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Welcome to Dudley Sixth

Feel respected and nurtured in a place that is welcoming to all

When you choose Dudley Sixth, you’re here because you want to be, not because you have to be. Our teaching staff are delighted about that and will naturally reward your maturity by treating you as an adult.

In return, we expect you to take responsibility for your learning, behaviour and attendance – and to show respect for the education you and your fellow students are being offered by attending every lesson on time.

Dudley Sixth issues essential text books on extended loan to all students but you will be expected to provide your own stationery. Naturally, teachers will expect you to be properly equipped for every lesson and to have done your homework!

About us

Opened in September 2012, we have full-time places for bright and motivated students in the region. Dudley Sixth promises to offer some of the best teaching in the region.

Students will benefit from a mixture of traditional and modern AS and A-level courses taught by staff who are handpicked for their ability to challenge and inspire, nurture and encourage.

We don’t teach merely to get students through their examinations, although this is obviously important too. Instead we aim to provoke their thoughts, spark their interest and inspire in each one a lifelong love for learning.

Our Dudley town centre location is easily accessible and our location on the new Learning Quarter means that facilities are second to none. Brand new buildings include a library, computer centres and quiet study areas.

Learning is about more than exams and textbooks

Dudley Sixth doesn’t believe in spoonfeeding students with information or teaching them merely to pass examinations. Of course exam success is vital to your onward career at university or work, but so is the ability to think for yourself, to question norms and to explore the ideas that grab your interest.

Thought-provoking discussions – rather than textbooks and lectures – can help to inspire a lifelong love of learning in us all.

At Dudley Sixth we aim to nurture generations of inquiring minds. We will celebrate your successes and encourage you to be the best you possibly can.

Facilities available

Inspiring facilities for inspired minds

Right in the heart of the Dudley Learning Quarter, Dudley Sixth has well equipped teaching rooms and laboratories as well quiet study areas – there is also be plenty of space for relaxing during breaks.

You can also take advantage of the other fantastic new facilities across the learning quarter including the library, sparkling new coffee shop and sports facilities. Inspiring facilities for inspired minds.

Additional support

Choose a supportive, happy environment for achieving your potential

As a student at Dudley Sixth you are on the brink of adulthood and so our teaching staff will treat you accordingly, encouraging you to be independent and express your thoughts and ideas as an individual.

All learners, however, may need extra support from time to time. You may be feeling vulnerable because of friendship, relationship or family problems, or perhaps you are struggling to cope with your homework.

To ensure your wellbeing we have a first class system of pastoral care. Your personal tutor will usually be your first point of contact for advice, and our student support team is happy to help at any time too.

We also have qualified counsellors, mentors and other advisers who can give you confidential support on any matter which might be holding you back.

How to apply

You can apply for courses at Dudley Sixth through UCAS Progress. Add courses to your favourites to apply to this provider.

Last updated date: 26 November 2015
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