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Welcome to St Thomas More School & Sixth Form College

I am very pleased that you are seriously considering joining St. Thomas More Sixth Form for your sixth form studies and understand the importance of the decision you have to make. If you do join us in September 2015, you can be assured that every member of staff here will be totally committed to both supporting your academic and personal development and ensuring that you are well prepared for your future life.

St Thomas More Sixth Form is a very exciting place to be with its new state of the art specialist accommodation. The recent £6 million standalone sixth form centre offers both students and staff the best possible facilities in which to work and study and the sixth form has its own distinct identity within the school.

Our 2009 Ofsted report described this school as “outstanding” in 24 out of 25 categories and we aim to ensure that the sixth form will be every bit as impressive with our commitment to excellence in all areas; academic attainment, student development and community spirit. The school’s distinctive Catholic ethos, friendly atmosphere and supportive learning environment are all integral features of sixth form life here.

Further information on the courses that are offered in the sixth form is outlined in subsequent pages of this prospectus.

We welcome applications to the sixth form from all students who are hard-working, keen to succeed and who meet the course requirements. If you choose to study at St Thomas More School in the sixth form, you will be part of a group of students who will do much to shape the identity and spirit of the sixth form.

The establishment of a sixth form at St Thomas More School is a landmark event and, if after reading this prospectus and attending our sixth form opening evening on November 13th, you choose to study here, I look forward very much to supporting you in your sixth form education and helping you to achieve your full potential in life.

Mr F Hickey



About us

In order to fulfil our mission in the sixth form we will:

  • Have high expectations of all students
  • Create a learning environment where all achievements are recognised and whereChristian care, respect and justice prevail
  • Enable all students to develop their God-given talents and to become moreindependent as learners, taking full responsibility for their own learning
  • Equip all students with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for future education, employment and adult life.

Facilities available

There are dedicated subject specific facilities for Art, Media Studies, Science and Technology will all the equipment that you could expect to carry out coursework tasks and projects. You can also expect to work in a modern learning environment with full access to ICT facilities and a private study area.

Student communal areas will also provide a base for social use. Drinks, snacks and hot food will be available from a servery and vending machines in these areas.

Additional support

Care, Guidance & Support
The first sentences of the school’s Ofsted report observe that “St Thomas More is an outstandingly caring school. Its ethos pervades the school community.” This caring attitude is at the heart of the school’s ethos and it will be integral to the system of pastoral care that will operate in the sixth form. The head of sixth form will oversee academic progress and pastoral care in the sixth form working very closely with personal tutors, subject teachers and outside agencies as appropriate. Each student will be assigned to a personal tutor group of 15-20 students and will remain in that group during their time in the sixth form. The tutor group will meet daily for registration and the personal tutor will be the first point of contact for students for any issues relating to academic and personal development. The personal tutor will also help and advise students on their work, their progress targets and their future careers. In addition, the personal tutor will monitor students academic progress through regular reviews and act as someone to whom the student can turn to in order to discuss more personal matters of they so wish.
Within the sixth form, students will have increased independence and additional privileges. A student sixth form committee will be established and this will meet regularly with the head of sixth form to discuss matters relating to sixth form life and to organise events. A student services office will also be established within the sixth form centre to offer support to students.
As part of this increased independence, students are expected to act as positive role models to the younger pupils in the school as well as to take responsibility for their own learning and to play a full and active part in sixth form life. All students will take part in a sixth form induction day at the start of term in September to give guidance to students in making the transition from GCSE to post-16 studies. This guidance will include areas such as time management, research skills and study skills aimed at encouraging students to be independent learners. The induction day will also provide an ideal opportunity to welcome new students to the sixth form and to develop community spirit.

Careers and Higher Education Guidance
Throughout their time in the sixth form, students will receive advice and guidance on careers and higher education options. This advice will be provided during PSHE lessons and tutor periods by a variety of people including the Head of Sixth Form, The Head of Careers, Connexions Officers, personal and subject Tutors and outside speakers as appropriate. Individual interviews will be part of this process and opportunities will exist to visit universities on open days. In year 13, all students applying to universities will be provided with support and guidance to complete their UCAS applications and to prepare for university life (e.g. information on finance and living away from home).

Learner success

Choosing the Right Courses

This involves thinking very carefully about the following three questions;

1. How good am I at this subject and can I expect to achieve the entry requirement at GCSE level?

It would be useful to talk to your teachers in Year 11 and the Connexions Officer to have their opinions about your suitability for your chosen course.

2. Will I enjoy this subject? You are far more likely to do well if you do.

3. Will this subject help me in my future career? If you already have a clear idea about which universitycourse you wish to take or which career you intend to follow, it is important to ensure that thesubjects you study in the sixth form enable you to proceed to the next stage of your chosen careerpath. On the other hand, if you are unsure about what you wish to do when you leave the sixthform, the general advice is to study a range of subjects that suit your aptitudes and abilities and alsokeeps open your options for the future.


Types of Course

  • AS and A2 levels
  • Applied Learning Courses
  • GCSE Courses in English and Maths
  • All students will take part in general R.E. and an enhancement and enrichment programme of activities

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact St Thomas More School & Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 18 May 2016
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