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Welcome to Huddersfield New College

Message from the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to Huddersfield New College and I would like to thank you for your interest in joining our Outstanding College. We hope that you will join us at an Open Event (Tuesday 23rd October or Saturday 17th November) to find out about the exciting experience that you can expect here as a student.

Each year around 1200 young people graduate from HNC, moving on to some exciting and unique destinations. As a dedicated Sixth Form College we offer a fantastic range of courses and we are the only College in Kirklees that allows you to study a mixed A Level and BTEC programme at advanced level.

Our students succeed. We are one of the best Sixth Form Colleges in the country for the grades our young people achieve and the progress they make. We are very proud of the achievements of our students.

Leaving with the best possible grades will only be part of your HNC story. Alongside your studies you will be able to enjoy freedom, independence and enrichment opportunities that give you the competitive edge. Our focus is on ensuring that you are prepared for the future.

Our prospectus shares more about the journeys of some of our most recent graduates. You may have heard, from your friends or family, about life at HNC, but we would very much encourage you to come along to an Open Event to discover for yourself why so many students choose HNC!

Angela Williams OBE

1. Choose your courses 
Our website  provides a full list of our courses and detailed information about each of these. Don't forget our Open Events are a fantastic way to find out more, and your Careers Advisor will also be able to help. 

2.  Ready to apply? 
11-16 Schools in Kirklees 
If you attend one of the 11-16 schools in Kirklees you should apply to the College through UCAS Progress. Your Careers Advisor or Head of Year 11 will help you to complete this online application. 

All 11-18 Schools and 11-16 Schools outside Kirklees 
If you attend an 11-18 school or an 11-16 school outside Kirklees, you can apply to the College through UCAS Progress. If this is not available in your school, please complete our online application form. This, and other admissions information, can be found on our website at 

Applications open Monday 15th October 2018 and close on Friday 15th February 2019. 

3. Next steps: your interview 
If you have met the application deadline, you will be invited to an admissions interview between January and March 2019. 
If you attend an 11-16 school in Kirklees, interviews will be held at your school. 

If you attend an 11-18 school or an 11-16 school outside Kirklees you will be invited into College for an interview. 

During your interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss the courses you have chosen. Your interviewer will be interested in how your chosen courses fit into your career aspirations long term. 

4. Offer of a Place 
You will be informed of the outcome of your application at the end of your admissions interview. 

In most cases, we offer a conditional place at the College, which is dependent on you achieving the College’s general entry criteria and the specific entry criteria for your chosen course/s. 

In some cases, we place extra conditions on your offer of a place.

This can include the need to improve your attendance, punctuality or attitude to learning by a specified deadline (usually May 31st).

If your application for a place at the College is successful immediately, you will receive an offer letter in the post. This letter will include an acceptance form, and the link to our online acceptance form. You must either return the acceptance form to the college, or complete the online acceptance form, no later than Friday 12th April 2019. 

Conditional extra acceptance deadlines will be negotiated on an individual basis. 

5. The first steps to success: Welcome Event 
If you have accepted your place you will be invited to our Welcome Event in July. This is the first step in your HNC journey and a chance to experience your lesson, meet your fellow students and enjoy experiencing what HNC has to offer.  

6. Enrolling as a full member 
If you have accepted a place with us, you will receive an enrolment appointment. This will take place from Thursday 22nd August to we will write and invite you to our enrolment in August. Enrolment will take place from Thursday 23rd to Tuesday 27th August 2019. 

An Enrolment Surgery is held on GCSE Results Day Thursday 23rd August 2019. This is here to help you if your results are not quite as expected 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your application, please get in touch. You can call Student Services on 01484 652341 or email 


Open Events - join us!
Tuesday 23rd October 2018 
6.00pm – 9.00pm 
(Final entry 8.30pm)

Saturday 17th November 2018 
10.00am – 1.00pm 
(Final entry 12.30pm)

About us

Why choose HNC?

There are many reasons why students choose HNC. Some of the key reasons include:

Outstanding results: you will achieve your academic potential. Our Class of 2018 celebrated 100% pass rates at A Level and BTEC and a 66% high grade rate (A*-B)

Outstanding opportunities: students achieve their potential. From clubs and societies, to our Honours Programme, our young people are given countless opportunities to excel

Outstanding choice: you can opt for a mixed study programme of both A Levels and BTECs - from a huge range of options 

Want to know more about our outstanding experience, and why we are an award winning College and one of the best in the country for the results our students achieve? Click here to access our prospectus online. 

Students at Huddersfield New College thrive. 95% of students who study here would recommend doing so to others! 


Course choices
At Huddersfield New College you can choose a programme that suits you, whether this is straight A Levels, a full time BTEC, or a mixture of the two. Your interests and career aspirations can help determine which combination is right for you. Want to view the full course range? Click here


Time in College
The College timetable is divided into 6 option blocks. Each option block involves 4.5 hours of study. All students will be timetabled into at least 3 option blocks. All students also have a tutorial session each week. You can also benefit from our popular Enrichment Programme which offers the opportunity to get involved in Sport, Performing Arts and a variety of other interest based and skill based courses.

