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Welcome to Francis Combe Academy

I am not one to hide my passion and dedication for our students and the community.

Our vision statement at the Academy is “Transforming Lives Through Learning”.  We believe that every child, young person and adult can succeed and transform their life chances through learning.

My vision for the Academy has been the driver for the changes that we put in place over the last two years and everything we do is born out of our commitment to using learning to transform the life chances of our young people in the Academy and the community it serves.  We are a community school and proud of it!  We believe that every young person at Francis Combe Academy deserves the best learning experiences, support and guidance and I will ensure, through my leadership, that this is a constant.

With this vision guiding us in all that we do, our mission is to ensure that Francis Combe Academy will be at the leading edge of high quality, inclusive and innovative teaching and learning practice.  We work with the local community to raise aspirations, expectations and the educational achievement of all.  We share a commitment to empowering young people to play their full part in society.

I am proud to be leading an inclusive school, breaking down barriers and obstacles in a supportive and caring community.  Students at the Academy are thriving in an environment that recognises and values the widest possible range of talents, strengths, interests and influences amongst both students and staff, all coming together to educate and develop our young people into ‘Confident, Successful and Proud’ members of society.

About us

Francis Combe Academy is committed to transforming the life chances of young people through learning. We are proud to support our community and believe that all young people deserve access to the best learning experiences, support and guidance. We believe that learning is the tool to help everyone succeed and this vision guides us in all that we do at the Academy. We aim to be at the leading edge of high quality. inclusive and innovative teaching and learning practice. We work with our community to raise aspirations, expectations and educational achievement for all. 

All staff at the Academy share the commitment of empowering young people to play their full part in society. The journey they take with us ensures they believe these dreams can come true, giving them all the skills. knowledge and guidance to achieve their very best. 

We are proud to be an inclusive school, breaking down barriers and obstacles in a supportive and caring community. In November 2015, Ofsted judged Francis Combe Academy Sixth Form to be 'Good' in every category. Inspectors commented on the good behaviour of students. the high quality leadership and the embedded high expectations in terms of progress, teaching and learning. Students at the Academy thrive in an environment that recognises and values the widest possible strengths, interests and influences, amongst both students and staff, all coming together to educate and develop our young people into confident, successful and proud members of society. 

Facilities available

Francis Combe Academy is a secure site with gated entrance and exit gates, monitored CCTV and security. 

  • Large Multipurpose Gymnasium
  • Large outdoor Football Pitches
  • Drama and Dance Studio
  • Biome with laptop facilities and smart-board.
  • Large Assembly Hall, with tiered seating – sound-system and projector.
  • Activity Studio
  • Separate large Dining Room ICT Training rooms fully equipped, PC and Applemacs  

Additional support

Here at Francis Combe Academy we pride ourselves on the excellent standards of pastoral support offered to our students. Each year group has a dedicated year team made up of between eight to form tutors and support tutors,headed by a designated Raising Standards Leader and Assistant Raising Standards Leader. 

This team is your first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s time at the Academy. We have a very clear Anti-Bullying Policy at the Academy, enforced rigorously by all members of staff, with open lines of communication via telephone, self-reporting on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and a team of support staff permanently available to deal with incidents should they occur during the academy day. 

The Academy operates a system of sanctions and rewards known as ‘merits’ and ‘demerits’. Every student has the opportunity to earn 20 merits per week from their Form Tutor, based upon their attendance, uniform and equipment. In addition to this they have the chance to be awarded merits throughout their day in lessons for a variety of positives such as home learning, effort and participation. 

We actively encourage students to take part in community work and volunteering and this is awarded by ‘community’ merits. Community Awards are given to those students who make a real impact with their positive contributions both in and outside the Academy. Students earn badges and awards from the Principal for their efforts in this area. Alongside this, Francis Combe Academy offers a wealth of extra-curricular clubs before, during and after school hours.  There is also a Home-Learning Club after school which students are invited to attend if they wish to utilise the Academy’s IT facilities while being supervised by members of our Learning Support Team.

Learner success

A major area of improvement for the Sixth Form at Francis Combe Academy is the number of students progressing to university. 2016 once again saw the highest number of Sixth Form Leavers accepted at University.

100% of students who applied to a variety of universities for 2016 entry, secured their places, with the majority, securing their first option.

80% of our total cohort went on to University; 12%  into Apprenticeships and 8% went on to secure Full Time Employment

Francis Combe Academy said goodbye to Year 13 students who are now embarking on the next part of their journey to study a variety of subjects at a wide ranging number of universities including Leicester, Nottingham, Hull and Brighton. The students chose to study a variety of degree courses, notably Optometry, Ancient History, English Literature and Psychology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Francis Combe Academy directly.

Last updated date: 03 November 2017
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