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Welcome to Alcester Grammar School

Alcester Grammar School is a vibrant educational community dedicated to ensuring:

  • All students can learn and achieve their full potential in an environment where everyone feels safe, valued and respected
  • Students have the opportunity to develop intellectually, spiritually, socially and personally.
  • Academic success is maintained and improved.

We regard people as of equal value, yet each is seen as unique, with a right to be respected. Learning is regarded as an active, sharing process, with competition seen as a valuable spurt to growth, but only in a context of awareness of others and care for their needs.

Please note: We do NOT accept on-line applications. To apply to the school, please contact us as above or visit the school website to download a paper application form.

Mr. C. Sentance - Principal

About us

We hope that all students who enter our Sixth Form will prove to be successful during their time here. Academic success is, of course, very important and we offer a wide range of AS/A2 courses so that you can pick the widest and most flexible combination of subjects. All subjects are taught by specialist teachers in discrete departmental areas. In an effort to encourage both breadth and depth we expect our students to pick FOUR subjects in Year 12 to AS level. In addition, one 'Extend' option can be chosen from a variety of AS and vocational qualifications. Students then continue at least three of these to A2 level in Yr13.

Personal success is also vital for all students – the opportunity to take part in music, drama, sport, discussion, overseas visits, field trips, work in the community, etc. We emphasise the wider issues of education with our “informal” curriculum during lunch times, after school and in school holidays. All students are regarded as equally important and we are accustomed to welcoming large numbers each year from outside the school – from some twenty five schools and colleges locally. Alcester Grammar is a caring, friendly school where relations between staff and students are good and extra help is readily available.

Ian Young - Head of 6th Form

Additional support

As a Sixth Form student, there are several different systems of support available to you. You will develop a close working relationship with your Tutor to ensure that any problems experienced can be tackled immediately. Each Tutor will spend time with you on an individual basis and has initial responsibility for ensuring the smooth and happy transition from GCSE to Sixth Form studies.

The AGS careers programme intends to prepare all students for a changing world of work. However, rather than just being a careers programme, it is particularly important that we equip young people with more than knowledge; the importance of happiness within, whatever your outside circumstances, how to be resilient to all life throws at you and an awareness of philosophy and the political environment. Of course, up to date careers advice about the world of work and apprenticeships is a main focus, as will the steps they need to take to apply to university and to make the right choices regarding their course and chosen place of study. Gap years and voluntary work for those who want to take a different path are also highly valued. The 6th form ‘Life’ programme brings in speakers and professionals from all walks of life. As everything we need to share with our students cannot be incorporated into these mornings, we also have the Life Blog which can be accessed at . This enables us to keep up with the latest ideas and initiatives weekly with the students and share with them current research and experiences from professionals as they happen. In addition, students are kept aware of the latest opportunities and notices via the Careers twitter feed Alcester Grammar employs an independent careers advisor to allow students in need to receive timely and specialist support regarding choices, destinations and further study.

Appointments can be booked through the 6th Form Office. In addition to the ‘Life’ programme students have access to the following careers opportunities during the 6th form:

In addition to the ‘Life’ programme students have access to the following careers opportunities during the 6th form:

•Intranet resources on GAP Years, Personal Statements and Work Experience (link to come)

•UCAS Application and Personal Statement Support

•Oxbridge screening and mock interviews

•Morrisby and Heap course-finder resources

•AGS Careers Fair

•UCAS University Fair at Worcester University

•International University fair

Our aim is to equip these young people to step out into the world as ‘decent human beings’ but most importantly to show them “what you know matters, who you are matters more” (Brene Brown)

Learner success

For details of our academic results please see our website at


How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Alcester Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 03 December 2014
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