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Welcome to Baines High School

As we head rapidly towards the school’s 300th anniversary, we can look back at our Founder’s, James Baines, wishes, with some pride in that, despite times having changed, we continue to provide the highest quality education for our young people.

Whilst we treasure our school’s long heritage, Baines is a forward-looking, modern school that is committed to offering its pupils the best quality and relevant education to meet the demands of a challenging and rapidly changing world.

One of the supreme strengths of the school is the varied opportunities for personal growth and development it offers to young people throughout their time with us. Whether academic, practical, sporting, generally talented or initially less than confident, Baines’ pupils are positively challenged to participate in the breadth of school life and to grow and develop so that they can take on, and successfully meet, new and exciting opportunities in order to find out about themselves, test their abilities and be able to work with, and relate to, peers and other people from all walks of life.

As a voluntary-aided (non-denominational), non-selective co-educational school, we want Baines to provide an education and experience that young people respect, value and desire from the moment they join us in Year 7 right through to their Sixth Form career in Years 12 and 13. We wish all students to look back over their time with us and feel that they have succeeded at their personal and academic heights, that they have valued and enjoyed their years here and can positively state that they have grown as a person as a result of their experience.

Our view has always been that the education of young people is a partnership, a partnership between our students, the teaching staff, the associate staff and you, the parents and carers. As parents, quite rightly you want the very best for your children. In turn, we look forward to your active contribution to, and interest in, the life of the school by supporting your child’s progress and becoming involved in the wider activities that we offer.

I would urge you to consider Baines School for your children. Our commitment to them and to you is that they will be safe and secure whilst accessing a continuous, caring, first class education in a modern, ever-improving environment.

RJM McCowan Headteacher


About us

Emotional and Social aims:

Baines School is a learning environment that aims to develop young people’s social and emotional skills so that they may:

  • learn to manage their impulses, helping them settle quickly, concentrate and not disrupt others;
  • build warm relationships, which help them to care what others (e.g. staff and peers) think and to respond positively to them;
  • manage strong and uncomfortable emotions such as anger and frustration, and become more resilient, which helps them rise to the challenges of the learning process and stick at it if things get tough;
  • learn to feel good about themselves, which increases capacity for independent learning;
  • manage anxiety and stress, including around tests, assessments and examinations;
  • learn to empathise, for example with other pupils’ desire to learn, which helps them contribute to a positive learning environment;
  • reflect on longer term goals, which helps them see the point of learning, raise their aspirations and become more able to resist negative pressure from others;
  • feel optimistic about themselves and their ability to learn, which improves their motivation to work hard and attend regularly.

Our pupils develop within a culture of challenge and support in which varied and effective approaches to teaching and learning are promoted. This in turn fosters self-esteem and self-belief. A commitment to varied learning styles and a focus on developing learning skills ensures that individual needs are met to secure pupil engagement and success. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for, and develop, a positive attitude towards, their own learning.

Personal Development

At Baines School we aim to support the growth and development of all individuals. The promotion of social and emotional skills is essential for effective learning, high academic standards, an inclusive culture, positive behaviour and good attendance.

Social and emotional skills underpin effective learning by helping all pupils to manage their learning experience.

An extensive team of professionals in addition to teachers provide a layer of support, accessible to all pupils which ensures that appropriate levels of individual support can be accessed promptly and effectively. This personal support exists alongside academic development and can be short-term intervention or on-going support depending on the needs of the child.

For those individuals who may have personal and emotional needs which require specific intervention, we work collaboratively with relevant external agencies to ensure the needs of the individual are met and a positive outcome achieved. In addition to this our pupils are involved in a cross year buddy system which ensures a smooth transition from primary school and fosters a caring and supportive environment within our school community.

A consistent and committed pledge to nurture high quality teaching and learning at Baines cultivates enthusiasm, curiosity, questioning and a thirst for knowledge and skills.

We are an inclusive learning community, committed to raising standards for all by ensuring that high quality teaching and learning is at the very heart of all aspects of school life.

We uphold a commitment to life-long learning and we believe that all members of our school community are learners – adults, children and parents/carers.

Teaching and learning

Baines School puts learners at its heart. They need the best teaching and learning practice available if they are to acquire the high level of skills they need in the 21st Century

The principles of teaching and learning at Baines School aim to:

  • include all pupils in a culture of high expectations;
  • establish the centrality of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum;
  • infuse learning skills across the curriculum thus enriching the learning experience;
  • promote assessment for learning;
  • expand the teacher’s range of teaching strategies and techniques to make learning worthwhile and enjoyable.

Additional support

As a school we offer additional support to students across Years 7 – 13 through our Student Support team.

The Sixth Form has a designated Learning coordinator who assists students in their independent learning time and is based in the Sixth Form centre. All students have a form tutor who is responsible for monitoring their time in the sixth form and supporting the students to make the most of their time at Baines.

Students are supported on an individual basis as we recognize that the needs of our students can be very different and we are proud of the support we are able to offer through our pastoral team.

Our aim is to build on the reputation which Baines enjoys as a school that offers outstanding guidance and support to all students.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Baines High School directly.

Last updated date: 03 August 2016

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