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Welcome to Bede Academy

Bede Academy is The Emmanuel Schools Foundation’s first 3-18 school and opened in September 2009 with Nursery, Primary and Secondary provision across two sites in Blyth on the Northumberland coast. It is the fourth school in the Emmanuel Schools Foundation. Sharing the values of Emmanuel College, The King’s Academy and Trinity Academy, Bede encourages all of its staff and students to strive to achieve their own individual personal best.

Specialising in Engineering and Enterprise, the Academy focuses on extending conventional perceptions of engineering. We provide specialist insights into aspects of biotechnology, environmental science and recycling technologies, sound and computer network engineering, medical and animal science, and naval and automotive systems and design.

As a result of Northumberland’s move away from the middle school system, Bede Academy became responsible for education in the south east of the town when South Beach First and Wensleydale Middle Schools closed in August 2009. Bede Academy now educates over 700 Nursery and Primary students on the Bede South site and 1100 Secondary students at Bede North. The Academy’s Sixth Form began in September 2012 at Bede North and will grow to 250 students.

Bede Academy has a non denominational Christian ethos and welcomes staff and students of all faiths and none, whilst building on clear core values. We value every student as made in the image of God with vast potential, and seek to help them all to achieve their personal best in every area. Much more important to us than academic success is a student’s development as a young man or women.

We put character first and provide opportunities for students to serve each other and the local community, with which we have strong links. Students engage in a vast array of extracurricular activities in which they develop their sporting, musical, dramatic, mental and creative talents.

About us

Mission Statement

To provide and support schools in which all students and staff have the opportunity to work hard to achieve their personal best.

To encourage personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework.

To create and sustain educational environments where everyone is equally valued.


The ethos of the Foundation’s schools is based on the traditional Christian faith. However, the schools are non-selective and, as such, are open to children of all faiths and none. We believe that Jesus offers us the perfect example of how to know God and love our neighbour as ourselves. From this belief springs a conviction that every child, without exception, is made in the image of God and has inherent worth and is worthy of respect. The Emmanuel Schools Foundation is committed to providing a well- rounded education in which all children have the opportunity to realise their full potential as human beings -intellectually, socially, physically, spiritually and morally. Whilst at all times respecting the individuals right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

  The Christian Ethos of our schools will mean we:

  1. Positively value every person attending, working in or associated with our schools
  2. Support, encourage and reward people in our schools
  3. Have high expectations of people and promote the pursuit of personal best
  4. Promote grace, gentleness and kindness within each school
  5. Encourage all to look to the interests of others as well as their own
  6. Love others as we would love ourselves
  7. Develop an appreciation of the importance of serving others
  8. Act fairly, and in a spirit of mutual respect and humility
  9. Promote a spirit of joy, excitement and thankfulness in all that we do
  10. Present the Christian faith not just in intellectual terms but as a living faith with the ability to affect our individual and corporate lives for good.

Core Values

We aspire, whether we be students or staff, that all of our work will be characterised by the following values:

Honourable Purpose

We aim to be positive in everything, doing what is good and aiming to benefit others as well as ourselves.


We seek to do our personal best without bragging and to encourage others to achieve their best without being critical or jealous of their efforts.


We care for those who are in difficulty and who are hurting, recognising that the world does not exist for us alone.


We can be trusted to be honest and truthful, to say what we mean and to do what we say.


We recognise that having the freedom to express ourselves means we must also accept responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions.


We aim to do what is right, whatever the cost; we stand up for the weak, whatever the danger; we face our fears and find ways of defeating them.


We know that hard work and the refusal to give up are essential if we are to achieve anything worthwhile.

Bede Academy motto:

Veritas vos liberabit

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Facilities available

The Sixth Form enjoys a dedicated Sixth Form Centre called Trinity House. The Centre is equipped to the highest standards with two large computer suites and spacious work areas. There is a common room with facilities to purchase refreshments, relax and meet friends.

As part of “a good Academy which is quickly improving” OfSTED 2012, you will be able to choose from an extensive range of A levels and vocational courses, delivered by experienced teachers who are passionate about their subject. To ensure you have the best learning opportunities the class sizes are small and helped by support staff.

The Academy has established excellent links with business and industry and their representatives are involved in a number of activities that support your development and awareness of what goes on in preparation to you making the next step. To further develop your skills and interests the Academy has an exciting range of extracurricular activities on offer from fencing, rowing, rugby and hockey to fishing.

The facilities for Art, Engineering, Science, Sport, Music and Drama are state of the art and you are encouraged to use them. Be involved in productions like “Phantom of the opera” or participate in residential visits ranging from the Lake District, Yorkshire to Zambia and South Africa. The opportunities are here to widen your horizons and develop your character.

Finally, you can develop yourself through service and leadership opportunities provided in our Sixth Form prospectus. As part of a family of state schools with the best Oxbridge candidate record on Tyneside we have developed our practice in the light of theirs and offer excellent opportunities for anyone of Sixth Form age.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Bede Academy directly.

Last updated date: 01 June 2015

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