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Welcome to Coundon Court

Welcome to Coundon Court 

Thank you for your interest in Coundon Court. We are a large Academy  on the outskirts of Coventry with around 1700 students in total 300 of which are in the Sixth Form. Coundon Court has a wonderful reputation which was endorsed recently by an exemplary Ofsted report and so our young people have every opportunity to do very well with us. Excellent examination results show that students at Coundon Court take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities they are given here.
Coundon Court is also fortunate to be on a beautiful school site with a listed building and formal gardens. In addition to this we also have some excellent brand new facilities, including a Performing Arts Centre and a Post 16 Centre.

We all know that we are in an era of multiple change and of rapid development in technology, business and industry. We also know that success in the 21st century will demand a broad range of qualifications and a commitment to learning new skills throughout your career. As well as helping you achieve excellent results in examinations Condon Court aims to help you to develop an inquisitive mind, sharpen your skills of learning independently, enhance your ability to work with others, and improve your capacity to communicate.

With this in mind, we provide an extensive range of courses  at Key Stage 4 and 5 and we look forward to working with you to put together a learning package which suits your abilities, interests and potential. We know you will be challenged by the work you do here, and we also know you will rise to the challenge.  Coundon Court is committed to providing you with a learning environment that will help you build a strong foundation for success in the future.
Coundon Court also adds a very healthy social dimension to life at school with a huge number of extra curricular activities and trips. I know this will be helpful to you in developing your skills in relating to other people, and in broadening your interests. Confidence is an important factor in making your way in the world, and we encourage you to take advantage of the extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer. There are lots of people here to offer advice so use the resources available and take any opportunities that come your way.
Persistence and determination should be the aim of anyone who wants to succeed. Whilst you can’t change the past you can learn from it. Concentrate your energies on the future and what you do best. Your future is an open goal so strive to do what you want to do with both vision and hard work. Have confidence in yourself to see things through, make your mark in the world by celebrating your individuality and dare to follow your dreams.
In addition to achieving success in your chosen areas, we want you to make a contribution to the world we live in. Our future depends on you. We want you to develop your capacity to give something back by making the world a better place. You all represent an incredibly diverse range of exceptional people who I know are bold enough to achieve your personal goals as well as make a difference in some way to the lives of others in our society.

The school has many strengths and an Ofsted Section 5 Inspection Report dated 30th April 2008 stated on Page 4, "Exemplary care, guidance and support is provided for students" and  "The school provides a cohesive, supportive community where students thrive and develop into confident young adults"

Debbie Morrison OBE

About us

Complementing the huge range of courses on offer to students, Coundon Court is justly proud of the outstanding quality of teaching at Post 16, as mentioned by Ofsted in the school’s last report.

Facilities available

Coundon Court is committed to providing you with a learning environment that will help you build astrong foundation for success in the future. Our modern Post 16 Centre has dedicated teaching areas, alarge ICT suite, a cafeteria, social facilities and an administration centre.

This has dedicated teaching areas for post 16 courses, a large ICT suite and excellent cafeteria and social facilities. A new Performing Arts Centre has also recently been opened and includes lecture facilities as well as new accommodation for music, dance and drama.

Students also have access to a well stocked and equipped Library and Open Learning Centre. The latter has networked computers, television and teletext facilities, internet access and scanning equipment.

Additional support

Personal development and well-being are strengths of Coundon Court. The school has a purposeful and supportive ethos that students respond well to.

We will make sure your needs are met and that you are supported in any way that you feel necessary. We will care about you, look after you, and fully challenge you in terms of your learning and personal development.

Whilst we know we are a large school every individual still matters to us and we will make sure that you feel special.
Admissions - The school holds an Open Evening early in each school year to provide opportunities for pupils in local primary schools and parents to visit the school to view our facilities and meet staff.  If parents would like to visit the school to look at us "in session" this can be pre-arranged at a mutually convenient time.
In the summer term a day's visit to Coundon is arrange for all of the new pupils and evening meetings for the intake. New pupils have a carefully planned induction programme and they are provided with essential information before they arrive in September.
School Organisation - Students are placed in mixed age mentor groups and have a mentor  to turn to for help and advice. Specific members of staff are given overall responsibility for the welfare, discipline and educational progress of the students in each group.  These members of staff are always ready to help if parents have any particular cause for concern that the Mentorr cannot resolve. Other members of staff available to meet parents by appointment include the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, the Education Welfare Office and Careers Staff.
The Learning Resources Centre - our LRC is widely used for its attractive collection of books, video tapes, etc. The LRC is open to students throughout the day and provides a quiet place where students can complete homework and other research tasks.
Assessment and Reports - we have a Parents Consultation Evening during each term where Parents and Students can discuss the progress that the student is making with his/her tutor and set targets, based upon the information about progress that is provided by each of their teachers. Teachers also
  • Record Students' marks and progress
  • Set tests and assessments
  • Encourage students to practice self-assessment. We regularly ask students to thin about what they have learnt, to sum up their successes and to work out the areas they think they need to improve on.

The Learning Support - Coundon Court offers a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum which aims to meet the needs of pupils learning to maximise their potential.

Pupils are identified as requiring additional support by annual testing or by parent or teacher referral and once identified they are provided with support to meet their needs.  The school addresses this within the Special Needs Code of Practice, which is constantly under review.

Students that required extra assistance in order to boost their progress in a subject to increase the likelihood of achieving a C Grade at GCSE are identified and given extra support as necessary.

Many subjects have 'out of lesson activities', such as Music Ensembles, Drama and Dance groups, work within the Technology Department, Gifted and Talented Group, School Radio, Sports Leaders, etc.


Learner success

For details of our attainment rates and other information such as absences, click on theDCSF link to the right. This opens a new pop-up window to the DSCF website





How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Coundon Court directly.

Last updated date: 18 May 2016
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