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Welcome to Hinchingbrooke School Academy

We are delighted that you are considering Hinchingbrooke for your sixth form education.

Our Sixth Form provides a unique, dynamic and highly personalised experience. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive and all-round education, combining academic rigour with extensive opportunities outside the classroom, all delivered by a dedicated team of high-quality professionals, in a setting that is the envy of many and which is conducive to academic study. Our aim is for our students to grow as uniquely talented individuals and as socially aware global citizens, making the best possible progress both academically and personally.

We offer you a flexible and wide range of options within our broad curriculum and our staff demonstrate a relentless commitment to support you in every way we can, to become self-managing, independent learners with the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to progress to the next stage of your life.

We have formed very good links, both with local employers and universities, in order to offer you high quality, relevant advice and guidance. We engage external speakers to inspire our students, promote debate and broaden horizons.

You will be valued, challenged, nurtured and developed within the Sixth Form, and leave our school better prepared to take your next steps within higher education or training, or to enter the world of work.

If you would like to be part of a cohesive Sixth Form that is engaging and enjoyable, and that offers an extraordinary range of opportunities, then we very much look forward to your application.

Facilities available

Hinchingbrooke Sixth Form is exceptionally located in Hinchingbrooke House, a grade 1 listed building. The setting is unique and beautiful, but is also a modern learning environment. Learners’ study and social facilities are based in the House and have been consistently upgraded over the years to provide the very best resources and facilities in terms of designated private study areas and social spaces.  Access to ICT is easy through the spacious IT suites. The whole of the House now has Wi Fi access which enables students’ use of laptops and mobile devices to access the school broadband network.

The Year 12 and Year 13 Common Rooms are equipped with leather sofas, and there are other comfortable and charming spaces in which students can relax and enjoy the less busy parts of the day. We have an excellent ‘Costa-style’ canteen, popular with students (and staff), not least the fresh coffee and much-praised ‘curly fries Tuesdays’. 

  “Hinchingbrooke is a great place to learn. So much history and a fab setting” 

(Hannah Crofts, Year 12).

Additional support

It’s exciting for us to see the students who have been a part of the school since Year 7 progress through Year 11 and join us here in the sixth form. This brings a tremendous sense of family and continuity to the school, which is furthered when those students then feed back into the life of the Lower and Middle School by leading, volunteering and supporting in various ways.  

However, whilst the majority of the approximately 400 students in our sixth form is made up of students who have progressed from Hinchingbrooke School, over 25% are from other schools. We make a special effort to give our external students a warm welcome and take pride in the fact that they are often prepared to travel to reach us. In no time they are fully integrated as Hinchingbrooke sixth form students and often take leadership roles very soon after joining, thus bringing a freshness and vitality to our community.

We have a structured induction period in which we create opportunities for you to assess your learning needs in your chosen subjects. It also provides a chance to settle into the new environment of the sixth form and adjust to the expectations and freedoms. As part of induction we organise two transition days at the end of Year 11, after your GCSEs. One day has more of a social focus and the other is more subject based. Both are important and helpful in making the transition to our sixth form as smooth as possible.

“You have more independence and greater responsibility, so embrace it”
(Justin Groves, Year 13).

Your teachers will all be experts in their respective fields, sharing their knowledge with you through innovative and inspiring lessons. You will be encouraged to discover things for yourself and ask questions to deepen your learning. Subject teachers will stretch and challenge you, and you are expected to work hard in return. Our teaching staff will go that extra mile to support you outside of your lessons, meeting with you in study periods, at lunchtimes and after school to reinforce your learning.

We timetable all Year 12 students for periods of Private Study, which are semi-supervised sessions in which you can build on the work done in class.

Every student also has a personal tutor who has the primary role in and responsibility for overseeing your academic and personal progress during your time in the sixth form. They are also the first port of call for parents and they seek to work in partnership with, and to promote the well-being of, the students.

Your tutor will meet with you regularly to support and guide you from your enrolment and induction at the beginning of Year 12, to your application for employment or to university, as you consider what to do after Year 13. We are proud of our commitment to high levels of care within our pastoral team, and our aim is to continue to develop the mutually supportive atmosphere that has undoubtedly been built up in recent years in the sixth form.

Whilst academic and pastoral guidance is primarily provided by tutors, there is more specialist and personalised support available through Student Services. The Director of Student Services heads up two distinct but complimentary services: Learning Support, and Safeguarding and Inclusion.

The Safeguarding and Inclusion Manager, alongside the school’s counsellor and nurse, co-ordinate the social and emotional interventions and the SENCO and her team supports students with learning difficulties. Both work closely with tutors and the sixth form team and the school may engage additional external support if necessary.

The Learning Support Team led by the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), offers support to students in school who have “needs that are additional to or different from those of other students at school” including needs in areas such as communication and interaction, cognition and learning, behavioural, social and emotional development, and sensory and physical needs,

The support for these students includes:

•       Placement on the school’s SEND Register

•       Assessment and advice from specialist staff, for example Speech and Language Therapist and Educational Psychologist

•       Specialist programmes, such as physiotherapy and the use of purpose built disabled facilities.

•       Development of an Education, Health, and Care Plan.

•       Teaching Assistant (TA) support in the classroom or in small withdrawal groups

SEN and Disability Arrangements:  Full details of the school’s policies on Safeguarding and Child Protection, Behaviour and Attendance, SEN, Equality, Anti Bullying, plus Supporting Children at School with Medical Conditions are available via the School Policies link on the school website.

Bursaries: Information about bursaries is available on our website.

“Although it’s a big step up the teaching support is excellent. They are always happy to help.”
(Shannon Phillips, Year 12)

“The teachers are there to help. They will give you excellent support – all you have to do is ask.”
(Evie Belgrove, year 12)


How to apply

You can apply for courses at Hinchingbrooke School Academy through UCAS Progress. Add courses to your favourites to apply to this provider.

Last updated date: 08 April 2015
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