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Welcome to Poole High School

At Poole High School you will see a vibrant and thriving community, committed to the well-being and future prospects of the young people that we work for. We are a large school - this alone brings enormous benefits for our learning community, but we also pride ourselves upon the positive ethos and warmth of relationships in which our young people flourish. We have established a very successful ‘house’ system, which reflects the value we place upon each individual – it sustains our reputation as ‘a big school with a small school atmosphere’.

The foundations for our school are high expectations and supportive relationships. To that end, we work closely with parents to ensure that every student is supported and challenged. We pride ourselves on our dedicated team of teachers, our extensive campus with its vast range of extra-curricular opportunities and, most of all, on the success our students enjoy in their studies on a daily basis. We expect our pupils to work hard, to take pride in themselves, their achievements and their school and to achieve their personal best.

Our school is an over-subscribed non-denominational comprehensive serving the historic town of Poole. With nearly 75 years of service to the education of students from Poole, we are a learning community built around traditional values. Staff are absolutely determined that any child who attends Poole High School will have an excellent educational experience. We want our students to leave, having:

  • enjoyed the mutual respect and trust which are our hallmarks;
  • developed self-confidence and personal integrity;
  • made outstanding progress academically;
  • felt known and cared for as an individual;
  • experienced superb opportunities, nurtured personal ambition and developed a sense of service to others.

We are committed to educating ‘the whole child’, strategically focused upon the ever-changing learning landscape our young people are immersed in.

Governors, Support and Teaching Staff are passionately committed to working with the families of Poole to do the best for the young people you trust in our care each day. We Thank you for this privilege and delight in not merely being at the heart of the town, but being so well placed to serve our whole community.

Mr P Gray


About us

Although we are a large school – which enables us to offer a wide range of courses and activities – we try to ensure that we have a ‘small school’ atmosphere, both through our established and very successful ‘house’ system, and the major emphasis we place on the importance of each individual.

At Poole High School we believe that everything that we do in school should be centred upon the student and learning.

It is our duty to ensure that every student has the best possible opportunity to achieve his or her full potential in all that they do.

We also fully recognise and understand that the world in which students will live beyond their school years will be very different from today’s world. The speed of change in technology and society makes it impossible to guess what the future will be like and what will be needed to ensure success. We believe that it is one our responsibilities to provide students with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to deal successfully with challenges of this future. Our status as a Business and Enterprise Specialist College is central to this philosophy and ensures that, in addition, all students understand the economic and business contexts of their lives and the world in which they live.

We believe that if we are to enable all our students to achieve their full potential in all areas then school must be a secure, happy and well-ordered environment where learning activities are purposeful and rewarding.
We recognise that not all students have the same abilities in all areas but we aim to enable every pupil to achieve the very best he or she possibly can and we believe that an individuals’ success should be measured against their potential and not against the success of others.

We value equally the development of students academically, socially, culturally and in their sporting skills. We hope that when students leave us they have developed into well-rounded individuals who are fully equipped to contribute to society, both locally and globally, in a positive and thoughtful manner. We hope that they leave us with an appreciation of the value of ambition, honesty and co-operation and a respect for other people and their beliefs and cultures as well as an appreciation of their part in and potential impact upon the local and global environment.

As a Rights Respecting School all staff work very hard to ensure that the school environment is friendly, positive, supportive and welcoming. We all know that we learn best when we are having fun, so lessons are planned so that they are interesting, engaging and, most importantly, enjoyable. We work very hard to ensure that all adults provide positive role models for students’ behaviour and attitudes, and we expect all of our students to make the same effort to help others in their learning.

Facilities available

Sixth Form students have access to a range of work, study and social areas to enable them to study in a manner appropriate to their own needs and the demands of their courses.

Poole High Senior School has its own designated dining area in the spacious and airy Merchants’ Hall. The canteen serves a range of hot and cold food at morning break and during lunchtimes. There is ample seating for students and the space is used flexibly by the students depending on their scheduled activities.

Study areas:
The Mezzanine area, situated above the canteen, has seating areas ideal for collaborative tasks that require discussion. This area is also furnished with computers for internet-based research and the production of work. A networked printer is provided so students can produce hard copies of their assignments.

The Silent Study area is ideal for the completion of more independent work. Like the Mezzanine floor, the Silent Study area is furnished with computing and printing facilities.

The Upper Library is available for Senior School students to use as a quiet study area. This is especially useful if students require access to texts related to their programme of study.

Sporting facilities:
Poole High School has a well equipped fitness suite, a dance studio and a range of courts and pitches. A wide range of sporting equipment is also available.

Although these areas are used as teaching spaces, they are often available for use before and after the school day. For safety reasons, any students who wish to use sporting spaces and facilities should consult a member of the Physical Education department for more information.

Additional support

Student health and well-being is of great importance at Poole High Sixth Form. We realise that with the pressures of exams and coursework deadlines, as well as focusing on future career paths, Years 12 and 13 can often be very challenging and stressful for students. Therefore, we have put a number of measures in place to ensure that our students have the right support and guidance throughout their time with us.

As well as having half-termly 1.1 academic counselling sessions with a tutor, during which students are able to discuss any concerns or issues that they may have, there is also a Sixth Form Office team, who focus on pastoral issues and are on hand to offer support and guidance whenever needed.

This team works closely with the on-site school nurse who can give advice on a number of areas including: general health enquiries, eating disorders, smoking cessation, anger management and sexual health. We also have close links with a number of specialised outside agencies (such as CAMHS/YADAS etc) to support the needs of our students.

External agencies are often invited into assemblies to address a variety of health issues such as Sexual Health, Cyber Bullying, Smoking and Drug abuse. There are a number of health awareness campaigns that run throughout the year that the Sixth Form participates in.

The school has its own gym and students are encouraged to take part in regular physical activity, to encourage fitness, stamina, team working skills and to combat stress. The Sixth form boasts a number of successful sports teams including, football, netball and rugby. In addition to this, sporting activities are a prominent feature on the Wednesday afternoon enrichment programme.


Learner success

Poole High School provides the highest quality education for students of all abilities. It combines the strengths of an academic education with the training and skills needed for the professional career path and to this end we are delighted with the achievements of so many of our students.

A considerable number of our students take up places each year to study some form of engineering including Chemical, Mechanical, Motorsport and Electrical Engineering at a range of universities including Imperial (London) Nottingham, Oxford Brooks and Southampton. Other popular options are Psychology, Nursing and Primary Teaching and many more at a wide selection of universities across the country.

Other students often leave to take up business careers, including those who join high profile local companies such as JP Morgan.

A number of our students also take up apprenticeships or trainee posts. Our destinations information shows that over 99% of our students move into university, training or employment as soon as they finish their post-16 education with us.


How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Poole High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016
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