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Welcome to Moseley Park

Our mission statement 'building success together' sums up our core purpose as a school; to ensure that every student, regardless of their ability level is supported to realise their full potential.

We have the highest expectations for our students. We aim to offer a challenging and supportive environment; one in which our students can flourish, both academically and in taking advantage of all the opportunities we offer, ultimately leaving us as well rounded individuals confident in taking their place in society.

About us

I have been at Moseley Park since May 2011 but in that short time I have seen the changes we are implementing have a hugely positive impact on all aspects of school life. The young people attending Moseley Park are every bit as able as other students in our city and this year’s outstanding GCSE and A Level results support this. The drive for continuous improvement is our core business and with this summer’s results being the best in the school’s history we are well placed to move forward with real momentum. Central to our improvement is the development of partnerships: collaborative working with feeder primaries, secondaries, business and community groups and most importantly, parents.

We are clear at Moseley Park about our priorities. Firstly, pupils should be happy. Secondly, the school should offer a wide range of learning activities and opportunities in and out of the classroom. Thirdly, all pupils are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential whatever their abilities. Only if the first two are promoted can this third and most important aim be fully realised.

We have established a formal learning partnership with Heath Park, where I am Executive Headteacher, the same position I have at Moseley Park. Heath Park is amongst the highest achieving, open-access comprehensives in the country in terms of examination results, receiving both local and national recognition for their achievements. The developing learning partnership between the two schools has already had a positive impact on curriculum opportunities at Moseley Park and, as acknowledged by Ofsted, has accelerated every aspect of our school Improvement.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Moseley Park directly.

Last updated date: 01 May 2015

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