and celebrate achievement in all senses be it personal, social, sporting and academic. In doing so we build the confidence of our students, create self-reliance, and form the leaders of tomorrow’s society.



How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Pensby High School directly.

Last updated date: 01 September 2015
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