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Welcome to Tech City College

Welcome to STEM Sixth Form Academy

I am delighted to welcome you to the brand new STEM Sixth Form Academy (STEM6), opening in  City Road in the heart of London’s Tech City in Sept 2013. We will be offering an exciting and unique academic and vocational education for students with a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  

The UK currently faces a critical skills shortage in all STEM industry areas and the growth of Tech City in East London has further increased the demand for a workforce trained in STEM subjects. Through our diverse and innovative curriculum, STEM6 aims to enable and inspire young students in these subjects to meet this skills deficit. STEM6 will do this within our brand new building on City Road packed with the latest state of the art technology and equipment with a curriculum delivered by our specialist staff.

Whether you have decided to apply to STEM6, or you are still considering which post-16 education provision best suits your needs, I hope that this Prospectus provides a useful guide to our exciting new Academy, the value of studying STEM subjects and to the career opportunities that STEM can open up.

We hope you will decide to apply to STEM6 and are successful in your application and I look forward to sharing in your development in the years ahead.

John O’Shea

Principal, STEM6 

About us

What is STEM6?

STEM6 is a brand new 16-19 Academy providing a rigorous academic and vocational education in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. STEM6 is dedicated to creating life chances and life-long careers in STEM-related industries for young people with a passion for STEM who want to play their part in a competitive world economy which depends increasingly on the application of STEM subjects.

STEM6 is committed to becoming the best post-16 STEM education provider in London over the coming years and will be focussed on helping young people to progress to top universities as well as directly into the workplace or entrepreneurship. 


What qualifications does STEM6 offer?

If you apply for and are offered a place at STEM6 you will have the opportunity to gain a range of qualifications in a variety of subjects. These range from Science, Animation and Gaming, Music Technology, Design Technology, Engineering and a whole range of A-level, GCSE and BTEC programmes. Students will have the opportunity to tailor their course pathways to their own academic and professional ambitions.

In addition to the STEM specialist subjects, a broader curriculum is offered, including Sports Science, Psychology, Modern Languages and English.

This, together with a wide enrichment programme and supportive staff will enable students to progress to top universities, directly into employment, advanced apprenticeships or entrepreneurship.

What qualifications do you need to study at STEM6                         

STEM6 welcomes students with A*-C GCSE grades, or equivalent, to embark on a two year course of STEM study on the 'A-Level', BTEC or equivalent courses on offer. 

Places will be reserved on our one year Foundation Programme for talented young people who, for various reasons, have not yet achieved these grades but are committed and motivated with an interest and an aptitude for STEM subjects.  Following success at Foundation Level, students will progress to the two year course. 

Facilities available

STEM6 Teachers

Teachers are selected on the basis of their outstanding grasp of their subjects, their teaching skills and their commitment to the STEM6 vision, and most importantly, to STEM6’s students.  Selected on the basis of their prior experience in the very best schools, the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team at STEM6 are similarly dedicated to ensure that every student maximises their potential.

STEM6's Facilities

STEM6 will be equipped to the highest modern standards including state-of the-art ICT, classroom technology and engineering and design equipment to ensure STEM6 students have everything they need to progress their education.

Work and Play at STEM6

The founders of STEM6 believe that every student should experience the very best extracurricular life to complement a rigorous education. STEM6 offers extracurricular activities stretching across a whole variety of clubs and societies and encourages regular engagement in sport and outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, caving, and challenges to develop character, leadership skills, self assurance, personal courage, caring and empathy for others, and team spirit.

STEM6 Plus (STEM6+)

All students at STEM6 will have the opportunity to develop their confidence, communication and interpersonal skills through participation in STEM6+, which, through an extended school day, will provide access to a wide range of extracurricular activities. 

Additional support

Why join STEM6?

Creating life chances
The STEM6 vision is to provide students who are interested in, fascinated by, and motivated by STEM subjects with an educational experience that is different.  It will deliver an education that encourages academic excellence as well as placing huge emphasis on employment opportunities through courses that apply to the real world of work and the real economy.

Meeting the challenge of a modern economy
The UK currently faces a critical skills shortage in all STEM industry areas and has fallen behind in developing its young people to meet the challenge of a modern economy that depends increasingly on STEM subjects.  STEM6 views this as a tremendous opportunity and will provide an education tailored to this demand. As recently reported:  

“The vibrant technology, creative and media sectors of the East End will oust the City as the engine of London’s economic growth over the next five years ….. the inner East London economic zone will see a 31 per cent increase in employment by 2031.  (Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR))

Based in Tech City
The growth of Tech City in East London has increased the demand for a workforce trained in STEM subjects. STEM6’s unique positioning creates an opportunity to engage with these important industries and to inspire young students to meet the STEM skills deficit.

If you are successful in being offered a place at STEM6 you will be at the heart of the technological and fast growing Tech City hub, supported by the very businesses that are driving growth and creative trends in the area.

A rigorous education in STEM within a broad curriculum
STEM6 will offer an outstanding education in STEM subjects within a broader curriculum and wider enrichment activities. For example, as a STEM6 student you will receive a free Raspberry Pi ‘bare bones’ minicomputer with which you will learn the key skills of programming.  Through working in teams to come up with innovative projects and business ideas you will gain the academic and transferable skills required to either enter a top UK university or advanced apprenticeship or to successfully go  directly into employment and onto becoming a self-motivated entrepreneur.

Career First.  You will also be automatically enrolled into STEM6’s ‘Career First’ initiative, an exciting work simulation programme through which you will undertake work-focused, project-based learning activities giving you  the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, including school enterprises, all of which will provide you with valuable insights into the functioning of companies and the duties of business.

‘Career First’

Creating the next generation of expertise in the UK’s workforce is at the heart of STEM6 and all students will therefore be enrolled onto STEM6’s ‘Career First’ programme.

Career First is a work simulation programme through which students will undertake work-focused, project-based learning activities and have the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, including school enterprises, providing an insight into the functioning of companies and the duties of business. It will help to reinforce theoretical aspects of course material and provide experience of functioning in real-life work situations. It will provide direct links to industry with work experience and  work placement programmes, as well as regular interaction with STEM business leaders.

Career First will occupy a dedicated space set apart from the main academy with its own reception area; offering an environment that replicates the work place. Students will benefit from talks by guest speakers and visits to STEM industries. Our mentoring scheme and work placements will help students to find out more about the broad range of employment opportunities within STEM. Each student will receive individual high quality careers guidance and be supported in identifying a career pathway either through university or employment and training.

Through Career First you could, for example, be helping design a human powered airplane, a vehicle that maximises fuel, or a digital app. Whatever your interest you will be encouraged to stretch your imagination and apply the knowledge you will have gained to produce innovative and practical engineering, digital and technologically creative solutions.

Pursue entrepreneurial ideas.  You will also be given the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial activities and learn the basics of starting and running a business within the Career First hosted Enterprise Hub.  You will be encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and have the opportunity to participate in STEM6’s Enterprise and Business Development programmes, including developing and running school enterprises as not-for-profit ventures, thus providing an insight to the functioning of companies, and the duties and development of businesses.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Tech City College directly.

Last updated date: 04 July 2016

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