The minimum hours you will be required in College each week will 16. However, we will expect you to devote the same amount of time to independent study – either at home or in one of our many study spaces.


Choose Wisely
Of course you will want to choose subjects you enjoy and are the right fit for your future ambitions.  However, it’s worth remembering that the subjects you choose at this stage can be very important to your future studies or career. Some universities will accept any combination of subjects at advanced level while others prefer a specific combination of subjects. If you have a particular degree course or career in mind, please speak to your school’s connexions advisor, careers teacher or staff from the college at one of our Open Events or when they visit your school before you finalise your course choices.


Entry Requirements for 2019 entry
Study Programme:  3 or 4 Linear A Level or Linear A Level and Vocational A Level combinations

2 GCSEs at grade 5 and 3 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including English Language and Maths. The pass grades need to be in academic GCSE subjects and should relate to your chosen level 3 subjects 

For consideration for a 4 x A Level study programme, please see the guidance i below

Subject specific entry criteria will also apply 

Study Programmes
In some exceptional cases a Level 3 study programme consisting of 4 A Levels or equivalent may be appropriate. Such applications will be referred  to the Senior Admissions Team for consideration. To be considered for a study programme consisting of 4 A Levels or equivalent, you will be expected to offer as a minimum grades 7, 8 and 9 in 5 traditional GCSEs and at least a grade 6 in both GCSE English Language and Maths.

In some exceptional cases a Level 3 study programme consisting of a 3 individual vocational A Levels may be appropriate. Such applications will be referred to the Senior Admissions Team for consideration and to ensure that the study programme provides relevant progression opportunities from College. 

3 Vocational A Level combinations
5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including English Language 

GCSE Maths grade 3 or above (if grade 4 or above, this will be included as one of the five GCSEs needed) 

One vocational equivalent GCSE at Pass grade or above can be substituted for a more traditional GCSE grade (excluding English Language and Maths) 

For consideration for a 3 x separate vocational A Level study programme, please see the guidance in the notes section below

Subject specific entry criteria will also apply 

Study Programme: Level 2 BTEC Extended Certificate (3 GCSE Equivalent)            
GCSE grade 3 in English Language and grade 2 in Maths 

Plus 1 GCSE or vocational equivalent at grade 4 

Plus 1 GCSE at grade 3 and 1 GCSE at grade 2 

Study Programme: Level 2 BTEC Diploma (4 GCSE Equivalent)   
GCSE grade 3 in English Language and grade 2 in Maths 

Plus 1 GCSE at grade 3 and 2 GCSEs at grade 2 

Study Programme: BTEC Introductory Diploma
GCSE grade 2 in English Language and a grade 2 in Maths 

Plus 3 GCSEs at grade 2 

Admissions Information

Diagnostic assessments and GCSE English and Maths requirements
Any student presenting with a GCSE grade 3 or 2 in English Language or GCSE Maths may need to attend a diagnostic session following enrolment 

The diagnostic session will determine your best GCSE English Language or GCSE Maths resit pathway. These resits are compulsory and we will fit your resit pathway into your study programme 

Some progression pathways from College will require a minimum grade 5 in GCSE English Language and/or Maths. If this is the case for your potential progression pathway, we will incorporate a relevant GCSE English Language and/or Maths resit pathway into your agreed study programme, if appropriate 

Your school report must confirm a good record in terms of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitude to learning for successful application to the College

You should choose no more than two predominantly practical/coursework based A Levels. If you want to combine three practical/coursework based A Levels, you should seriously consider an Extended Diploma course. 

If you have not studied your chosen Level 3 course at GCSE, you will be expected to offer at least 1 GCSE subject at grade 4-9 which supports your choice. For example, essay based A Level courses such as Politics, Psychology, Sociology or Film Studies all require strong literacy skills and so success in a written GCSE subject, such as History, would support your choice of these subjects. 

The course offer and entry criteria are accurate at the time of publication . The College, however, reserves the right to revise both offer and criteria, if necessary. Any revisions will be posted on the College website. 

Facilities available

Our teaching provision is supported by modern facilities and resources. Over the last five years, we have made a significant investment in the college, spending over £8 million on:

  • A Sports Barn 

  • A Multi Gym 

  • An Outdoor Gym 

  • Fully equipped and modern Science Laboratories 

  • A Sports Physiotherapy Laboratory 

  • A Media Editing Suite 

  • A Childcare and Education Suite 

  • A specialist Photography area, with a lighting studio
and traditional dark room 

  • A pastoral support base 

  • A specialist careers area 

  • A dedicated Learning Resource Centre 

  • A Costa Café 
and Starbucks

Sport Academies
We are renowned for our incredible Sports Academies and Academy teams. With a Sports Hall, Sports Barn, all weather 3G pitch, 400 metre track, an outdoor and indoor gym and a sports physiotherapy laboratory, we are well equipped to nurture sporting talent and ability. Our team of specialist coaches currently run four Academies and three additional development programmes:

  • Men’s Cricket Academy
  • Men’s Football Academy
  • Men’s Football Development Programme
  • Women’s Football Academy
  • Rugby League Academy
  • Netball Programme
  • Women’s Rugby League Development Programme 

The Academies allow promising sportsmen and women to follow a structured training programme in a professional environment, alongside their academic studies.

