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Welcome to Bridgend College

Bridgend College is a Further Education (FE) College supporting over 6,000 learners and employing over 600 members of staff across its five campuses at Bridgend, Pencoed, Queens Road, Maesteg and Cardiff. Engage Training is the business focused and externally facing directorate of Bridgend College, based at Morien House on Bridgend Industrial Estate.

The College offers a wide range of courses, from Entry through to Degree level, in over 20 vocational areas. The majority of our course provision is delivered at our Bridgend and Pencoed Campuses while Queens Road Campus is our Centre for Higher Education and Maesteg is our campus which hosts the Studio 34 initiative.

Our Arts Academy in Cardiff is where over 100 learners study the BA (Hons) in Photographic Practice and the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

The College is increasingly delivering more flexible programmes of study, both in the workplace and on-line.

Bridgend College works in partnership with a wide range of organisations to meet the educational needs of the local community, including local businesses, Bridgend County Borough Council for Adult Community Learning (ACL) provision and local Comprehensive Schools for the 14-19 Learning Pathways.

The College offers the largest number of higher education courses of any FE College in Wales, with 900 students choosing to complete their higher education course locally. The College is a collaborative partner of the University of South Wales and works in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Facilities available

The College has a wide range of facilities which provide realistic training environments for our learners, such as our Seasons Restaurant and InTuition Salons.

At Bridgend Campus, we are also very pleased to have our on-site residential facility Weston House, which offers 35 individual bedrooms for young people aged between 16 and 25 who have a disability or impairment.

Many of our facilities are also open to the public or available to hire.

Sony Theatre

3G Sport Pitch

Climbing Wall

Tregroes Golf Course

Day Nuresry



Engage Room Hire


Additional support

Further Education

Only learners on Further Education courses can access College transport, although Higher Education learners may be able access buses if there is room but there will be a full cost of £600 for this.

Bridgend Borough learners up to the age of 18 are eligible for a First Cymru bus pass providing they reside more than 3 miles from their place of study. All other learners (with the exception of those from the Vale of Glamorgan, who can claim for the most cost effective way of public transport,) may access the college buses. For those learners who are resident outside of Bridgend Borough, it is essential that you return the form issued by your local authority (contained in the pack issued to you on your Keeping In Touch day in early July).

Higher Education

Higher Education learners are not eligible to travel on college transport unless there is a space available. Should you wish to check availability, please call into Learner Services where we can give you further information.

Please be aware that the cost of travel will be the unsubsidised price of £600 which would be payable in advance or through a pre-arranged payment scheme.

Childcare – Day Nursery

Nursery facilities are available onsite at our Bridgend Campus, S Block. A number of places are available for learners and full details of the services available can be obtained from

Mrs Michelle Morgan-Moody, Nursery Manager,
T: 01656 302241 or E:

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Careers Wales provides free careers information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions about courses, jobs and training. Advisers are based at both Bridgend and Pencoed Campuses and give impartial guidance appropriate to individual needs.

Bridgend Campus: T: 01656 302 364
Pencoed Campus: T: 01656 302 603
Alternatively contact Careers Wales, T: 0800 028 4844, or visit:

Financial Support
Learners in Further Education

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

The EMA is a weekly payment of £30 (paid fortnightly) to help you with the cost of continuing with full-time education.

Age range: 16, 17 or 18 years of age by the 31st August 2016.

Income Threshold: Household income of £20,817 or below (or £23,077 if there are other young people in the house hold in full-time education.

Based on full-time attendance (you must be studying more than 12 hours a week). The attendance allowance will not be paid if you are absent from College without a valid reason.

Apply: You can download guidance notes and an application pack from the Student Finance website.

Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG)

The WGLG is a termly paid allowance to help with the cost of continuing education.

Age range: 19 years or over by 1 September 2016

Income Threshold: Household income of £18,370 or under for tax year prior to the start of the course.

