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Welcome to Reepham High School and College

Reepham High School and College believes that all pupils are entitled to:

* A teaching and learning experience which allows them to achieve the highest possible standards

* The opportunity to develop the skills necessary for life

* Be supported by the school, parents and community in partnership

* A school environment which is stimulating and enjoyable

* Be valued and treated with respect

* A school which is orderly, tolerant, fair and caring

* Equal opportunities to the services the school provides

When a child arrives at Reepham High School and College, she/he will find an ordered, well-organised, happy and caring school. The teachers and the pupils work hard in an atmosphere which is conducive to work and yet is still friendly. Attendance is above the national average. This is vital, for a day’s missed school can never be properly made up. Though examination results are not the only evidence of a school’s success, they are very important indicators of achievement. The details of examination results can be found at the back of this brochure. Results at Reepham High School and College have been consistently good over along period of time. It is worth remembering that the vast majority of our pupils have always followed a traditional academic curriculum.

Our “value added” in GCSE terms is very good and in terms of the English Baccalaureate.The success of a school can of course be measured in many other ways. The prowess shown on the sports fields of the county, the contribution made to musical events, or the links with the community are some of the ways in which a school can be deemed to be successful. In all these areas and others, the school has met with consistent success over a number of years. We are particularly proud of the international dimension of our work which has been recognised by the British Council. Our International School Award has been renewed until 2013.

The school’s success can be seen in the reputation it has in the community and the fact that people move into the locale in order to send their children to the school. If your son or daughter comes to Reepham High School or College, they will join a happy, thriving and successful community in which every child matters.Reepham High School and College is extremely well ordered and characterised by excellent pupil behaviour. We have a formal uniform, which we expect our pupils to wear with pride. We do everything we can to provide care and support for every individual pupil, but we expect them to understand that the staff are in charge of the school and that no individual is allowed to disrupt the learning of anyone else.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Reepham High School and College directly.

Last updated date: 29 May 2014

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