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Welcome to The Samworth Church Academy

We are determined that The Samworth Church Academy will be the passport to a very bright future. We believe that the greatest gift you can give young people is a blank canvas. Or, put another way, the mindset that anything is possible and achievable. That you really can be who you want to be. That you can grow in confidence, overcome barriers and flourish. If you are surrounded by adults who truly believe this, in an environment that exudes this spirit, you are surely more likely to do well and achieve your goals.

Isn’t this idealistic? Isn’t this placing the emphasis on the student rather than the wider curriculum? Won’t there be challenges with such an innovative approach? Yes, yes and yes.

It is also exciting, motivating and refreshing. However, this is how we do things at this Academy. We take 11-18 year olds and prepare them for adult life. We do this in the context of our specialism in Business and Enterprise.

We have created an environment rooted in a Christian ethos - although we do not exclude those of other (or no) faiths. We have created a safe and happy place that children enjoy attending. We stimulate and challenge them with Outward Bound activities. We ensure that the Academy is a stranger to bad behaviour.

In short, we help our students become the people they want to be. This welcome sets out our stall. We hope you find it compelling. We hope it provokes questions. We hope it makes you want to send your child here.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact The Samworth Church Academy directly.

Last updated date: 24 July 2014

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