Course requirements: You must do a minimum of 275 hours per year and attend all sessions punctually.

Apply: You can download guidance notes and application pack from the Student Finance website.

Financial Contingency Fund

You may also be eligible for financial assistance from the Financial Contingency Fund (FCF) which is provided by the Welsh Government for learners in Further Education to assist with study costs (Please note we are unable to cover the full cost, you will receive a contribution.).

There is no age restriction and allocation of funds is means tested on your household income.

However if you are in receipt of WGLG, access to the fund will be restricted to Childcare and Transport only. The household threshold for 2016/17 is £25000 or under and early application to the fund is strongly advised.

Forms can be collected from Learner Services.

Meal Subsidies

You can make an application for a food ticket if you are aged 16-18 years of age on September 1st 2016, and are enrolled on a full-time Further Education course and you or your parents/guardians are in receipt of one of the following:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit (with an annual income below £16,190)#
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit
  • under Part VI of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Universal Tax Credit

If you experiencing hardship, please come and talk to us as we will consider all applications on an individual basis.

You may get help from the Financial Contingency Fund for your bus pass / travel expenses (dependent on the area that you reside in), childcare, books / equipment costs and meal subsidies (under 19’s only).

Download further information and the application form for the Financial Contingency Fund here.

Financial Support – Higher Education

Learners in Higher Education may be eligible for a loan from Student Finance Wales.

For full advice and guidance, please visit their website.

Student Wellbeing Safeguarding

The College recognises that in supporting its learners, it has a much wider role than simply protecting you from neglect, abuse or discrimination. The role involves keeping you safe from accidents, crime and bullying and actively promoting your welfare and positive life experiences for you in a healthy, safe, diverse and welcoming environment.

Whilst at College if you have any concerns, worries or queries with regard to your safety or wellbeing, please contact our Student Wellbeing/Safeguarding Officers:

John M Morgan 07963 716794
Anneliese Donovan 07800 598090
Sam Gunnarsson 07971 670504

Designated Manager for Safeguarding: Sam Gunnarsson 07971 670504
Designated Senior Manager for Safeguarding, Director of Human Resources Sarah King: 01656 302590


In the life of every learner, there comes a time when some advice and extra support is welcome to perhaps solve a problem that is not going away, or to get some advice so you can make the best decision for yourself. Across all campuses, our learners can make an appointment or drop in to meet with a Student Wellbeing Officer.

There is also the option to meet with a male or female officer if you have a preference.

The Student Wellbeing Team work together to make sure there is always someone available to listen and give the support that is most appropriate.  The Student Wellbeing Officers want to hear from anyone who is being bullied or is feeling unsafe to ensure help is provided immediately.  Support and advice can be offered for many other issues, e.g. housing, finances, personal and relationship issues and alcohol and substance misuse to name a few.  We are committed to supporting our learners to enable them to reach their full potential.

Whilst at College if you have any concerns, worries or queries with regard to your safety or wellbeing, please contact our Student Wellbeing Officers:

John Morgan : 07973 716794
Anneliese Donovan : 07800 598090
Sam Gunnarsson : 07971 670504

Kath Jones (designated Manager for Safeguarding, Specialist Student Support and Weston House Manager): 01656 302481 / 07791 339272

Sarah King (designated Senior Manager for Safeguarding, and Director of Human Resources): 01656 302405

At Bridgend Campus, we are based in the Student Wellbeing Centre – E Block, Room 4 and at Pencoed Campus, the Student Wellbeing Centre is in the Old House OH0:12.


Bullying can take many forms, including:

  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Racial or embarrassing sexual comments
  • Being treated unfairly/excluded
  • Jokes about a persons’ sexual orientation
  • Written abuse, including graffiti and computer imaging
  • Bullying, including name calling, spreading rumours, teasing, sarcasm
  • Offensive remarks or comments made via any social networking sites

What do I do if I am being bullied?

