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Welcome to Caramel Rock LTD

CARAMEL ROCK is an educational charity that provides training and job opportunities. We focus on empowering and supporting young people to access varied training and opportunities. We provide service for people of different academic levels and age groups from young students on the verge of being expelled from school and are seeking an intervention with our creative approach.

We are committed to developing the next generation by giving young people the opportunity to access resources, courses, opportunities and gain work experience and job training. We aim to advance education and job opportunities for disadvantage young people to defend them and give them a second chance, working with some of the most challenging young people.

About us

Caramel Rock is a fashion and creative arts education charity providing training and opportunities. We have a strong belief in shaping our future leaders and therefore we oer, in every course, a personal development plan, as well as helping young people. It is also our mission to provide people with the knowledge and expertise of the working world, to help them form a solid foundation for a brighter future. Additionally, Caramel Rock guides young people to achieve both their short and long-term goals. This is accomplished through improving their skills and giving them work experience.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Caramel Rock LTD directly.

Last updated date: 20 October 2016

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