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Welcome to Park High School

Park High is a member of the Harrow Collegiate, a collaboration between all of the schools and colleges in Harrow that includes similarly-blocked timetables in order that students might be able to access the widest possible curriculum, not necessarily limited to the subjects available in the school they have attended.

Having said that, Park High’s sixth form curriculum offer is broad, so there will be plenty of choice for the vast majority of students who wish to study A Levels. Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology and English Literature are all very popular subjects with a great track record of success. You will find smaller classes in fifteen or so other subject areas but the same high levels of success. We have sent our students to some of the very best universities in the country to study a wide range of subjects. We have linguists, mathematicians and architects at Cambridge, medics at Oxford, dentists at Bristol, English Literature students and philosophers at Warwick, scientists and engineers of every kind at universities all across the country, and ex-Park High social scientists, lawyers and criminologists are widespread too. Whatever your area of intended study, we will have a success story for you. We even have ex-students studying for their degrees in the top universities in the US. The only limits to what you might achieve are those you construct for yourself!

Our mission is a simple one: to help our young people, every day, to be the best possible versions of themselves. In order to achieve that aim, we have a terrific enrichment programme with possibilities such as completing the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, community volunteering, mentoring and coaching programmes, and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which attracts increasingly large numbers of students each year, keen to pursue some independent study unconnected with their normal taught curriculum. This is great fun for both the student and their supervisor: one of the students I supervised, some three years ago, began her line of enquiry by telling me that she wanted to know more about the (then recently-discovered) Higgs Boson. By the time she completed her study, she had actually pivoted her thinking and had found super-symmetry to be far more interesting, so that was the subject of her final presentation and report. One can never tell where learning and a sense of curiosity might take you.

About us

Park High School is a high achieving mixed comprehensive secondary school for pupils between the ages of 12 and 19 years. We are part of Harrow’s highly successful community of schools and build on the achievements of local first and middle schools with whom we keep close contact. Park High has a distinctive ethos and is a strong learning community. We combine the best of traditional values with a leading role in important and exciting new developments in education. In particular we stress: • A working atmosphere. Pupils come to school to learn and it is our job to help them. High achievement is our central aim and we expect all our pupils to try their very best. • Respect and good manners. These are fundamental to our community. We have high expectations about behaviour, respect, politeness and the consideration which should be shown to others. In this we are both supportive and firm. • Developing maturity, capability and the power to learn. Our job is to provide the foundations for a successful and happy adult life. Our pupils must leave us not only with good qualifications but also with a wide range of skills to help them in an ever changing world. Learning now continues throughout our lives. We want our pupils to be highly skilled learners, able to make the most of opportunities as they arise. We value responsibility, initiative and enterprise and build these into our curriculum. We are a very focused school, clear about our purposes. Our school principles can be read in the next section and we welcome discussion on how these are put into practice in our curriculum and in the everyday life of the school. Parents’ views matter. Qualifications, of course, are vitally important and our examination results speak for themselves. But we are also proud of all the other ways in which our pupils achieve to a high standard, for example in the arts and sports. And the future? You will find Park High confident and optimistic, but certainly not complacent! We are confident in our pupils, our staff, our achievements and reputation. A substantial building programme was completed in the 1990s. We are constantly updating our specialist facilities, particularly for ICT and science, and further new buildings will open for our Sixth Form in 2009. The school received a third excellent Ofsted report in 2006. Ofsted awards schools 25 grades and Park High was given 12 that were outstanding, the other 13 being good. Nothing was less than good. We became a Beacon School in September 2001 and a Technology College in September 2002. In 2003 we became one of the very first Leading Edge Schools and this status has recently been renewed because of our excellent examination results and overall first class track record. In 2003 we were awarded ‘Pathfinder’ status for our work on the 14-19 curriculum. We have been awarded the highly prestigious ‘Charter Mark’ on three occasions. This is awarded to schools and other organisations which can prove they have a high quality of service. The ‘Investor in People’ award was given to Park High on five occasions between 1996 and 2006 and shows the commitment we have to the training of our staff. And in 2005 we were presented with the ‘Healthy School’ award, which tells parents a lot about our commitment to healthy living for young people. Our new Sixth Form opened in September 2007 and offers exciting and extensive new opportunities for young people. Please see our Sixth Form site for further information. Our examination results are always either the best, or among the best in the Borough. In both 2006 and 2007 they were our best ever. We are optimistic we can build on our successes and preserve those aspects of the school we value. At the same time clearly there are many challenges ahead. Complacency has no room at Park High.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Park High School directly.

Last updated date: 12 December 2017
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