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Welcome to Logistic Training Solutions LTD

At Logistic Training Solutions we deliver a range of QCFs/NVQs and apprenticeships as well as  commercial courses to meet t the requirements of the logistics sectors as well manufacturing needs of today.

In a fast moving environment, employers need staff that understand their individual roles in the company and know that they are competent to achieve this.

Do you employ professional drivers?

We are here to help you to train your employees, to serve you better..

Logistic Training Solutions is here to facilitate a training requirement for your employees. Do you run a fleet of Taxi's, Buses, or any Public Service Vehicle? Are you a haulage company, courier, or do you run a warehouse with a need for Forklift drivers? Logistic Training supplied by professional trainers can boost your employee confidence and ensure that you fulfill all of your driver training requirements. Not sure what you need, just click on the links above to find how we can help you.

Or do you want to work as a professional driver?

If you have thought about driving as a profession, then we can help, with an NVQ or QCF Qualification, whether you wish to drive a passenger vehicle, such as a Bus or Coach, or an RPVD to drive a taxi. Also we can train you to drive heavy goods vehicles, or qualifications to work in warehousing, driving forklifts. There is a wealth of opportunity awaiting a well trained driver, Postal drivers, logistics, international HGV, couriers, Cold Storage/delivery, as well as holiday coaches and continental driving.

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Logistic Training Solutions LTD directly.

Last updated date: 25 October 2016

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