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Welcome to The Academy of Contemporary Music

As the owner of both The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and Metropolis music studios in London, I believe that if we can match your education with what the music industry needs, then the future of this industry will be yours… and this philosophy sits at the core of my drive and goals for ACM.

You’re clearly serious about building your music career, so it’s likely you’ve done your research and have probably been promised a connected and immersive education at lots of different institutes.

Our range of Diplomas in Guildford is designed to give you a broad and highly practical experience aimed at developing the skills and knowledge that we know is highly sought after across the music industry. Our main objective is to ensure that you enjoy a sustainable career as an industry professional. 

We are honoured to be different and extremely proud of the unique relationship we have with Metropolis, which has created a real-time ‘truly’ immersive learning experience and is absolutely unique to ACM and its students.

Metropolis is known for being the very best rock and pop studio in the world today. Over the past four years, the company has been transformed from a world-class studio to a highly innovative music production and content creation facility that also happens to house the finest recording studios and mastering engineers. So, by harnessing this powerful, influencing force, we will provide you with a platform that gives you a very clear line of sight into the music industry and we will equip you with the right tools to create your own pathway.

So, for as long as you are hungry to learn, we pledge to deliver a truly immersive and unique educational, industrycentred experience in return. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Kainne Clements Executive Chair, ACM Commercial and Metropolis Studios, London

About us

The Learning By Doing Ethos

ACM understands how the music industry works today and has created an immersive and comprehensive learning environment, which connects directly with the industry.

Our learning by doing ethos helps simplify how the industry works and produces a clear view of career paths and options. This clear and practical approach accelerates learning. The detailed exposure to all aspects of the industry as it happens (live!) reveals options and destinations, which greatly assists our students in making clear choices and building the maps they need to guide them there.

Through our deep integrated relationship with Metropolis, ACM has its finger on the pulse, and this helps to empower our students to determine their place within it. We know where the industry is right now because, at Metropolis, the teams work at all levels including both the majors and the independents, and direct with signed and unsigned artists, brands, distribution partners and content creators.

ACM encapsulates the industry from end to end, where today and tomorrow’s music is written, produced, mixed, mastered, distributed, marketed and published.

Our students do not learn from a book, but by hands-on experience of the business of music. It is the intrinsic, living, breathing connection between ACM and Metropolis that gives our students this unique perspective and opportunity. They get the intrinsic connection between ACM and Metropolis giving our students the opportunity to learn from the deals we make as they happen.

Facilities available

Our campuses serve as immersive learning environments conducive to creativity.

We work with the best names in music such as

  • Fender
  • Yamaha
  • TAMA
  • Zildjian.

Together, we make sure that facilities like our

  • Roger Taylor Demo Theatre
  • Chad Smith Drum Studio
  • Steve Vai Guitar Room

are fully functional and inspiring spaces in which students can create, perform and rehearse.

When the patrons who lend their names to these rooms visit us, they often leave something inspirational behind. The next time you visit our flagship Rodboro Building, at ACM Guildford, look up in the reception area to find Roger Taylor’s floating drum kit, for example.

At ACM Guildford, our SSL Duality Studio is just one of many in our state-of-the-art recording complex, along with newly refurbished rehearsal pods available in our Artist Development Centre. Our dedicated networking suites allow students to hone the essential art of networking and collaboration with fellow students.

The Electric Theatre - Guildford ACM works in partnership with The Electric Theatre. This 200 capacity professional venue is ideally located within the heart of ACM’s facilities. It is used by students to showcase their performances and production work to both peers and invited industry guests. The use of a professional working theatre space and the real-world experience this offers our students is an integral part of their experiential learning.

Additional support

Here to support you all, every step of the way.

The Student Body at ACM is rich and diverse in so many ways. With a large population of creative minds, it’s important to understand the complexities that can sometimes present themselves.

For this reason, ACM has a dedicated Education Guidance Team.

For students with specific learning requirements (whether that be dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia or something different), our trained team can offer guidance and support, while students remain fully integrated with their peers and immersed in their music industry education.

Students arriving with medical conditions and varying abilities will also find a safe environment, here.

The ACM Education Guidance Team supports students, parents and guardians in a variety of areas such as individual academic study skills, coursework and application for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

We can provide support with reading, research and writing skills, as well as organisation of written work, spelling, grammar, note-taking, time management, revision and examination approaches curated particularly for those with specific learning requirements

Learner success

An inspiring roster of ACM alumni

  • Ed Sheeran: Musician and Songwriter
  • Molly Smitten-Downes: Musician and Songwriter
  • Newton Faulkner: Musician and Songwriter
  • Ebony Day: Musician, Songwriter and Digital Entrepreneur
  • Lawson: RCA Records Platinum-selling Artists
  • Kriss Baird: Business Executive
  • Rachel Coomber: Music Manager, Event Producer and A&R Manager
  • Jon Furst: DJ
  • Lucy Tallant: Digital Marketeer
  • Crissie Rhodes (The Shires): Musician and Songwriter
  • Nick Tsang: Musician
  • Amelle Berrabah (Sugababes)
  • Ted Dwane (Mumford & Sons): ACM Bass graduate
  • Nathan C
  • Katy Hurt: Country Singer / Songwriter


How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact The Academy of Contemporary Music directly.

Last updated date: 17 October 2016
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    • With a long-standing rich arts and educational heritage, the Surrey market town of Guildford is fast becoming a cultural, commercial and learning destination. With a buzzing live music scene, large student population and a location just a short 30 minute journey from central London, it is the ideal setting for beginning your music industry education.

      Combining the security and charm of a small town with all the vibrancy of a city, Guildford is very well serviced with a huge selection of shops, restaurants, live music venues and sports facilities.

      Guildford has a vibrant nightlife scene catering to the town’s large student community. It is bustling with clubs, bars, pubs and dedicated music venues of all sizes from The Boileroom, a 200-capacity live events space, to G Live, a 1,700-capacity venue.

      ACM’s immersive education experience extends into those spaces in the evenings and weekends, providing performance, production, technical and business opportunities for students at more than 60 live events that we are involved with every month. In fact, it’s hard to find a night in Guildford that doesn’t involve ACM in some form.

      Despite its vibrant nightlife and the urban benefits of such a well-served town, Guildford has one of the lowest crime rates in the United Kingdom. Being only a 30-minute train journey from London, students regularly travel for performance and work opportunities. With trains running every 15 minutes throughout the day, Guildford is also well connected for travel by road, benefitting from a 15-minute link time to the M25.