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Welcome to Ash Green School


ASH GREEN SCHOOL is determined to enhance the life chances of all young people within the communities that we serve. We strive to ensure that all students achieve above and beyond basic expectation and that they also develop as well rounded adults capable of making a difference to the lives of others and themselves.

The VIth Form is driven by the local communities demand for local and accessible provision and also our high levels of attainment at Key Stage Four. We aspire to be a local beacon of excellence, signalling to all in the community what can be achieved through hard work, commitment and aspiration.

We offer a strong, professional working ethos preparing students for increased levels of self responsibility and the skill sets required for further study and employability. There will be high expectations to meet and a routine, rigorous challenge to perform. This will be underpinned by a strong sense of pastoral care and support to every student to be the best that they can be.

The following information will support you and your family in making a very important decision for next September. I would hope that you will feel strongly about joining the Ash Green VIth Form.

OFSTED judged provision to be “outstanding” in May 2013. No local provider can match this - come and judge for yourself.

About us


The AGS VIth Form is committed to raising standards of achievement and ensuring that every student will achieve their full potential and strive for excellence. It will promote intellectual curiosity, hard work, and respect for each other and pride in the school community and in each individual. It will value all members of our community as individual people with differing needs and abilities.

The VIth Form will place a strong emphasis on the role of creativity and enterprise in learning and unlocking student potential The AGS VIth Form will ensure that every student can access an appropriate blend of both academic and vocational pathways under one roof.


Each student will develop a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for their own learning and actions, both in school as citizens within their wider communities. Students will realise that they are valued and have a market value as creative, innovative, enterprising, practical, self-confident, resilient and adaptable learners.

This will place them on a path to economic independence. Students will recognise and value that creative learning has a deep intrinsic value that is exciting and purposeful and is to be valued for the rest of their lives.


  • To raise local standards of attainment in level three academic and vocational qualifications that are nationally recognised by the tertiary sector and employers.
  • To develop creative and effective problem recognition, problem solving, technical and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To provide motivation for students to engage confidently with the core academic facilitating subjects and enable access to university and employment.
  • To enable a breadth of vocational experience and qualification that expands choice for higher education and employment at 18 plus.

Facilities available

The AGS VIth Form occupies a position on the main school site and students have their own separate learning and social space set apart from the main body of the school. They will also use the main school facilities for lessons and wider activity.
The VIth Form Centre occupies a wing of the E block and covers two floors for dedicated social and learning space. The Head of VIth Form, the Pastoral Manager will also occupy this area to be readily available.
There is:

•A large social space for unstructured time and informal activity. This has comfortable seating, tables for eating and working, display and also a television for accessing music and limited, educational television channels. Students may utilise mobile phones in this area.
•An office suite for key staff.
•A kitchen area for storing and preparing light snacks and drinks.
•A dedicated VIth Form Cafe area serving cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches during break and lunch.
•A discrete VIth Form study area with a suite of PCs and printing facilities.
•A separate large study area.
•Silent, small group study spaces for very serious work!
•Dedicated VIth Form toilets.
•A separate entrance and exit with electronic key cards. These also usefully track student use of the study facilities and their time on and off site.

Additional support

Enrichment activity – – one hour a week, delivered as a block at a fixed time in the week. The block of time would comprise of activities to support and develop creative and enterprising learning. The type of activity available is set out in the table below. Actual provision will be subject annual variation and student consultation.

Self Supported Study – 6 – 9 hours a week, all students would be expected to have a negotiated timetable of self study in school so their independent learning can be monitored.

Tutor Time – one hour a week of time with a tutor and a team of VIth Form peers from across Year 12 and 13. This time will be used for organisation and administration but it will mainly deliver learning activity designed to cover the key cross curricular themes listed.

This would be provided for using internal staff expertise. All students will benefit from:

Individual interviews for all students to include completion of an action plan

Group sessions with students to support careers education and work related learning programmes, for example the changing nature of the labour market, interview techniques, CV writing, education business activities, support to work experience programme.

Information provided to schools regarding access to web based sources of information.

Learner success

The AGA VIth Form will use nationally determined data measures to define and monitor attainment and achievement on an annual basis. This will be based upon the use of nationally recognised target data and Government and Local Authority data.
We will also use the Ofsted Inspection Framework to define measure and evaluate effectiveness in terms of Attainment and Achievement, Provision, Capacity to improve and Equality of opportunity.
There will also be systematic and stringent monitoring of lesson quality and student outcomes throughout the year.


•Attainment and Achievement as defined in DFE Performance Tables.
•Average Points Score (APS) per student and per examination entry to both exceed the national average

•KS4 to 5 Value Added (VA) data to exceed 1000. 1000 is the national average.
•APS and VA target data exceeded in line with expectations set by Y11 achievement.
•All Year 12 students to progress to and complete three Year 13 courses and attain at or above target data. .
•All students to progress to level four courses, work based training or full time work with no NEET ( not in employment of training) outcomes.
•Attendance at or above 95% for all individual students.
•All students to complete the enrichment programme.
•All teaching and learning will be judged as Good or Outstanding.
•Parent and Student satisfaction will be significantly high as set against Kirkland Rowell benchmarks (a parent / student survey provider) and internal student voice surveys will be

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Ash Green School directly.

Last updated date: 18 May 2016
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