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When I became Proprietor and Principal of Priory School in March
2009, which had until then promised an education up to the age of 16,
or GCSE level, I became immediately aware that we had the potential
to open a Sixth Form.
For a genuine school, it is not a matter of figures and tables, but
whether the students in one’s care are all given the chance they
Some triumphs never appear in league tables – the students who just
need five GCSEs whatever the grades to go on to the career of their
choice; or the student for whom to stand up in front of a public
gathering and read out a text without loss of confidence or fluency is a
major and unforgettable achievement. These in human terms rank with
the A* grades, the Oxbridge scholarships, the high-flying career paths.
But both are the proper pursuit and legitimate interest of a good school.
It was clear to me from the staff I met that Priory School had the
capacity to be such a good school; and I set about bringing back those
staff who had earlier brought the school such academic achievements,
and supporting those who were already here. We have also been able
to make further appointments since - and are still doing so - to search
out and keep teachers whose professional ability and vocational
commitment mean we can sustain this ethos.5
In 2012, our pioneer sixth-form group confirmed this in the most
dramatic way; 50% of the A level grades were A or A*, with places
gained at some of the UK’s best universities.
We aim to do our absolute best for all who enter our Sixth Form, to
provide a full education all the way to University entrance,
professional training, the Services, or whichever career path is chosen.
This would, we hope, complete the education we offer at Priory
School, and give Island families a real choice for their children.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Priory School directly.

Last updated date: 19 November 2015
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