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Welcome to Emmanuel College

You’re probably reading this because you’re in Year 11, and planning the next step. If so, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Most Sixth Formers would say that their sixth form years are the best years of their lives – so far. Sixth Form is about growing into adulthood and preparing to leave home.

Probably the best preparation for adulthood is to do hard things. The Emmanuel Sixth Form will certainly push you out of your comfort zone. Your social circle will be wider, and competition will be stronger; you may decide to take on the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge, get involved in service in the community, learn to play an instrument, play your sport at a new level, take a lead part in the Sixth Form Production, apply to Oxbridge, sing in front of two thousand people, teach your subject to a group of Year 8 children on a visit, travel to Zambia to help AIDS orphans,…

Of course, principally Emmanuel College is a place for serious academic study but we are also committed to providing an holisitic education with an emphasis on developing character. And there is this difference from Year 11: you choose only subjects that interest you and that you’re good at so you might want to turn to page 11 first and see what we offer. The list has recently grown to include drama, politics and Latin, and there are BTEC courses in science as well as engineering and business.

You’ll also have independent study periods: time when you’re responsible for moving your learning forward. If you are up to date with work you can choose whether to study in the subject department, Sixth Form Centre or library (using their laptop computers), take a break in the Sixth Form Refectory or work out in one of the state-of-the-art fitness rooms. Successful independent study is about time-management and self-discipline – exactly the skills you’ll need at university. Are you up for the challenge?

About us

Emmanuel College is a well-respected City Technology College in which you will find the highest standards of post-16 education delivered within a caring Christian environment. Our aim is to help young men and women achieve their best academically and to develop their character to make a positive difference to the world they live in as they become the leaders of the future.

Again, probably the best preparation for adulthood is to do hard things. Academically we focus on traditional, facilitating A Levels which are still the ‘gold standard’ for universities and employers. Every student in the sixth form will be challenged to serve others in a leadership role and this may be anything from leading a choir, coaching or mentoring younger students or working with orphans in Africa.

We have carefully thought through the core values listed in the Mission Statement which underpin all we do in College. They are based on the character of Christ. Staff recognise that they apply in the first place to them but similarly, as leaders in the student body, sixth formers take the lead in living out our core values.

Intellectual Discipline

The Emmanuel Sixth Form involves learning how to think. Knowing how to think, we know how to learn. Thinking and learning require intellectual discipline.

Facilities available

The following independent study facilities are available for the responsible majority to use:

  • The Sixth Form Centre, in which the atmosphere is of focused, but not necessarily silent, work. There are plenty of computers, as well as access to library resources next door;
  • The library, available for silent study and research, equipped with laptop computers;
  • IT Open Area computers, some of which are usually available for silent IS;
  • Specialist rooms for music, art and technology students, which may be used with the agreement of departmental staff;
  • The Fitness Centre.

Additional support

All lower sixth form students (Year 12) embark upon a three-day induction visit at the beginning of the year. The cost of this tour will be around £200.

The Principal hosts a Leavers’ Dinner for the Upper Sixth Form immediately prior to the commencement of their study leave in May.

Each December the sports teams go on a tour to different parts of the British Isles.

As for the rest of College, the Christmas Carol Service and Presentation Evening are compulsory evening events, and attendance at Sports Day is compulsory.

There are many more outward bound, residential and overseas visit opportunities which are communicated to students in September.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Emmanuel College directly.

Last updated date: 30 November 2016

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