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Welcome to Archbishop Holgate's School

Welcome from the Headteacher

I am delighted to welcome you to the Archbishop Holgate’s School UCAS Progress track website.

Our school has a long tradition of serving the community dating back to 1546. We are proud to be a Church of England Academy and to provide the best possible education and opportunities for each and every student.
At the heart of all we do is a commitment to ‘Values, Care and Achievement’:
  • Christian values that underpin all we do
  • Outstanding pastoral care that sees each student as an individual
  • Maximum achievement for all students, at all levels
The future for Archbishop Holgate’s is extremely exciting, our shift to Academy status and a rapidly expanding Sixth Form allowing us to build on the outstanding judgements given to us by both Ofsted and SIAS. Moving forward we will continue to ensure that all students achieve and succeed, making the most of their individual gifts and talents.
In the words of Ofsted:

“An outstanding school”

“An excellent quality of education and care”

“This is a school where every child does matter"
To help make this website easy to navigate, we have designed this homepage around three key areas: the main school website; the Sixth Form website and the schools Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). All of these can be accessed by using the links on the right of this page.


About us

As a Church of England Academy, Archbishop Holgate's is committed to an ethos in which Christian values are lived into being. Our aim is for each member of the school community to be known as an individual and cared for as an individual.  We seek maximum achievement for each pupil at all levels in an ordered working environment. Our continuing commitment to further developing our values, our pastoral care and the achievement of our pupils lies at the heart of our school. Our OFSTED inspection report described Archbishop Holgate's as "an outstanding school which provides an excellent quality of education and care for its pupils with progress and achievement which is significantly higher than expected."

Facilities available

Archbishop Holgate’s School benefits from a range of high quality facilities. We have excellent Science laboratories, well-equipped multi-media rooms and an outstanding Learning Centre that is the home of our Sixth Form. We have excellent facilities forTechnology; suites of rooms for English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, and for RE, History and Geography as well as specialist Art and Music suites. Sports facilities are outstanding: the school has its own heated indoor swimming pool, extensive playing fields on site, sports hall and gym, and five tennis courts.


Additional support

In keeping with the values of our Church School, we aim to foster the development of the whole person, in a calm and positive atmosphere, in which both students and staff work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others.

A team of people work very hard to ensure that students are known and cared for throughout their time in Archbishop Holgate’s School. This team consists of Form Tutors, Heads of Year, the Head of Sixth Form and the Head of PastoralCare as well as the Lay Chaplain.

We believe that Archbishop Holgate’s School is a very special place to be. Our last OFSTED inspection confirmed this view by saying that pastoral care was a strength of this outstanding school.

We believe that we are a very caring school and aim to ensure that each student is able to achieve the very best for themselves in a structured, ordered and secure environment.

A vital part of this team approach to student care and achievement is the partnership with parents. We regularly inform parents of each child’s progress both academically and personally. We contact parents as soon as we think there might be a problem or if a child has achieved a high standard.

Christian values an ethos which lives Christian values into being Care for the individual effective pastoral care with students valued as individuals Maximum achievement maximum achievement for each student at all levels.

We do this through reports, the student planner, phone calls, letters, text messages and e-mail. We like this to work both ways and would hope that parents will contact us if they have any concerns or to let us know that something has been particularly successful.

We do take a very firm line with any student who lets him or herself down by either misbehaving or underachieving.

The school is well known for treating students fairly but firmly. We are a Church School and our policy is to treat each child as an individual while ensuring that the needs of the group are not overlooked.

Any incidences of misbehaviour and particularly bullying are dealt with speedily and firmly with an emphasis on restoring self-esteem.

Attendance and punctuality are key factors in securing achievement. We therefore work hard to monitor and track students whose attendance may prevent them from achieving their best. This includes contact with parents and discussions with staff to help families overcome any barriers to good attendance.

We are proud of our students’ achievements and work together with them and their parents to make sure that they achieve the best that they possibly can.

Learner success

Results KS4:
The table below tries to briefly place our school’s results in context. The national figures for this year are not yet available so as a point of reference we have compared them to last year’s national figures where these are available. We must however make it clear that when this year’s national figures are released they may be slightly different.
The 5 A* to C figure of 90% is the highest the school has ever achieved, the English Language results of 85% A* to C are also the highest the school has ever achieved and the figure of 71% A* to C including English and Maths is only 1% less than our best ever performance.
MeasureAchieved National Figures
5 x A*-C 90%
5 x A*-C including English & Maths 71%
English 85%
Maths 75%
1 x A*-G 100%
Core Subject A*-C 69%
English 3LP from KS2 84%
Maths 3LP from KS2 78%
Science 3LP from KS2 71%
Average Total Points per student 596
Capped Total Points per student 372
Many students in the new Year 11 have also sat some of their exams during last year and are well placed to achieve similar results this academic year.
Results – KS5
Our school, like many others, uses ALPS (Advanced Level Performance System) as the main target setting and analysis indicator. ALPS provides A-Level, AS Level and BTEC Level 3 value added reports to over 1,200 schools and colleges nationally each year. The reports give detailed analysis on performance; overall, by student and by subject against national benchmarks, so schools and colleges can see how they are performing comparatively. The analysis is value-added, taking into account prior achievement in order to give a true picture of performance. All schools are graded based upon a scale of 1 to 9. ALPS grades 1 to 3 are viewed as outstanding, 4 to 6 from very good to satisfactory, and 7 to 9 less than satisfactory. These scores give an overview of the performance of the centre.
Year 13
Student Performance – ALPS grade 1 (Top 1% of ALPs affliated schools nationally)
Value Added – ALPS grade 2
Teaching and Learning – ALPS grade 1
Subject Performance
(ordered alphabetically – student numbers in Year 13 totalled 35 for 2011-2012)
Applied Science A2 (double award):
1 x AB, 1 x BB, 1 x BC, 1 x DD, 1 x DE
Business Studies BTEC L3 Diploma (double award):
4 x Distinction*/Distinction*, 1 x Distinction/Distinction, 1 x Distinction /Merit
Business Studies BTEC L3 Sub-diploma:
6 x Distinction*, 1 x Distinction, 3 x Merit
Creative & Media L3 Diploma:
2 x C
Engineering LS Diploma:
2 x A, 2 x B, 1 x C
ICT BTEC L3 Diploma (double award):
4 x Distinction*Distinction*, 1 x Distinction/Distinction, 1 x Distinction/Merit
ICT BTEC L3 Sub-diploma:
12 x Distinction*, 1 x Merit
A2: 1 x A, 3 x B, 1 X C
Public services BTEC L3 Diploma (double award):
4 x Distinction/Distinction
Sport Science BTEC L3 Sub-diploma:
1 x Distinction, 3 x Merit
Sports Science BTEC L3 Diploma (double award):
2 x Distinction/Distinction, 1 x Distinction/Merit, 1 x Merit/Merit, 1 x Pass/Pass
This represents 92 entries, of which 84 (93%) are at C grade or equivalent or above.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Archbishop Holgate's School directly.

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