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Welcome to Charnwood College

At Charnwood College, the Sixth Form provision is large and can offer a huge range of courses from which you can choose.  We are very pleased with the variety and these have been carefully thought out to suit your needs.  We also know that we can deliver good courses and help you achieve the results that you are capable of achieving.  We will work in partnership with you and your parents to achieve this goal.

About us

Charnwood College is a large and very diverse 11-19 Comprehensive school serving the town of Loughborough. Over 30 Advanced level courses are offered, including several Applied A levels, which may be mixed freely with academic GCE’s. Most students begin with four full AS courses in Year 12, reducing to three A2 courses in Year 13.

Facilities available

There are many and varied opportunities within the Sixth Form provision.  Used wisely, these years can be the most exciting in your life.  Charnwood College offers you a wide range of sporting, cultural and social activies.  Sixth form education provides you with the opportunity to get involved in college life and there are many opportunities for enrichment.

Additional support

Although moving into Sixth Form is a time to aim for greater independence, that does not always mean support is not available to you. 

Whatever your personal special educational needs are, the Learning Support team will look at how best to give support to you if you qualify for it.  This is subject to the resources available to the college.

Learner success

You can expect good quality teaching.  This is what we regularly find when we observe Sixth Form lessons and our judgement has been confirmed by every OFSTED visit.

Our A level pass rate (grades A to E) always compares very favourably with other Leicestershire schools and colleges as well as the national average pass rate.  In 2012 the pass rate was 95%.

A high level of A level subjects attain pass rate of 100% with the others not far behind.  In 2012 49% of grades were A*, A or B and 28% were an A or A* grade.  This is above the national average at a time when natonally grades fell.  There were 28 of the new A* top grades.  this was a very pleasing number.  This year our average point score at A level went up to 199.3 which was our best ever.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Charnwood College directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2016

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