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Welcome to Acorn Independent College

Acorn House is an independent Sixth Form and GCSE College with particular strengths in the Sciences. We have a highly academic focus and encourage our students to work hard in preparing for success – in national examinations, university admissions, and beyond.

The College was established in 1999 for the purpose of providing a traditional and focused academic education. We offer a variety of one- and two-year GCSE and A Level courses, all taught by highly experienced specialist teachers. In its very first year, Acorn House came top of all tutorial colleges in the London area for its A Level results and continues to receive numerous awards. Many years on, we remain one of the leading such colleges in London based on published league tables.

Acorn House also has a long track record of successful university admissions for medicine, law, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, biochemistry, and engineering – both for UK and international students. In 2014, the College joined the Dukes Education Group, adding further expertise to our strengths in preparing students for admission to leading universities.

We hope you will find Acorn House is the right College for you – as it has been for many of our students who have been inspired to succeed at their chosen universities and afterward.

About us

At Acorn House College, we have built up an excellent reputation as one of the best independent sixth form colleges in West London. Our carefully planned curriculum is designed to:

  • Instil a love of learning and provide a range of opportunities that will allow all students to gain enjoyment, make progress and achieve their full potential in all aspects of their learning
  • Enable students to become confident individuals who are self-aware, emotionally intelligent and self-motivated
  • Encourage pupils to become responsible members of local, national and global communities
  • Stretch and challenge every student
  • Promote the inclusive ethos of our college in accordance with our statement of values, ethos, aims and expectations

We aim to ensure our students attain the highest possible results in their GCSE and A Level examinations. Consequently, we foster the traditional values of consistent attendance, punctuality and diligent work completion. We take care to provide rigorous preparation for all examinations through focused teaching, intensive revision and past-paper practice.

Facilities available

The College occupies the ground floor and first four floors of a building directly on the High Street in Southall, with an additional, newly renovated annexe on the ground floor. While the common rooms and some of the classrooms are located on the four floors of the initial building, the new premises offer a modern and spacious environment for all students. Called ‘Lab8′, this is a 6,000 square foot teaching space. The opening of Lab8  doubled the size of our existing campus. The design is innovative, forward-thinking, and ambitious.  It provides 8 new classrooms and includes a new science laboratory, a silent study area, the Principal’s study, a medical room, and an ICT suite.

Lab8 allows the College to grow whilst keeping the average class size to 10 pupils. Our strong bias towards mathematics and science will remain and facilities for these subjects will be immediately improved by the provision of a modern, well-equipped teaching lab. In addition, the new building gives us the opportunity to broaden our existing curriculum and to offer more subjects and activities in the future. Furthermore, the large communal space allows for lectures, talks, and open events.

Additional support

Our mission is to provide a world-class education for every student that chooses us.  We believe that we can add value to every student and we strive to do this every day through outstanding teaching and market-leading pre-university advice. We will strive to enhance and develop a bespoke extra-curricular and enrichment programme.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do.  We are always engaging, always inspiring, always striving to deliver the best experience for our students and for ourselves.  We are passionate in our belief that a quality educational experience can change the life of a learner.

We aim to build a personal relationship with our students and to train them to be independent learners setting personalised goals and developing their learning skills.

We believe that the experiences offered at our College should feel as special as the students they are designed for and that they truly feel they have joined the market leader.

Learner success

Acorn House produces excellent examination results – both at an absolute level of achievement and in comparison to other colleges in West London. Moreover, we have a long history of maintaining a consistent performance year-on-year, knowing how to encourage each student to perform at their best.

Particular highlights of our results last year include the average point score per student at GCSE level, and the Value Added Score in progress from GCSE to A Level, both of which were highly competitive in 2014.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Acorn Independent College directly.

Last updated date: 07 August 2017

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