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Welcome to Sharnbrook Academy

Being a large school, we are privileged to have excellent facilities, a wide curriculum and extensive extracurricular opportunities for students to get involved in.  Our vertically structured pastoral system provides a very high level of care that allows all students to feel a sense of belonging to the school as well as meeting their needs.

We set high academic standards and support pupils in realising their potential.  We spark intellectual curiosity and encourage a love of learning in our students.  Sharnbrook is a school where success is encouraged and celebrated, and creativity is nurtured.  Our pupils regularly achieve some of the best exam results in the county and have been nationally recognised over the past 4 years by SSAT as achieving some of the best results in the country.

At Sharnbrook, we appreciate that there is more to school life than examination grades, and we look to develop children ‘in the round’.  We want our students to enjoy school, to feel safe and to have a sense of belonging, and this is reflected in everything we do.  Our hope is that our students leave school having fulfilled their academic potential and, just as importantly, that they have developed into responsible young adults who look forward to taking on the adventure of life’s challenges.

About us

The most important people in Sharnbrook’s Sixth Form are the students themselves! Our focus is to ensure that we provide every opportunity for them to learn and to grow as individuals on their journey through life. As the world beyond education becomes ever more competitive, it is essential that we prepare our students to make the most of their aptitudes and abilities as they move towards higher education and a successful future career. So how do we do that?

First of all, we have to be sure that the teaching and learning they experience while they are here is of very highest standard. Our track record of academic success speaks for itself as evidence of this, but it is not the only mark of excellence. Students have to enjoy their lessons and to feel valued, challenged and fully supported as they work hard with their teachers at getting the best out of every subject. Staff too, work above what is expected and the relationships formed encourage students to develop their independence, whilst providing opportunities beyond the formal curriculum. Of course, choosing the right courses to study in the first place is absolutely key to achieving that goal!

At Sharnbrook, we take great care to guide and support every student who applies as they make their choices about what to study. Every prospective student receives targeted one to one support in making decisions about exactly the right combination of courses to help them to achieve their future aspirations. This is crucial for students targeting university courses – another area where every student receives top class one to one support every step of the way – as well as particular careers. Having such a wide range of subjects available in the sixth form certainly makes this easier to achieve. From traditional subjects such as the sciences, English literature and mathematics, through to courses like philosophy, law and applied subjects such as media production and outdoor adventure, there will be a combination that we hope, fits everyone.

One of the reasons why we can offer such a broad range of subjects is the size of the sixth form (c550). Though that might seem a little daunting to some, we have organised our pastoral system so that sixth form students (both years 12 and 13) belong to a vertical tutor group where their specific needs can be catered for and friendships are quickly formed. As so many of our ‘new’ students are quick to point out, Sharnbrook sixth form is a welcoming place. An added benefit to being in a large sixth form means that it is great preparation for moving on to university, or a career.

The right environment is another key factor in preparing our students for success. We are proud of the facilities we have on offer: the sixth form centre, our state of the art science centre, media’s TV studio, the gym and astroturf, Dining One, the sixth form social area and a new study centre, which houses a sixth form specific library and IT suite - these are just a few of the facilities that we think help to support our students in getting the very best from their studies! But it is not just the physical environment that is so important for our students’ learning and growth, there is so much more on offer to enrich the experiences students have while they are here: sports, countless leadership opportunities within the school and the community at large music events, drama activities, Toe-by-Toe (a very successful, sixth form mentored, reading scheme for Y9 students), Duke of Edinburgh Awards, peer mentoring, subject ambassadorship…the list goes on!

We believe that students who choose to study at Sharnbrook’s sixth form are choosing to achieve the very best they can, and we know that they will be given all the support, guidance and encouragement they will need along the way.

Facilities available

Life at Sharnbrook Sixth Form is all about new challenges, and our enrichment programme is intended to offer new experiences and build on existing interests.

There are a variety of activities on offer, many of which take place during the school day, such as subject ambassadors and senior student roles; others may be weekly, such as sporting opportunities. We also have a fully equipped gym in the form of the Paula Radcliffe Community Sports Centre, which has a reduced rate membership for students. These activities will enhance their experience at Sharnbrook, as well as develop valuable skills for the future. 

Additional support

UCAS and careers guidance

We provide a great deal of support for what lies beyond our sixth form. Any potential Oxbridge, medical, veterinary and dental science applicants are identified in year 11 and a programme of support begins for them in year 12.

In late January we hold a higher education input during the day for students and parents in the evening, where they learn the cost of sending their son/daughter to university!

We also cater for the many apprenticeships and employment routes that are now available and hold both a university and employability day for all students. Additionally, we have specialist careers guidance available via the school throughout the year.

Additional subject sessions

For the first time this year, we have been able to allocate many subjects with an additional ‘support lesson’ in each block. This means that for students who are finding a particular area of their course challenging, they have access to a staff in a separate lesson in order to consolidate their learning. Access to these groups can be either self-referral, or from a class teacher.

Key Services Team

There are several trained counsellors within school who are there to support students during difficult times. Key Services is located opposite the Heads of House Office, and they are available to help with any issues that may arise, offering support and guidance.  There are numerous external agencies who can be accessed via this team, e.g. Open Door, school nurse, Brook and Aquarius.  

"Listening Ear" Service for Sixth Form Students

Additionally, a valuable sixth form specific ‘Listening Ear’ service is available which covers any concerns students may have regarding anxiety, friendship and relationship issues, work-related stresses, or just there as someone to talk to. 

This is what students and parents have previously said about the “listening ear” service.

'Without you support over the last 6 months on my personal issues you have given me guidance and support that has led me to get help and now I can see that light at the end of the tunnel'.

‘Just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for the support you gave my daughter’.

Learner success

Sharnbrook Sixth Form Results 2017

We have recorded some of our best A level results for several years and would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all students. Here are some highlights:

  • 25.9% of exams were awarded A*/A grades
  • We achieved a 99.1% pass rate
  • 23 students achieved 3 or more A*/A grades
  • 88 Students achieved 3 or more A*-B grades
  • 73% of our students achieved 3 or more A levels pass grades

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Sharnbrook Academy directly.

Last updated date: 26 October 2017

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