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Welcome to Harris Academy Battersea

Harris Academy Battersea is now in its fourth year and during the time it has been open it has established itself as one of the highest performing schools in London. In 2017, we have been awarded the Evening Standard School of the Year as well as being named one of the Sunday Times Top 20 Schools in the country. In the last academic year we were ranked 4th highest school in England and the top non-selective school nationally

With a provisional figure of +1.40 for Progress 8 this year, nearly three times higher than the +0.5 threshold set by OfSTED for 'Outstanding', our hope is that we can improve on this further still. It means that a student who is predicted 10 'C' grades in a normal school would achieve 6 'B' grades and 4 'A' grades in our academy. Also pleasing is that we are a school that helps students achieve irrespective of country of birth or social demographic: there was virtually no gap in the progress of students to whom English is a first language or a second language and students who come from homes with less money than the national average were on an equal footing with those above.

In terms of raw results we are also the highest achieving school in Wandsworth with 83% of students obtaining 5A*-C including English and Mathematics. Our success is not limited to GCSE results alone. At A-level, we were top of the country for progress last year and with over 90% A*-C and an incredible 61% of students obtaining a 'B' grade or better, we were the highest achieving school in Wandsworth.

Such results do not come easily and are borne out of the tenacity, resilience and dedication that both our staff and students show on a daily basis. Teachers are relentless in their drive to help students suceed be it through the sacrifice of holidays to support exam preparation, Saturday morning revision sessions or the countless late evenings that they commit themselves to. This is all alongside making sure that every lesson, every day, is a testament to the high levels of academic rigour that are expected throughout the academy. 

We are a school that stands by its inclusive values. We are not a school that selects its intake based on prior attainment - we do not care where people come from; we only care about where they get to. We are a community school and we will always aim to serve it as best we can. The school aims to be a specialist in every area of the curriculum. Should a student wish to be a scientist, lawyer, actor or artist then we have some of the very best teachers in the country to help them achieve it. 

The students in our school are ambassadors for what all young people should aspire to be; they are a group of students who give their all and rise to every challenge that is put in front of them. I could not be more proud of the individuals who walk through the gates of our school every morning; each day their heads are held a little higher and they stand a little taller because of what they achieved the day before.

The staff, just like the students, will always aim to better themselves. We want to be one of the most outstanding schools in the whole country and provide for your children, the future they deserve.

This is the community’s school and should you ever wish to visit and see it for yourself then you are more than welcome any day of the week and without appointment.

Dr David Moody


About us

The Sixth Form at Harris Academy Battersea is the highest performing in Wandsworth and one of the highest in England. In 2015 our A level students achieved A-level APS of 225.7 and a vocational APS of 243.1. The Sixth Form is proud of its academic achievements, culture and ethos. 

As an expanding Sixth Form we are able to offer a broad and varied curriculum to our students. As well as the traditional A-level offer, we are also proud to be offering the Cambridge Technical qualifications in a range of departments. 

In recent years, we have been particularly successfully in ensuring students are able to go on to study at university. We work closely with Oxford University and Kings College to ensure all students are fully prepared to study at the country’s leading universities.  For those students who intend on applying to the top university, we are also able to provide students with an opportunity to work alongside PhD students as part of the Brilliant Club Programme. In addition, those students are applying to Oxbridge or to study Medicine are able to access high-quality guidance from the Federation.

As well as bespoke university and careers guidance, the Sixth Form offers a range of extra-curricular activities. Last year, many of students completed the increasingly popular Duke of Edinburgh programme. More recently, students in Business Studies and ICT were offered the opportunity to work alongside developers at Facebook.

Facilities available

Cashless Catering System

The Academy operates a bio-metric system for cashless catering. The system enables students to pay in advance for their meals by crediting their account on cash machines situated in the dining areas. The system also enables parents and carers to credit their child’s account by using ParentPay, a system which allows accounts to be credited online or by using PayPoint centres located in local retailers displaying the Paypoint sign.

The bio-metric system uses the fingerprint of the student and the software calculates a huge digital number from the image, and it is the number itself which is stored as a personal identification number.  The actual fingerprint image is NOT stored.  When a student uses the fingerprint scanner, the scanner recalculates the number and recognises the student.  Such software is now being used worldwide as a means of providing additional personal security.

Students and parents can be reassured that this system has a very high level of security and that it is not possible to reconstruct the original fingerprint. The system does contain an option for the use of a PIN number instead of the bio-metric for those students whose parents specifically advise the school of their objection to the use of the bio-metrics.  The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner has scrutinised the technology and has stated “I would encourage you to employ the system using finger print images.  It seems to me that the use of bio-metric identifiers allows users to verify their identity without the risk of intrusions into privacy...I would certainly like to be able to point to it as an example of good practice”.

Can we use this opportunity to remind and encourage parents and carers to register for their entitlement for Free School Meals to ensure that students are able to access meals and the catering facilities. The new cashless system will automatically add students with the entitlement and not distinguish them from other students.

If you should have any queries or require additional information please contact the Academy office.

Learner success

Students at Harris Academy Battersea are celebrating their A level results – the best the school has ever achieved. There was a 100% pass rate across all subjects, with many outstanding successes for individual students.

The academy was one of the top five schools in the entire country for progress in post-16 courses last year and was named the ‘Evening Standard School of the Year’ for academic excellence.

This year, it has achieved higher grades still:

  • 90% of grades were C or above (an increase of 10% from last year)
  • 61% of grades were B or above (an increase of 8% from last year)
  • Over a quarter of students obtained an A-A* grade

Among the students celebrating today was Teofil Aleksandrov, who will read Mathematics at Imperial. Teofil achieved 3 A* grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and two Grade 1s in his STEP papers. He also achieved a gold in the Physics Olympiad.

Hassan Abdullah obtained 3 A grades in Chemistry, Maths and Physics. He will read Physics at Imperial College London.

Najma Warsame will read Chemistry at University College London, having achieved 3 A grades in Chemistry, History and Mathematics.

Rikayah Duncan achieved 3 A grades in Biology, Psychology and Sociology. She will read Psychology at the University of Kent.

Dr David Moody, Principal of Harris Academy Battersea, said:

“The quality of teaching in lessons is outstanding and the fluency with which students discuss academically challenging concepts is something that the school takes an immense amount of pride in.

They have worked so hard to prepare for these exams, sitting silently revising at exam desks from 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm each night since January. We want to deliver a private school education in a state school setting and this supervised prep time is just a small part of that commitment.

Students have met their A levels with an enthusiasm and sense of purpose that I have rarely seen before and there is an intensity to their focus that is humbling to watch. Equally humbling is the dedication of the staff; teachers have given up weekend after weekend and holiday after holiday to support the pupils.

It is this collective effort that makes Harris Academy Battersea such an outstanding school to work in, and it is a privilege to be a part of it.

As a school with one of the highest pupil premium figures in the country, our students’ success is a real cause for celebration.”

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Harris Academy Battersea directly.

Last updated date: 08 November 2017
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