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Welcome to St Angela's Ursuline School

A very warm welcome to St Angela’s Ursuline Sixth Form as you consider the next stage of education in your aspirations for university and working life.

Your choice of post-16 education in both the institution you choose and the courses you wish to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. In addition the educational leap you are about to make is the biggest you will ever make and so this is a time of great excitement.

At St Angela’s Ursuline Sixth Form we have an excellent tradition of not only providing an outstanding education, filled with the excitement and challenge of both advanced or applied learning, but also the extra enrichment opportunities and outstanding support that have made our progression rates to university truly exceptional.

Our predominantly female institution boasts a choice of 26 A-Level courses, as well as BTEC Health & Social Care, and the Extended Project and our links to universities and the world of work create cutting edge opportunities for all students to grow as individuals as well as part of the very special community that is St Angela’s.

Mr Mark Johnson


About us

We are a mixed gender Catholic Sixth Form Centre and we strive to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We welcome students who do not share our Catholic faith and value the contribution they make to the 6th Form.  We seek to offer the highest quality Catholic, comprehensive education to students in the 16-19 age range.

Our mission is simple,  to get your son or daughter to university. We have the highest expectations of students and staff, offer outstanding advice, personalised guidance and hold an excellent reputation in seeing 99% of our pupils progress to higher education, including Russell  Group and Oxbridge universities.

This multi faith and diverse Sixth Form Centre is a place where the future is formed -through whatever field  our students choose - whether as leaders, doctors, lawyers, scientists, actors, sportsmen and women, to name but a few, our students take with them a work ethic and caring Catholic ethos that will remain with them throughout their working life.



Facilities available

Students in the sixth form have access to all the facilities of the main schools and in addition  the following  resources:

Two sixth form computer rooms for private study

Laptops computers for loan in the study area

Three Independent study areas for private study

Access to the school’s Managed Learning Environment “ Fronter” for all lesson notes and resources such as electronic text books and past exam papers

Sixth form only canteen areas

Study Zones

As a sixth form student you will find that you have some times in the school week when you are not required to attend lessons. In these private study periods you will be increasingly responsible for yourself but we will help you with this by allocating a minimum of two supervised study zone sessions.

Your time in the study zone should be used for preparing and completing assignments, research, reading, collating notes or revising work studied recently in class. You will be expected to show a self-disciplined approach to this work. Supervised study does not replace homework but is an important addition and support to it.

The school canteen, private study bays and sixth form resource areas are the venues for your timetabled supervised study. As you progress through the sixth form you will become increasingly responsible for your own work and study. This is essential for your examination success and for any further study you may undertake upon leaving the Sixth Form. It is also important to success in adult working life. Your attendance at these sessions will be monitored and your parent or carer will be informed if you do not attend a session.      

As an outstanding 21st Century school we offer a wide variety of multimedia to help students access and progress in their learning.

·         Access to Laptops

·         Virtual Learning Environment (MLE)

·         Up to date software Photoshop, Office 2010, Adobe Premier

·         Wifi connection

·         Flip Cams

·         HD Cameras and SLR Cameras

·         Media Editing Rooms

·         Music Technology Studio

·         School Coms Text Message for reminders and updates to students and parents

·         Student Email Access

·         Facebook Page

We are also proud to present, as part of our termly rewards scheme, students with the opportunity to win great prizes such as Kindles, IPads and IPods. 

Additional support


In today’s competitive climate, all universities and employers demand that students display experience of and a commitment to enrichment activities which support their academic aspirations. We offer an enrichment programme, specially tailored to each of our Routes to Success, which ensures that all of our students’ applications demonstrate that they have become holistic learners determined to be the best in their chosen field.

The Routes to Success Programme is designed for ALL students in Year 12 at St Angela’s Ursuline 6th Form.

The programme aims to: • Develop students as holistic learners and outside of the classroom • Provide specific workshops from external providers • Facilitate opportunities to meet undergraduate / postgraduate students / working professionals while you are studying at St Angela’s Ursuline 6th Form • Tailor personalised programmes of study and off spec learning suited to your individual needs • Increase employability skills and cultural literacy

We base our Routes to Success Programme on the university curriculum structure.

Routes For Success Offered:

  • Arts

  • Business & Economics

  • Humanities • Sciences

  • TLC (Technology, Language, Communication)

All Year 12 students will select one main ‘Route for Success’ from these in order to experience a specialist enrichment & learning support programme. It will, of course, be possible to select a subject/subjects from another route on your timetable.



Individual Advice and Guidance is a vital component in the programme of all students at our Centre.Whatever course you are taking, you will have sessions on Careers topics as well as opportunities for guidance from the Careers Coordinator and a specialist Careers Adviser.

