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Welcome to Rivers Academy West London

Welcome to Rivers Academy whether you are a current student, or are new to the Academy. We are very proud of our Sixth Form and its students. When you join the Sixth Form you will be working with experienced staff who are experts at delivering their subjects to sixth form students. You will become part of a thriving community and will have an excellent opportunity to develop learning skills, academic knowledge, personal responsibility and leadership experience in an outstanding environment.

You are now at the point of choosing what to do and where to go beyond Year 11. Making decisions about the next stage of your education is both exciting and challenging. Exciting because you can now focus on the areas of study which you are most passionate about, which will lead to success and enjoyment. Challenging, because you need to make an informed decision, which might play a significant part in your career plans for the future.
As a Academy we have taken care to provide a broad curriculum offer, working in partnership with local schools where appropriate. We aim to make learning interesting, inspiring and enjoyable. The curriculum structure of our post-16 courses means you can take a broad range of courses and gain nationally recognised qualifications at the end of both Year 12 and Year 13. Some of the subjects will be entirely new to you; others may offer progression from your current GCSEs.
Life in the Sixth Form is undoubtedly different from your previous time at school. As young adults, with higher education or employment not far away, you will establish a different relationship with your teachers and the highest expectations will be placed upon you in terms of your work, appearance and conduct. You will be a role model to younger students. Your views and contributions will continue to be highly valued and we will actively seek to enhance your personal skills and qualities through training and experience. You will receive support, guidance and encouragement from tutors and the sixth form team to ensure that you achieve success.  
You will also have the chance to become more involved in the life of the Academy. During the past year Sixth Form students have provided help in lessons and tutor groups, mentored younger students, supported children in local primary schools and actively participated in new staff appointments. They have been involved with enterprise activities and raising money for a wide range of charities.
Application for a place in the Sixth Form should be a positive act. Your choice should be based upon a real desire to study the courses offered. The course descriptions in the Information Booklet can only give you a flavour of what studying in the Sixth Form could mean for you.


Facilities available

Tennis Courts

With 3 full sized courts and one ½ size court, there is plenty of opportunity to play Tennis at Rivers Academy. Tennis is not only part of the curriculum, but extra-curricular competitions are organised for those that are keen.

School Field

The field is home to a full sized football pitch and rugby pitch up until Easter. For the summer term, the field is transformed into a Athletics arena, with a 300m track, a 100m sprint track, long jump and triple jump pits, and shot put and discus pitches.


There are 2 full sized, hard-court Netball pitches located on the field. These are used for lessons and for fixtures against other schools.

Basketball Cages

The outdoor basketball cages are not only perfect for Basketball, but also house 4 Futsal goals. The cages are used during lesson time and for extra-curricular clubs. They are also very popular before, during and after school, when pupils use the cages for games and tournaments they organise themselves.

Fitness Suite

The school has recently finished installing its brand new Fitness Suite. The suite is without a doubt the best school suite in the borough. It is used for both lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

‘XYZ’ Playground

Another new addition to the school is the ‘XYZ’ Playground markings. These markings are used to improve all components of pupil’s fitness and skill. They have been endorsed by the R.F.U and F.A.

School Gyms

There are two separate gyms in the School. Both can host Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Dodgeball and 5-a-side Futsal matches. There is also ample room for Gymnastics, plenty of Table Tennis tables and is perfect for a game of Ends!

Dance Mats

Longford is one of only 2 schools to own a set of revolutionary Dance Mats. The Dance Mats are a result of the Student Voice – the pupils wanted them, so the school got them!


Our 3 Olympic sized trampolines are used for lessons and for extra-curricular clubs. Extra provision is given for to the school’s vast amount of talented gymnasts.

Specialist Sixth Form Bock

Sports Field

Superb Dining Hall

Additional support



Learner success



How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Rivers Academy West London directly.

Last updated date: 11 December 2017
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    • Rivers Academy is committed to outstanding outcomes for its students. We work hard to foster high levels of self worth within an academy community that has the very highest expectations in terms of uniform, behaviour, attendance and punctuality. As a consequence Rivers is a happy and confident Academy where learners achieve exceptionally well.