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Welcome to King's Oak Academy

I took over the leadership of the school 4 years ago in April 2011, and we became part of the Cabot Learning Federation family in September 2011. It has been a huge privilege to lead the academy from strength to strength. We are a ‘GOOD’ school, considerably oversubscribed and our academy now enjoys the kind of reputation which I know makes our children, staff, parents and councillors proud. Through our website, I hope you will gain a feeling of the vibrancy of King’s Oak Academy and the support that we give to every individual student. I want this academy to be the best that we can be for all of our children, and through a strong programme of continuous improvement we are achieving this. We are proud of the achievements of our students. Most stay onto Post 16. Many progress to university, including Russell group universities.

Ethos: The ‘feel’ of King’s Oak is rooted in a fantastic ethos based on our pursuit of excellence in every aspect of academy life. Visitors say that behaviour at King’s Oak is impressive. We value a smart uniform because we know that students who present themselves well also take pride in their education. I expect myself and my superb team of staff to know all of our children personally, value their contributions and support them in their aspiration to make strong academic and personal progress. We recruit teaching and support staff who model this approach in their work and I expect them to go the extra mile in supporting and stretching our students. Our unique house system means that all parents have a member of staff they can discuss any issues with.

Teaching: Great schools allow children and students to enjoy deeply rewarding and memorable learning experiences and our outgoing Year 11s have been describing these in their leavers’ reports this month. Senior staff and I spend a great deal of time in lessons ensuring that students are able to make great progress, whilst curriculum and phase leaders carefully monitor individual progress and attainment. King’s Oak is supported by the CLF Teaching School which makes a real contribution to the lives of our staff and children. Strong educational research carried out within the CLF drives brilliant pedagogy and on-the-ground practice to ultimately benefit our children. A strong team of 40 Specialist Leaders in Education, across the CLF (there are seven at King’s Oak) work closely with teams of teachers and support staff in our relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

All through 4-19 journey: in September 2015 we begin our all-through journey for 60 reception children. This will be the exciting start of a 15 year-long journey together! At the end of this journey we want our vibrant, young learners to emerge happy individuals, inquisitive and resilient learners superbly prepared for 21st century life! Over that time they will think and learn in ways where they will not be easily defeated, and they will develop a sense of excellence in achieving high quality work. We will together instil a growth-mindset and an inherent self-belief that making mistakes is the path to progress because this helps us develop our capabilities. We will constantly strive for ways to stretch our children and work together towards excellence.

Becoming great people: As teachers, parents and support staff we will strive to grow children’s personal qualities so that they are kind, generous, forgiving, tolerant, trustworthy and who care for their world. We offer opportunities for student leadership including within vertical tutoring, which ensures opportunities for working with younger and older students. Being an all through will grow these opportunities.

Becoming great learners: At the same time we aim for our children to develop into becoming powerful learners with strong learning habits: independence, thinker, selfcontrol, team player. Through these learning habits children become inquisitive, resilient, imaginative, collaborative, practical and enterprising. We design our all-through curriculum, teaching and support in our school in such a way that we grow these qualities and habits.

Global/Local: Both our international and local community links are important to us. While we are sponsoring 20 orphaned children to receive an education at Kalalu School in Kenya, we also support a local charity each year through our amazing Christmas Concert at the Colston Hall. We aspire to be a global school at the heart of our local community. We have great links with a range of our partner schools. We work closely with them to support transition. At King’s Oak we actively seek the views of parents and carers and we are constantly looking for ways in which to improve our communication and connection. Please contact us!

Ian Frost


About us

Kingswood Grammar School, as King’s Oak Academy was originally called, was founded in 1921. From the very start, it was a mixed school catering for pupils up to the age of 18 years.

Over the next 30 years, before, during and after the Second World War, it grew in pupil numbers and its accommodation expanded accordingly. The school’s strength was established in the Sixth Form with a large number of students going on to higher education and distinguished careers.

In the 1960s, when new buildings were added, it had around 850 boys and girls, with 250 in the sixth form. The school became a comprehensive in 1967 when it changed its name to Kingsfield School.

In August 1976, the greater part of the old timber school was destroyed by a fire. Despite this, Kingsfield continued to grow and flourish. In September 1977, a new Design building, gymnasium and tennis courts came into full use, and in December 1978, the Core Building was officially opened. This building includes the Hexagon theatre, a sophisticated resource centre and library, music and drama facilities. The facilities of the school have been developed to meet the needs of the pupils and the curriculum. The number of fully equipped computer rooms has increased over the years. We were the first school to have the benefit of an artificial all-weather sports area and this provides an outstanding resource for the school. A second Gymnasium was built alongside the existing Gymnasium to provide an extended indoor PE and Games facility. A new four classroom building was completed in 1996 and in 1998 two Drama studios were remodelled. In addition to the indoor accommodation of the school, careful planning and development over the years has created attractive grounds combining trees and grassed areas to make a pleasant environment for young people to work in. Picnic tables have been provided by the Parent Teacher Association to add further to the quality of the space outside the buildings.

In September 2011 Kingfield School became an Academy as part of the Cabot Learning Federation and was renamed King’s Oak Academy.

Ninety years since its establishment King’s Oak Academy continues to plan to meet the needs of the students and the community it serves.

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If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact King's Oak Academy directly.

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