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Welcome to Bristol Free School

Welcome to the Bristol Free School website - I am delighted to be writing this page as the Headteacher of Bristol’s newest secondary school.

A new inclusive secondary school for North Bristol was proposed by a group of parents who care deeply about their local area and its people. Parents struggled with seeing students move in different directions at the end of Year 6, with no coherent local provision within BS9 and BS10. They saw their community breaking up as families moved away or chose non-local schools, sometimes outside of the city. Knowing that many other local people agreed that another excellent secondary school was needed they decided to try and do something about it.

The result of their determined effort and the fantastic support from the community is Bristol Free School which opened in September 2011.  We are being well supported by our academic sponsor, the Russell Education Trust, who have successfully opened four other new schools in recent years.

The detail on this website, as well as our postings on Twitter, will keep you up to date with our progress.  Do keep in touch with your ideas and thoughts. If you are interested in a place at Bristol Free School for your child you can register your interest to receive updates and information about when to apply.  I very much look forward to meeting you at future information events and open evenings.

Paul Jones

About us

We will create a learning environment that ensures success. We will ensure a safe, caring, supportive and inclusive school in which academic success will be delivered and the development of individual flair, creativity, talent and personality will be encouraged.

Our mission is to establish a school that is the natural choice for the parents of North West Bristol, within a mixed economy of provision. This will be achieved through ensuring a culture of success and achievement, a refusal to compromise on “excellence” and a commitment to ensuring that all children achieve their maximum potential. We will focus on attainment within traditional core subjects (English, Maths, the sciences, (ICT) humanities and at least one language), whilst providing a rich and exciting curriculum. We also believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting activity, as part of the curriculum, as an extra-curricular activity; and in competition with other schools.

Our school will play an active and enthusiastic role in the local community. We fully recognize our responsibilities to our neighbours and the environment.

We aim to rapidly secure the confidence and support of the local community and will fully reciprocate this.

Achievement: BFS will deliver a full range of outcomes, but with an uncompromising focus on attainment, driven by outstanding progress for all pupil groups in turn driven by outstanding teaching, where pupils learn how to learn.

  • Enjoyment and safety: we want pupils to experience the ‘everyday excitement’ of successful learning, augmented by special events and extra-curricular ‘add-ons’. Unobtrusive but reliable behaviour and safeguarding systems will ensure pupils feel safe and secure in their schooling.
  • Core competencies: examination success in the curriculum ‘backbone’ will be a basic entitlement, underpinning the broader curriculum, and the musical and sporting engagement we value.
  • Best practice: our starting point is putting in place tried and tested practice (leadership and management, curriculum, teaching) to secure outstanding learning. Innovation is in the form of outstanding teaching leading to outstanding outcomes for students.
  • Accountability and Quality Assurance: excellence is as much about attention to detail, as it is about inspiration. Staff will be trained to thrive in a ‘No Excuses’ culture where responsibility, accountability and quality assurance are everyday processes.
  • Transparency: parents will get clear, frequent feedback on their child’s learning
  • Responsibility and Self- Esteem: pupils will be given increasing levels of responsibility within the school, and in community service for our local and wider communities, so the self-esteem they develop through high achievement is mirrored by an understanding of other people’s needs and entitlements.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Bristol Free School directly.

Last updated date: 18 August 2017

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