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Welcome to WQE

At WQE we have a simple but passionate view of what good education should be. We believe it is about finding the best, the extraordinary, in everyone, and we provide the environment, all the support, skills and encouragement our students need to get the best grades they possibly can.

Our aim is to enable each and every WQE student to achieve more for themselves than they ever thought they could.


About us

We are a city-based sixth-form with a strong heritage and reputation for academic excellence that has a particular and specific focus on A-levels and equivalent courses.

WQE is an inclusive, open-minded college, passionate about our students, positive about the future. We are dedicated to maximising our students’ academic achievements, but we will always measure our success by the practical and positive changes we bring to such an important time in their lives.

The overwhelming majority of our students are enrolled on a two-year A level programme. We offer a broad range of advanced level courses taught by professional, specialist teachers. There are no restrictions on course combinations; allowing each student to find what best suits and reflects their personal strengths and passions.

We recognise that every one of our students is on a unique and personal journey. We aim to create a mature learning environment, where we can meet their specific needs and support their individual development. We do this by giving our students the skills, confidence and the self-reliance to fulfil their potential while they are with us, and the ability to cope when they leave us and move on into adult life.

After GCSEs many students are ready for a change, and by coming to WQE our students are telling us they want to learn in a different way, to discover more about who they are and how to get the best out of themselves, to move on and to be challenged.

Taking up this challenge is an important part of the WQE experience.

It’s about feeling part of a bigger world; being a student rather than a pupil. It’s about sharing that feeling with lots of other young people with similar aspirations and having the space to grow as a person.

Standard College Entry Requirements

The College curriculum comprises a broad offer of both academic and vocational courses at a range of levels. The level and pathway/type of course for which an applicant is best suited is usually determined by their GCSE predictions. The information below outlines the entry requirements for each level and pathway.

The College will use discretion about other non GCSE Level 2 courses followed by individual applicants, but unless stated applicants should not assume other level 2 qualifications will be automatically considered as alternatives to the entry criteria published.

Advanced Level (Level 3) - A Levels

In order to enrol onto such courses with a good prospect of success students must have a sound basis of achievement on academic courses at GCSE level or above. If any part of a programme contains A level learning the following criteria must be met.

We normally expect applicants to have achieved good GCSE passes in at least six subjects, these must:

o demonstrate the suitability for Advanced Level study

o have been achieved at Grade 4/C as a minimum

o include two at Grade 5/B as a minimum

o include English Language - a minimum of grade 4/C

Mathematics - If not achieved within the scope of above should normally be achieved at a minimum of grade 3 (D). If mathematics is not achieved at grade 4 (C) then it will be a requirement to continue to study at the correct level until a grade 4 is achieved.

Subjects with a mathematical content will require a higher grade.

The College will offer places on a four A level (or equivalent) programme to a small number of suitably qualified applicants. This option may be made available to students who wish to extend their programme and whose GCSE outcomes profile would normally comprise all A*/A grades and grades 7/8/9 in subjects with numerical grading, suggesting they may be suitable for such a programme.

Any student wishing to study Further Mathematics will do this as part of a four A level programme.

Level 3/Advanced Applied programmes and learning – Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificates and BTEC Level 3

In order to enrol onto such courses with a good prospect of success students must have a sound basis of achievement on their level two programme.

Hybrid A Level and Advanced Applied programme (BTEC and/or Cambridge Technical)
Students undertaking a Level 3 ‘hybrid’ programme comprising at least one A level element are required to meet the A level entry criteria.

Full Advanced Applied programme (BTEC and/or Cambridge Technical)
A minimum of five GCSEs, at Grades A*-C/4–9, including English Language, from a mixture of GCSEs and equivalents

Level 2 Programmes and Learning

In order to enrol onto such courses with a good prospect of success students must have a sound basis of achievement on appropriate courses at Level 1.

A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade D/3 including English Language

HyBrid GCSEs and Applied L2 (eg Btec) programme
A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade D/3 including English Language

Full Applied L2 (eg BTEC) programme
A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade D/3 including English Language, from a mixture of GCSEs and equivalents

Level 1 Learning

In order to enrol onto such courses with a good prospect of success students must have a sound basis of achievement on appropriate courses at Entry Level

A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade E/2 including English Language

Entry level

The College will advise applicants for whom entry level study is appropriate

Below Grade E/2 at GCSE

In addition to the general criteria outlined above, some courses also have specific entry requirements; applicants must, as well as meet the College entry criteria, also meet the specific entry requirements for enrolment onto those courses.

Facilities available

We have extensive learning resources, a visual and creative arts block with its own creative spaces, a fitness suite and great social and dining facilities.

Our location next to the University of Leicester means that many of our curriculum teams have links with university counterparts and for some project work students have access to the universities David Wilson Library. Students may also use some university facilities including the bookshop.

Teaching and learning at WQE takes place in purpose built facilities. J Building is our state-of-the-art facility for art, design, graphics, photography, textiles and ceramics, and includes wood and metal workshops. It also houses a café, art gallery, dark rooms, and drama and music studios.

Our science laboratories have been adapted for each individual science and have been entirely remodelled and re-equipped, to incorporate specialist facilities for teaching and learning.

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) has numerous facilities to promote, extend and enrich teaching and learning. It stocks 22,000 books, newspapers, periodicals and DVDs supporting all aspects of our curriculum and more.

Our Study Centre is a large, open, flexible learning space with networked computers accessing the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ‘WQE Online’, the internet, subject specific-software and Office applications.

Additional support

At times we all need advice and support to fulfil our potential;  at WQE we are committed to providing comprehensive one-to-one academic and personal support to our students.

The key purpose of our support and guidance structure is to help our students achieve the very best possible results they can from their time and study with us.

Each student is allocated a Progress Coach, as well as having the support of their subject teachers and Academic Coaches. We also have specific welfare and careers experts. All specialists, who work together to monitor progress, support academic study and ensure our students get all the help they may need.

Learner success

WQE is an academic community with an incredible breadth of experience and ability that provides a platform for academic and personal growth.

Through our passionate and dedicated teaching, our students become empowered and confident enough to explore and to discover just what they are capable of and just how much they can achieve.

Our students typically undertake and complete full and demanding programmes, and our retention rates are exceptionally high.

We are particularly pleased that we have been able to maintain the highest standards while at the same time welcoming into College an increasing number of students with a wide range of abilities.

How to apply

You can apply for courses at WQE through UCAS Progress. Add courses to your favourites to apply to this provider.

Last updated date: 19 December 2018
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