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Welcome to Outwood Academy Hemsworth

Welcome to Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy Post 16. The Post 16 Centre is located on the main school site, just a short distance from Hemsworth Town Centre and major bus routes. It is a modern and supportive learning environment for young people and boasts excellent physical resources. The Centre is self-contained, providing a suite of ICT-resourced rooms, specialist hairdressing training salon and a newly-opened Post 16 Achievement Centre. In addition, the Post 16 Centre also provides students with excellent social facilities comprising of a comfortable common room, vending facilities together with a fast food outlet serving a healthy range of foods. Hemsworth Post 16 Centre is committed to delivering high quality teaching which provides challenges and opportunities for individual learning; indeed the, student is at the "centre" of all we do. Students have the opportunity to be creative, innovative and enterprising whilst benefiting from strong support and guidance. The "tutor group" continues to provide our students with support and motivation to raise their aspirations, succeed in learning and position themselves for a better future. As a major partner of the Wakefield Learning Community, Hemsworth is able to offer an extensive range of academic and vocational programmes either on-site or located at our third site WSETEC. A shuttle bus (free of charge to students) operates several times a day providing safe and effective transfer to and from the two sites. We offer courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3, providing opportunities for students to study at A Level, consolidate learning at Level 2 by embarking on intermediate programmes or for students to work at Level 1 if they have not yet secured a strong GCSE profile. The Centre offers specialist courses such as; HAIRDRESSING, CONSTRUCTION, MEDIA STUDIES, PERFORMANCE STUDIES, MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY, GRAPHICS, DRAMA / THEATRE STUDIES, PSYCHOLOGY, SPORTS and many more! In the Post 16 Centre, we continue to provide high quality pastoral care from a dedicated team of tutors who work closely with students, teachers and parents to ensure that each individual achieves their potential and is well prepared for the next step.

Mrs Janine Robbins, Director of Post 16  


About us

At Hemsworth Post 16 Centre, we believe that the overwhelming majority of young people will benefit greatly from continuing their education with us. Identifying the right path for you is incredibly important. Whether or not you have an idea of subjects you want to study, having the right information now will give you more options when the times comes to make up your mind. As you progress through your studies, you are likely to focus on a narrower range of subjects for advanced level qualifications. Information about the courses that we have to offer is available in our prospectus. Entry to university is determined mainly on the basis of performance in advanced level qualifications—but grades achieved in your GCSE’s may be taken into account. Your grades will also be taken into account for further education and job opportunities. Further qualifications really do help you achieve your goals. The Post 16 team are available to help students consider all the options available to them. The key advantages of Hemsworth Post 16 Centre are that it offers a great range of courses with experienced teachers and tutors who will monitor progress, offer support and encourage students to do their best. For more information please contact the Post 16 Centre: Our Agreement with Students and Parents

All Students Will:
  • Be challenged and extended both academically and socially.
  • Increasingly accept and enjoy responsibility for their own lives and learning, in a supportive environment, with appropriate individual guidance.
Assuring Quality:
  • Our policy of working in close partnership with students, parents and the community is a constant reminder to listen, act on what we hear and constantly seek to improve everything we offer.
Students Can Expect:
  • Regular reviews of progress and new learning targets agreed with the teacher.
  • To be treated with respect, and have their views and feelings taken seriously, by teachers, fellow students and other adults who have work in the College.
Parents Can Expect:
Regular consultation opportunities.
  • To be informed promptly when a students work or behaviour is causing concern.
  • To be treated as partners by the Academy, and to receive regular communications - as well as a quick and caring response to concerns.
Teachers Can Expect:
  • Students to complete work, and hand it in by agreed deadlines.
Guidelines for Working Relationships
  • People are expected to treat each other with consideration, respect and co-operation.

Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy Post 16 Centre is part of a thriving and successful 11-19 Academy.  The students in the sixth form benefit from being able to build upon established working relationships developed through Key Stage 3 and 4.  Our staff know the students well and are able to respond immediately to their individual learning needs.  However, students new to the college settle quickly and soon feel comfortable and well supported. 

Upon joining the sixth form, students undertake an individual Induction Programme which provides them with the opportunity to refine their thinking in terms of programme choice and to meet with subject specialists who are able to reinforce the demands of the course, assessment requirements and to allay any concerns.  An important part of this induction is held at a local University campus.  At the University, students participate in an intensive "learning to learn" programme designed to equip them with the necessary skills for Post 16 study.
Each student is assigned a personal tutor who meets with them each morning before lessons begin.  In this valuable contact time, student and tutor are able to develop a trusted and supportive working relationship which provides a secure environment for dealing with student issues and concerns.  It also provides a focus for the day and ensures that all students are ready and able to engage in learning.


