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Welcome to Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

Mission Statement

We seek to provide a happy and outward –looking school, within which all the pupils work hard to realise theirfull potential, intellectually, morally, physically, personally and socially and in which the Sikh religion is fostered.


Our Aims

  • To build a strong community based on the Sikh religion. 
  • To provide quality education that is broad, balanced and relevant  to the needs of pupils within a modern society. 
  • To enable all pupils to achieve their potential through the highest standards of teaching and learning. 
  • To develop each pupil’s self-esteem, confidence and independence with consideration for others and theconcept of Sewa. 
  • To strengthen bonds between home, community and school,  providing a preparation for each pupil’s entry into the wider community.  
  • To be committed to encouraging every member of our community to invest in life-long learning and personal development.


The School’s Religious Character

Our academy is a Sikh Faith school with Academy status. Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji is our Founder and Spiritual Leader. The academy is registered with the Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Trust.
Religious education is provided in accordance with the Sikh faith as specified in the academy’s trust deed. We aim to give pupils knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices so that they may continue in their own belief whilst at the same time respecting those of other people. All pupils are taught a weekly lesson of Sikh studies which includes religious education. Assemblies play an important part in developing the ethos and community spirit within the school. They are broadly Sikh (recitation of Japji Sahib, Shabads, Ardas and Hukamnama), but include stories and messages from a wide range of cultures, religions and faiths.

About us

We are proud of our achievements and are pleased that this is reflected in our Ofsted reports: "This is an outstanding school, which not only enables students to reach exceptionally high academic standards but also to develop into mature, well-rounded young people prepared for the next stage of their education and life." This is a hard working, orderly and friendly school that takes pride in its achievements. All our pupils wear uniform and are encouraged to show courtesy and respect for others - themes that are central to the school ethos. Many of our visitors comment warmly about the friendliness of the school and the good relationships between students. Another comment regularly made to us concerns the purposeful nature of the work taking place in the classrooms, the laboratories, the workshops and on the playing fields. Throughout the school there is an emphasis on the development of personal qualities, on the widening of students' horizons, and on preparation for a purposeful and caring role in society. The school ensures that students learn their mother tongue and are aware of the principles of Sikhism.

More importantly they are encouraged to act within these principles which include:

• doing the Nitnem daily

• showing respect for adults

• showing respect for other religions

• caring for the elderly and underprivileged

• showing humility


The school is always receptive to new ideas and is constantly exploring ways of raising the existing level of achievement. However, we do not respond to novelty for its own sake and believe in looking at new proposals in the light of their practicality and relevance to out unique role as a Sikh voluntary aided school.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Guru Nanak Sikh Academy directly.

Last updated date: 12 May 2015
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