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Welcome to President Kennedy School

Building Brighter Futures

At President Kennedy School everything we do is focused on Building Brighter Futures for our students, our staff and our Community. We are proud of our “no barriers” approach to education, ensuring children of all abilities and from all backgrounds are encouraged to set high goals and work hard to achieve them.

We work together in a productive and challenging manner to provide a vibrant and engaging learning environment that ensures every student achieves his or her potential. This school is about ensuring our students feel supported and happy. If students are happy they will flourish and achieve.

Our school endeavours to achieve its aims by encouraging:

  • High academic attainment
  • A caring environment where all individuals are equally valued
  • A thirst for study and investigation
  • Respect for the beliefs, opinions and needs of other people
  • The ability to work independently and with others
  • A sense of fairness and responsibility
  • Pride in oneself and our school
  • An appreciation of art and culture
  • Pursuit of a healthy lifestyle
  • An awareness of issues that affect the world including the environment
  • The professional development of our staff

Head of Post 16 Studies: Mr N Mort
Post 16 Pastoral Manager: Mrs Rawlins

Post 16 Clerk: Mrs Wright

Contact for admissions: Mr Mort

About us

We know that the choice you make regarding your education after GCSEs is vitally important. Whether you are joining us from our own Year 11, or coming to us from another school, we promise you an exciting and rewarding Post 16 experience here at President Kennedy School.

We are immensely proud of our academic record at AS and A level and the exciting destinations our students reach. We are well known for the high level of support and guidance we offer. For example, our students benefit greatly from the expertise of an in-house careers specialist and significant emphasis is placed on aiming high and planning early for brighter futures.

Post 16 at President Kennedy School is forward looking, dynamic and friendly. There is a welcoming, purposeful atmosphere in our Post 16 Centre that encourages hard work and high attainment.

But Post 16 is not just about academic success. There are plenty of activities and societies that you can join including positions of responsibility throughout the whole school. We provide our students with experiences they need to develop into confident young people who can make the most of life’s challenges and opportunities.

You can download a copy of our Prospectus from this website and after looking though it, why not come along to one of our Open Events or book a time to visit us? You will be able to talk to our staff and current Post 16 students about their experiences. You are guaranteed a warm welcome at our Post 16 Centre.


Facilities available

President Kennedy School is situated in the north of the city on a large open site. Currently, school facilities include;  

  • Dedicated teaching rooms for all subjects
  • Ten Specialist Science laboratories for teaching Science across the full age range
  • A multi-media centre with 70 PCs, Sky HD, Cinema screen and Professional standard recording studio
  • Newly opened TV/Photography studio
  • 12 Computer suites around the school which support lessons and our 24/7 Portal/VLE which is accessible to students, parents, feeder primary schools, staff and governors
  • Nationally recognised Student Support Centre which caters for the additional needs of all of our students including those with S&L difficulties and SEN
  • School library which acts as a teaching and learning space, a resource centre for staff and students and a private study venue for P16 students
  • Dedicated P16 base with social and study facilities
  • Sports facilities include Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Gymnasium and Multi-gym.Externally there are tennis courts and sports pitches
  • Design Technology provides specialist rooms for the study of Resistant Materials, Food, Textiles and Graphics.

The school has been shortlisted for a new building within the Priority Schools Building Programme

Additional support

The Student Support Centre is available to support, guide and help students You won't see TAs in Post 16 lessons, as a rule, but that does not mean the Student Support Centre isn't there for you.

You may have had TA, withdrawal, or exam support during your time at school; these may continue into Sixth Form, but as you've shown you have the ability to manage your own learning, we would expect you to approach us for any help you feel you may need.  On the other hand, you may never have had any direct involvement with us, but you may feel you need it at some point during Sixth Form.

Examples of support we may be able to offer are:

  • Special arrangements for exams (for identified needs)
  • Advice and guidance
  • Help with coursework/homework that you're struggling with
  • Regular time in Student Support by arrangement with us.

Support above and beyond this may be possible.

Learner success

For details of our attainment rates and other information such as absences, click on the ‘DCSF’ link at the right hand side of this page. This opens a new pop-up window to the DCSF website.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact President Kennedy School directly.

Last updated date: 18 May 2016

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