If this is of interest to you, please click here to read more


Enrichment: offering outstanding wider experiences

Your experience goes beyond the academic! Our fantastic enrichment programme features a huge range of options that will help you to stand out from the crowd. Categories include:

  • Get Qualified: enhance your CV with additional qualifications such as CISCO, an EPQ or even a First Aid Certificate
  • Get Inspired: you could join the journalism club, learn to knit or be a Diversity Champion. We are proud to offer DofE Gold 
  • Get Active: you could play one of the many sports we offer, or simply use our facilities 
  • Get Career Ready: gain real life work experience 
  • Get Creative: try your hand at something new 
  • Get Competitive: You could be an Ambassador or even a Head Student 
  • Get Helping: help others through volunteering!


Additional support

Academic Support
To unlock your academic potential, we offer a range of specialist support, led by experienced staff, that is designed to support your learning:

  • Academic Writing Programme where you are fully supported to develop your English skills for the higher level required by A Levels such as History, Media Studies, Sociology 

  • Timetabled subject specific workshops, where you will be able to access a subject specialist for extra support or challenge 

  • Honours Programme: to stretch and challenge you and connect you to some unique opportunities 

Pastoral Support
Every student will work closely with a Progress Tutor who they will meet on a weekly basis either in a group tutorial session or a one-to-one session. Together, you will monitor your progress. This will allow you to identify your academic strengths and areas for further academic development, to ensure that you achieve your potential. Your Progress Tutor will also help you to make important decisions about life after college. In tutorial sessions you will complete your UCAS application or research suitable employment opportunities (including apprenticeships), dependent on your personal future goals.

Additional Learning Support
If you require additional learning support, our dedicated Learning Support team will work closely with you, your family, your school, relevant external agencies and our teaching staff to ensure you receive the support that is exactly right for you. Our Learning Support team is based in the Study Centre.

The Study Centre is a hub of activity providing additional learning support including:

  • One-to-one support from an experienced team of Student Support Assistants 

  • Support for specific learning needs. These include, but are not limited to: 
Students with learning difficulties, including dyspraxia and dyslexia Students with sensory impairments
Students with physical disabilities
Students with English as a second language (ESOL) 

  • Special examination arrangement assessments
. Students who may need special examination arrangements will be assessed internally by our specialist assessors. Special examination arrangements may include provision of: 
a reader/ 
a scribe/
 a separate room/ extra time
/ rest breaks 

  • The loan of equipment, such as laptops 

  • Access to 20 PCs and specialist learning software such as Texthelp 

Our dedicated team of Support Assistants and Specialist Support Assistants work on a one-to-one basis with students with evidence based additional needs. The Support Assistants are based in the Study Centre. If you do have any special learning requirements please contact Andrea Lindley on

Safeguarding Team
We have an experienced and qualified safeguarding team at the College who you can contact at any time about any safeguarding concerns. This team work hard to establish a safe and supportive environment for students in which they can learn and develop.

Student Welfare Officer (SWO)
We have a dedicated Student Welfare Officer based in the Student Welfare Office who will support you with any welfare concerns. This is a confidential, young people friendly support service.

Not everyone finds the transition from school easy. If you struggle to make new friends or to settle into new environments, this group may be for you. The group meets regularly for lunch and arranges regular social activities for members, both inside and outside College.

Careers Support
From day one, we will match our support to your career aspirations, and we have a proven track record in helping students to pursue careers across a whole range of sectors. We will help to improve your employability potential through:

  • Career focused tutorials 

  • Careers fairs 

  • Access to work experience opportunities 

  • Help with CVs and job applications 

  • Interview preparation 

  • Higher Education support

If you are planning to go to university, we offer all the support you need to do so.

Financial support
All essential costs, such as course printing, textbooks and equipment are covered by the College. However, additional financial support is available for students who need it, and who qualify. Depending on your household income, you may qualify for a 16-18 Bursary or Free School Meals. If you don’t qualify for either of these national schemes, you can apply for financial support from the College’s own ‘Hardship Fund’. This fund is for those who experience exceptional financial hardship during their time studying at the College. Applications for support from the Hardship Fund are considered on an individual basis.

Talented Athlete Programme
We have a long-standing track record of sporting success. Our passion for, and success in, sport means we attract a high number of talented individual athletes. Our Talented Athletes are offered specialist support in order for them to pursue their professional sporting ambitions, whilst maintaining a successful academic study programme. 


Learner success

  • 100% vocational A Level pass rate
  • 100% A Level pass rate
  • Top 15% of colleges nationally for student progress
  • 7 in 10 students secured A*, A, B or equivalent grades in 2018
  • 1st in Yorkshire and the Humber for pass rates 
  • Ofsted Outstanding in all areas
  • Number one organisation in the UK for Equality and Diversity and highly commended in the BTEC College of the Year Awards 
  • Shortlisted for two consecutive years in the TES Awards 

How to apply

If you want to apply for courses, you will need to contact Huddersfield New College directly.

Last updated date: 25 February 2019
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