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Welcome to Learning Curve Group

Based in a Military Barracks with Military staff, our course helps you to prepare for  your chosen Military or Uniformed Public Service career and gives you a look at what life can like in the uniformed services, and will give you the underpinning knowledge you will require to succeed.


About us

We're based at:

Army Reserve Centre,

Harewood Barracks, Skinner Lane

Leeds, LS7 1AR.

The Courses availiable;

16-19: Study Programme

Length: Academic full school year.

Attendance: 4 days per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Qualification: Diploma in Uniformed Services. Functional Skills in Maths and English.

Enrichment. Upto 4 expeditions per year varying in length. Look at life courses with the British Army, Royal Airforce and Royal Marines. Adventure Training and assisting Forces charities. Opportunity to participate in a static line parachute jump.

Cost: None

Travel: If living outside a 6 mile radius travel expenses will be payed.

Bursaries are availiable upon application.

19+ Provision

Length: 14 - 23 wks depending upon if referred from JCP

Attendance: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (Thurday if on 14wk programme).

Qualification: L1 in Job search and Interview Techniques, L2 BTEC in Public Services, L1 Award in exercise studies.

Enrichment: Upto 4 expeditions per year varying in length. Look at life courses with the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. Adventure training and assistance to Forces Charities. The opportunity to participate in a static line parachute Jump.

Cost: None.

Not only will we deliver you these excellent qualifications but will will also teach you about all the 7 core subjects within the military;

Drill, Physical education, CBRN, Skill at arms, Field Craft, First aid, Map and Compass.

You will undergo physicla training everyday to ensure you are physically fir enough for your chosen job choice.

You will take part in command tasks to enhance your, teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

You will learn skills such as patrolling and how to live in the field.

All lessons have a mix of theory and practical work, ensuring that you will not always be sat inside a classroom.

You will have the opportunity to listen to talks from staff members on camp and handle signal equipment and lookinside and outside the varius vehicles kept on camp.

Training Staff:

Staff McCluskey - Centre Manager. Ex Army of 15 years.

Staff Coulson - Tutor, Ex Army of 23 Years.

Staff Moran - Amry Reserve/ Cadet instructor - present 

Facilities available

We have several classrooms available with internet access.

The drill hall is availiable for indoor PT and drill sessions.

Numerous vehicles, signals equipment and possible access to the armoury for lessons on current issued equipment.

We  use local parks and run routes for outdoor PT sessions.

Wooley Edge training area located in Wakefield.

Transport availiable to and from training areas.

Additional support

We will assist you with any applications for the militay or public services.

Craete suitable e-mail addresses and assist in interview techniques and presentation to give the best possible professional image.

Any learning difficulties will be nurtured on an individual basis.

If extra assistance is needed in any area the staff will always assist and do their best for you.

We can be used as references on CV's.

Learner success

Sheffield is a new location, but at present the other two sites have seen huge success, see the stats below;


53 learners entered the armed forces.

Upto 30+ awaiting their start date.

100% achievement on qualifications undertaken.

95% of leaners starting the course pass out at the end.

100% of learner progressed into employment or further education.



42 learners into the military

1 learner into the police

100% achievement of all qulifications undertaken

97% of learners starting the course pass out at the end.

100% of learners into employment or further education.

How to apply

You can apply for courses at Learning Curve Group through UCAS Progress. Add courses to your favourites to apply to this provider.

Last updated date: 22 January 2019
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