In addition to this student/tutor session, Hemsworth Post 16 students also have an entitlement to a Continued Profesional Session. All students in Yrs 12 & 13 follow a programme of work which incorporates aspects of Continued Profesional Development, Information, Advice and Guidance and Citizenship. The CDP Education programme at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy is delivered via a combinatin of timetabled weekly lessons, assemblies, the use of outside groups and specialist agencies such as the local health authority, local universities an dcolleges. Th ecollaborative approach has enabled us to design a programme of work which provides students at Hemsworth with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independant lives.  

The sixth form staff also provide "an after sales service" (post examination results) to ensure that each student gains the support needed to make a successful progression to University.

Despite being a "small" sixth form (compared to large F.E. Colleges) we are confident that we deliver an excellent range of courses, outstanding pastoral care and a safe and secure environment for young adults to flourish and succeed.

Facilities available

Post 16 Facilities


  • Comfortable Common Room.
  • Vending Mahcines
  • A Fast Food Point serving hot and cold food at break and lunch time.
  • Dining Facilities
  • Achievement Study Centre .
  • Lockers available for Students.
  • Membership of National Union of Students (NUS).
  • Ample Parking on the back bus park 
  • Disabled Access
  • Internet connections in student common room
  • A fully networked open learning environment supporting state of the art terminal server connections with Internet access.

Additional support

Even before joining the Hemsworth Post 16 Centre, students are provided with a number of valuable opportunities to find out more about the College to ensure that they are able to make an informed choice about their post 16 options.  We offer a wide range of student support:
The Post 16 Convention

A showcase event designed to provide specific information about what Hemsworth Arts andCommunity Academy has to offer in Post 16.  CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR EVENT DATES

Parent Consultation Meetings

Two opportunities each academic year for parents to meet with teaching staff.

Regular Target Setting and Monitoring

A vital part of our on-going support structures enabling a quick response to concerns and an opportunity to celebrate student achievement.

16-19 Bursary Scheme

A dedicated support team with specific responsibility for ensuring that bursary payments are made efficiently to students.

Personal Tutors

All students are assigned a personal tutor who will help with academic and personal issues.

G.C.S.E. Re-Sits in English and Maths

All students who are yet to achieve a grade C or grade 4 in English and or mathematics will be allocated a re-take group to continue to work towards improving their grade.

A Designated Student Common Room

A comfortable social area providing vending and food services.

A Post 16 Achievement Centre 

Open access to I.C.T. and study area together with reference books and admin support.

Student Union

Students are able to join the Student Union.

Post 16 Committee

An opportunity for students to participate in the management of student facilities and to organise events.  Indeed, the Chair/Vice Chair are able to play an important role as observers to the Board of Governors.

Post 16 Learning Mentors

Should a student experience difficulties on their programme of study, staff are available to assist with personal organisation, study skills and work related concerns.

Access to Confidential Counselling

Should the need arise, students are able to access the support of a range of professional personnel.

Post Results Service

Staff available to support progression to University on and after results day in August.

Learner success

  • OFSTED 2015
  • The sixth form is good. Students make good progress overall and are well supported in their studies.
  • Achievement in the sixth form is good in relation to students’ starting points. The academy's tracking data is accurate and shows a rising trend in attainment and progress.
  • Students make particularly good progress in English, media studies and the arts. In almost all A-level subjects, students achieve at least in line with the national average. In vocational and applied subjects, achievement is above the national average. The academy takes very seriously its responsibility for ensuring that students who are re-taking GCSE English and mathematics are taught and supported well. As a consequence, success rates are high, particularly when compared to national data. Students enjoy being in the sixth form. They speak very positively about their lessons and the support they receive as they prepare for the next stage of their learning or for employment. Relationships between students and teachers are strong, and sixth form students act as positive role models to younger students. The quality of teaching in the sixth form is good, with some that is outstanding. For example, in a Year 12 media studies lesson in which students made exceptional progress, the teacher showed excellent subject knowledge and students’ files showed outstanding progress over time as a result of meticulous marking and feedback. Effective leadership of the sixth form has secured good progress for students and good quality teaching over time. Students’ progress is tracked regularly and individual student action plans ensure that they are provided with the necessary support to achieve their targets. The curriculum is highly flexible and caters well for students’ particular needs and interests because it is reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

How to apply

You can apply for courses at Outwood Academy Hemsworth through UCAS Progress. Add courses to your favourites to apply to this provider.

Last updated date: 24 July 2018
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