School Careers Adviser offer careers guidance appointments helping students explore their career ideas and choose a pathway for after sixth form. This includes guidance on choice of degree subject, which universities to apply for or support applying for apprenticeships. In addition we put students in touch with volunteering and personal development opportunities. The careers team regularly supports students by giving feedback on application forms and providing mock interviews

The Centre has a well-stocked Careers Library to meet the particular needs of Sixth Form students. In addition to information on specific occupations, there are general reference books and prospectuses for a wide range of courses in further and higher education.We also have our own careers co-ordinator based in the 6th form.

Students are also able to use a number of well known computer programmes to obtain vital information and to explore the options open to them after the Sixth Form. Careers Education is delivered to all students within the CP programme.This involves a range of activities designed to help you to:

• Examine all the options to you, whether in further/higher education or in employment

• Become more aware of your strengths and interests

• Prepare for making decisions about the future

• Make successful applications, whether for further/higher education or employment

All students taking AS, A Level and Applied courses learn about higher education,focusing


• Life and study at University

• The range of academic and vocational courses available

• Finance for higher education students

• Making choices

• Application procedures

Students have opportunities to visit universities and colleges of higher education and visit the annual East London Higher Education Convention.There is a special programme for students considering applications to Russell Group Universities, those wishing to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science, our law route with Trowers and Hamlins Law firm and our finance route with the Royal Bank of Canada

Individual Guidance is available to students throughout their courses to help them in making important decisions and to resolve any problems which may arise. Advice sessions are also provided when students receive their examination results during the summer.


Although we expect a high level of commitment and application to academic study, a diverse range of extended activities also provides special opportunities for self-development, learning enhancement and leisure pursuits.

There is a great tradition of creative self-expression at the Centre. Students are encouraged to get involved in our vibrant Art, Media, Music and Drama departments through performing or behind-the-scenes work.


Studying at University, or entering the world of work, is no longer strictly a Monday to Friday or ‘9 to 5’ experience. In order to better prepare the students for the world that awaits them, we offers students the opportunity to independently volunteer to attend supervised study sessions on Saturday mornings between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

These sessions are aimed at:

  • Enabling development of the key independent learning skills required for university

  • Ensuring all students have the opportunity for guaranteed ICT access and supervised quiet study for at least 3 hours per week

  • Providing students with individualised extra support in their studies and university applications from a range of teaching staff outside the students’ specific subject areas

  • Granting opportunity for students to catch up on work either independently or as directed by their teaching staff


We encourage Sixth Form students to also give back through a variety of mentoring and buddy programmes enabling them to act as positive role models and reflect on their own learning experience.

  • Year 12 Buddy Support for the lower school

  • Year 12 give up one free period a week to support

  • One to-one mentoring and support in lesson on a weekly basis, ongoing for most of the school year

  • Year 12 students attend training

  • Year 12 student’s strengths matched with a student in the lower school

  • Lower school in class form support

  • Year 11 peer mentoring

  • Demonstrates commitment and dedication of Year 12 student, great for UCAS applications!


Student support services and pastoral care are of the highest standard at St Angela’s 6th Form Centre. Our university style tutorial programme enables us to closely monitor the progress and well-being of all our students and to respond quickly to individual needs. Parents are also kept well informed in order to support our students.

Regardless of ability, all students have access to our learning mentors who offer help with organisational and study skills as well as personal support and encouragement. All students have wonderful opportunities for extra enrichment activities and we have an impressive number of options for our Gifted and Talented students.

Sixth Formers are expected to give something back to the schools and the wider community through various positions of responsibility and voluntary service, including a mentoring scheme for students in the lower school. Our active Sixth Form Council gives students a real voice in the running of the school as well as organising social activities.


We offer a broad curriculum suited to the needs of a range of students. The majority of our students follow A Level courses, but our flexible curriculum also offers Applied and Intermediate programmes. Study options choices are made with great care and individual guidance because we want our students to make informed decisions that reflect their interests, abilities and future plans.

We are at the cutting edge of new developments in teaching and learning techniques and we make great efforts to create an ideal learning environment. We encourage students to visualise their own success and to make full use of their capacity as independent learners.

An extended curriculum includes a full programme of Citizenship and Progression, Study Skills and Extended Project.. We regularly invite experts from Higher Education institutions to give master classes in all subject areas.


We believe enrichment is about:



Examples of activities:

  • Sixth Form Student Leadership

  • Boys’ football

  • Girls’ football

  • Trips abroad

  • Debating Society

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Book club

  • Dance club

  • Film club

  • Drama productions

  • My stickers rewards scheme

  • Justice and Peace group

  • Community Action Day

  • Envision

  • Student council

  • Newsletter

  • Theatre trips

  • University taster days

  • Retreat

  • Talent show

  • Inter-form competitions

  • Yearbook production

  • Leavers’ Ball

  • Basketball team

  • Gospel Choir

  • St John Bosco Camp


  • Youth Parliament

  • School Magazine

  • Peer Mentors

  • Student Ambassadors

  • Sports Day

  • Thorpe Park Trip

  • Form ‘Big Win’ Outings

Learner success


How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact St Angela's Ursuline School directly.

Last updated date: 31 May 2017
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