  • Recognise the behaviour as unacceptable and tell someone you trust (friend, family member, member of College staff)
  • Address the issue with the bully / perpetrator in a calm and confident manner – tell them what behaviour you don’t like and how it makes you feel, for example “I feel … When you … Because”
  • If you do not think you can do this, contact a the Wellbeing Officer in your Faculty
  • In the case of a social media issue, do not respond to comments but save the comments being made to you.

John Morgan : 07973 716794
Anneliese Donovan : 07800 598090
Sam Gunnarsson : 07971 670504

At Bridgend Campus, we are based in the Student Wellbeing Centre – E Block, Room 4 and at Pencoed Campus, the Student Wellbeing Centre is in the Old House OH0:12.


If you feel you need to talk to someone about issues which are affecting your life whether at college or at home, the College has trained counsellors who are available across a number of campuses.

Where required, there is a choice between male and female counsellors who offer a confidential service to all learners.  To book an appointment, please contact the Student Wellbeing Officers:

John Morgan : 07973 716794
Anneliese Donovan : 07800 598090
Sam Gunnarsson : 07971 670504

At Bridgend Campus, we are based in the Student Wellbeing Centre – E Block, Room 4 and at Pencoed Campus, we are in the Student Wellbeing Centre in the Old House OH0:12.

Sexual health clinics

There is a sexual health clinic available at both Bridgend and Pencoed campuses. The session at Pencoed Campus takes place every Monday from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the Old House (OH0:12) and at Bridgend Campus every Tuesday from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the Student Wellbeing Centre (E Block, Room 4).  The clinic is run by specially trained nurses who offer the following services:

  • Free condoms
  • Emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STI testing
  • Advice and referral to pregnancy services
  • Contraception advice
Students Union

As a full-time learner, you automatically become a member of the Students Union (SU). Student Union Cards (NUS Extra Cards) are available to purchase and entitle you to discounts.

The Student Union President is Josh Dower and the Vice President is Eli Cumplido. At a full complement, the Bridgend College SU comprises of ten positions which are: Equality Officer, Welsh Officer, Science & Engineering Officer, Pencoed Officer, Services to People Officer, Arts Officer, Care Officer and a Higher Education Officer. They meet monthly and have hosted Student Union conferences and training.

They are based in the SU office in the Common Room, so if you are interested in any positions becoming available you can ask in the SU Office, or any of the Wellbeing Officers for further information. The Wellbeing offices are in both Pencoed and Bridgend (E:04). The Student Union works to represent the views of their fellow learners at Bridgend College and to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to student life.

Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)

Assessment Service for Higher Education Students

The Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is a Government grant for UK learners enrolled on higher education courses, both full-time and part-time (if studying at least 50% of a full-time course). The DSA pays for extra costs learners may have whilst studying as a result of their disability or specific learning difficulty.

The allowance can pay for support in the form of equipment and human support, as well as extra travel costs and other course related costs, such as books, photocopying and printing. It is not dependent on the household income.

Who is eligible?

Higher Education Students with a:

  • Specific Learning Difficult e.g. Dyslexia
  • Physical Disability
  • Mental Health Difficulty
  • Sensory Disability e.g. Hard of Hearing, Partially Sighted or Blind
  • Long term illness e.g. Diabetes, Epilepsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The DSA Assessment Centre located within the Specialist Support Centre (E-block) at our Bridgend Campus provides assessments for learners who are eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA). This involves talking to you about your disability and the barriers you experience and then recommending the support strategies and equipment that will allow you to access your education on a level playing field to your peers.

Learners eligible for the DSA are normally requested to attend a Study Strategies Assessment by their Local Authority/Funding Body. The Bridgend Assessment Centre is a registered assessment centre with the Disabled Students’ Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) and is a member of the National Network of Assessment Centres (NNAC).

For more information, please contact the team, T: 01656 302561 or E:


How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Bridgend College directly.

Last updated date: 01 September 2016

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