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Welcome to St Leonards Catholic School

There is no better start to higher education than at St Leonard’s Sixth Form. It is a great place to grow as students and people, as well as providing an ideal working environment. A-levels are difficult and demanding, so it is important to choose a school with excellent teaching and good student support. St Leonard’s has always prided itself as one of the best schools in County Durham, and this is thanks in no small part to input from the staff, giving you every chance to reach your potential in further education or future career.
Over the last couple of years, the St Leonard’s site has undergone considerable redevelopment, including brand new, enlarged facilitates for Sixth Form, “The Martyrs’ Building”, with excellent new accommodation and resources. This new building was made necessary by the overwhelming popularity of the Sixth Form, caused by its steady success, both academically and as a community. In addition to the many students staying on at St Leonard’s, there is no shortage of arrivals from other schools.
The new house system is proving itself to be a great way to unite the Sixth Form with a little light-hearted rivalry, and an increased sense of community. Each house elects two captains, and it is through these representatives that the school can ensure the student voice is heard. This School Council allows the school to remain in step with the needs of students and makes sure St Leonard’s remains one of the best places around to live and work.
The new Sixth Form common room is a place where everyone hangs out, so you will find yourself making friends with a whole lot of people you never really knew before, without losing your old friends either. St Leonard’s is a particularly active Sixth Form, with many competitions, social events and even formal evenings – not to mention countless school trips throughout the academic year – Rome, Berlin, Paris, the Ardeche, retreats to Ampleforth Abbey, did I hear someone mention New York?
No matter what your interests, St Leonard’s is the place for you. The list of clubs, organisations and teams is almost endless. Whether you’re passionate about football or the environment, French cinema or table tennis, there is a lunchtime or evening for you. These clubs are great fun and a perfect way to meet new people.
Our Sixth Form also offers a very wide range of subjects. The small size of some classes is proof of the sixth form’s desire to meet the educational wants and needs of all who pass through the school. Also, with each student having at least two teachers for every subject, the support offered to students is excellent.
St Leonard’s is a Catholic community, and although not all students are practising Catholics, the support of a community united by a common vision means that the school’s approach to its Catholic principles is very up-to-date, and it is not necessary to be Catholic to come here. However, this element allows the school to nurture the values and well-being of its pupils.
UCAS may mean nothing to you now, however it soon will! Its approach to UCAS is a good example of the Sixth Form’s sense of commitment to all students. Whilst in some institutions you may feel like you are just being churned through a machine, not so at St Leonard’s. With the community being so closely knit, the teachers take a personal interest. Weekly support sessions are held for all pupils to attend if they have any queries about their personal statements or university choices; all of this means you have the best possible opportunity of realising your hopes for the future.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact St Leonards Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 06 July 2015

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