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Welcome to Aldridge School — A Science College. Thank you forconsidering us for your next step in education. We are here to make adifference to children’s lives, and we are immensely proud of what wehave achieved for our students, as well as being excited for the future.We leave no child behind, nor do we hold anyone back. We believe inchallenging and inspiring our students to set them on the path tosuccess. We support our strong academic curriculum with anoutstanding extra-curricular programme, which gives everyone the chance to shine, regardless of learning ability.

Facilities available

No two children have the same educational needs, their requirements can change and evolve over time. That is why we have customised our curriculum to meet the needs of children and groups as they develop and grow, making sure they are fully equipped for age 14-19 progression.

By the time your child reaches Key Stage 4 at the beginning of Year 9, they will have developed all the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes to succeed. We keep English and Maths at the core of your child’s learning and provide a variety of pathways and methods to ensure their success at every stage. We are committed to turning out students with the right knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next stage of their education.

Study after study shows that the single most important factor in determining the quality of a child’s education is the quality of their teacher. A good teacher sets high expectations for their students, and never gives up on underachievers. Likewise, a good student is not necessarily the one who is the brightest; it is the one who tries their hardest and is enthusiastic.

Aldridge School is no exception to this rule. We have structured our teaching and learning programmes to be engaging, interesting andmotivating for students. All faculties in the school have ‘Lead Learners’ whose aim is to ensure we continue to offer the highest standards, most innovative and challenging learning tailored to your child’s needs and abilities. We do this by using rigorous monitoring and tracking systems and analysis of performance data.

Additional support

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented: it is a phrase you often hear in academic language, but what does it mean? The key word is potential. If your child is ‘Gifted’, it means they show above-average abilities in one or more academic subjects, like English or Maths. 'Talented' refers to a child who has skills in a practical area such as music, sport or art.
At Aldridge School, we believe in pursuing, achieving,
recognising and rewarding excellence, which means we will never hold back a child who demonstrates above-average potential. In fact, we seek to develop it with even more challenging lessons and other opportunities. If your child is included in our Gifted and Talented register, you can be sure we will stretch, challenge and encourage them to advance even further.
Those students who excel in three or more subjects form our Gifted and Talented focus group, and will receive mentoring, additional guidance and development, as well as the opportunity to take part in specific after school activities.
Care, Guidance and Support
‘Pupils' personal development and wellbeing are the strongest features of the school.’ — OFSTED
Linking students via our house system, comprising Barr, Daniels, Linley and Scott, helps your child settle in quickly to life in a large, exciting environment like Aldridge School, and builds a family style community of support, trust and care during their time with us.
Our strong ethos of care and welfare has been praised by OFSTED, who commented on our exemplary traditions, which sit comfortably alongside the more modern personalisation and communication methods needed for the 21st century. Aldridge School takes the care of students seriously. We have a team of experienced staff whose sole responsibility — along with a dedicated form tutor — is to look after the welfare of every student and to keep in regular contact with you regarding this.
The safety and welfare of your child is paramount at Aldridge School, with all staff and volunteers sharing in this commitment. We have four experienced members of staff who are dedicated to child protection issues. These are Mrs Morton, Mrs Roper, Mrs Hodgkins and Mr Eaton.  These staff members should be your first point of contact for any child protection concerns; we deal with all matters in the strictest confidence. We also have external expert help available. You can read the full Child Protection policy on our website just follow Publications link on the left hand side of the homepage.
Student Development
We will never leave a child behind, whatever their needs or circumstances. Our Student Development department offers a full complement of additional educational services for students who need ahelping hand or some personal focus to help them achieve their full potential.
We have a Learning Support teacher on site who also functions as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator. We also have a team of Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants, who provide in-class support, as well as booster sessions and intervention lessons for special educational needs students.
  • Social club: we offer a wide variety of support services, including a lunchtime social club, which gives vulnerable students a safe and nurturing environment in which to play games and connect with other students.
  • Pragmatics: our pragmatics group supports any student who mayhave speech, language or communication needs, and is visitedregularly by a member of the Speech and Language Therapy service.
  • Booster sessions: if your child does not have special education needs, but is having difficulty meeting our expected progress rates in core subjects, we provide them with 30-minute booster sessions during form time.
  • SEN interventions: if your child has special educational needsregarding cognition and other learning difficulties, we can extract them from their timetabled lessons to support them with a personalised support programme for numeracy and literacy.

Learner success

Aldridge School’s extensive curriculum and highly-praised teaching staff combine traditional education values with creativity and innovation. Wehave created a richly diverse and adaptable environment to give yourchild a rock-solid foundation to grow as an individual, achieve the bestpossible standards in their exam results, and enter the world equippedwith all the skills for a successful adult life.

Aldridge School really does make a difference to young people. We goout of our way to see them do their best and get the most out of schooland we very much look forward to your son or daughter becoming oneof our many successes of the future.If you want to find out more, please contact us directly, or better still,arrange a visit to come and observe our community in action. We lookforward to seeing you.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact ALDRIDGE SCHOOL - A SCIENCE COLLEGE directly.

Last updated date: 26 July 2017
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